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Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Balls

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Brand: Tracey Cox / Type: Beads / Stimulator

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    1 Review
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      10.09.2012 18:20
      Very helpful



      love my balls :)

      I never thought in my wildest dreams i would ever review something in the erotic category but here I am!

      Over the past year I have been trying to lose weight and get healthy. So far so good with shedding those unwanted baby pounds (I say baby pounds with a cheeky smile as it's been almost 4 years since i had my youngest child!). I have eaten right and put in the hours and am almost fully happy with the results. Always room for improvement. There's one area I have been a bit unhappy with and my next step was working on that. After having the children I found that my pelvic floor was not in peak condition any more. Friends and I would joke to each other about stuff like that but inside I don't find it too funny really.

      I hate that I have to stop what I'm doing and concentrate on holding everything together when I sneeze or cough! I hate going for a run and having to stop every so often to regain control! I hate seeing friends and having a good belly laugh moment and I hate not daring to join my children on the trampoline! Why can't everything that moves or stretches during pregnancy and birth go back to its starting position afterwards????? It sounds like such a simple thing and if you don't suffer from a weak pelvic floor I'm sure you're thinking I'm a bit mental for letting it upset me so much but wetting myself involuntarily is something I was reserving for much later years.

      I looked into battery operated pelvic floor stimulators but these range in price and for a good one they can easily cost you over £100 so way out of my budget. The reviews for these products are very mixed so I would find it hard to part with that money on the chance that it does nothing.

      Pelvic floor exercises - yay, these are free! Now all I need to do is remember to do them regularly, whoops! I am so dippy that I would forget to do them and only remember when driving the car. I'm sure I looked hilarious to the truckers on the M1 as I bounced and clenched my way along. I'm sure if you do pelvic floor exercises every day they will have an effect but things just hadn't been improving for me.

      I was sat trolling Dooyoo reviews one night when I came across a review by stacey10304 about Lovehoney.co.uk and I found myself very intrigued by the time I was finished reading. Little did I know I was about to find myown little "sexual happiness". I opened up the website and whilst having a little browse clicked on the best sellers tab. This was where I found the Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Balls. I'm not sure what it was that made me start reading about what they were but something was drawing me in.

      The online description reads:
      "These weighted vaginal toner balls are about to take your sexual pleasure to new heights. Simply use these kegel balls for discreet but delicious stimulation and an incredible internal workout that will give you more control over orgasms - yours and his."

      After researching more into kegel balls I found that the way they improve sexual pleasure is by almost exercising your pelvic floor and building on that muscle group. At this point the little light in my head was nice and bright. I figured that as the toner balls were only £19.99 (free delivery) I didn't have too much to lose if it didn't do a thing.

      Postage was super quick and discreet. I only noticed the discreet bit because I wasn't home when it arrived and my neighbor took the delivery for me. When I picked it up the website was on the side of the parcel but not in huge letters and it didn't have big flashing lights screaming SEX TOY on it so bonus! I can still walk out the house and look at them ... given little do they know I'm working my pelvic floor whilst we chat about the other neighbors, he he he! The toner balls are a bit daunting as first but they fit in nicely and stayed put even through a coughing fit. Admittedly I had the fit and then froze for a moment to clench and ensure they were still where they should be. Very lady-like I know.

      Sadly I told my husband who now makes a point of asking me if I've got my balls in before leaving the house. I don't think a mate of mine will ever look at me the same way again, or I her as she has now ordered her very own set of balls.

      The website says to use a lube but I have just run it under the tap before inserting and that works fine for me.

      Material: Silicone
      Colour: Pink
      Waterproof? Submersible
      Does not contain latex
      Does not contain phthalates (not even sure what this is but oh well)

      Weight: 76g

      It's amazing how just wearing these the handful of times that I have has made such a huge difference. I went for a gym workout with a friend and suddenly realized afterwards that I hadn't had one slip. I found myself having a good giggle with my mother and noticed I'd survived without the need to hold onto control! I wasn't in it for the sexual pleasure side but let me just add a quick note in here about the change. The strengthened muscles make everything a bit tighter and I don't think I need to explain in too much details but it's a nice change. I couldn't be happier but enough about my balls ... go get your own!

      Quick addition: I've had some questions via Dooyoo message and thought I'd pop the answer here in case any one else out there is wondering. So, as for removal of the toner balls it is very easy. The retrieval cord makes that very easy and then it is just a matter of pushing the balls with your now super strong pelvic muscles and they will slowly move down and out. I prefer to remove in the shower but that's not always an option. Ensure you go for a wee beforehand. The next question was wearing them during a gym workout. I get the thought process but I have to say I don't ear mine during a workout. I too have found myself half way through a workout and suddenly realized that I have neglected pelvic and tummy muscles but having kegel type balls in to remind you doesn't seem a good idea to me. I tend to do a lot of lunges and squats and think I would be concentrating so much on the balls that I would forget everything else. Lots of sports and exercise can cause damage to the pelvic floor and my logic was that I didn't want to over work or create any strain on my pelvic floor.

      (C) oioiyou 2012


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    • Product Details

      These weighted vaginal toner balls are about to take your sexual pleasure to new heights. Simply use these kegel balls for discreet but delicious stimulation and an incredible internal workout that will give you more control over orgasms - yours and his.

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