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Krups Novo 2200 Plus

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Brand: Krups / Type: Fully-Automatic / Type: Espresso Machine

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    1 Review
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      02.01.2004 07:15
      Very helpful



      This is simply the best of a string of cappuccino machines I had, which is why I have bought it twice (once in the US, and once in the UK). It makes wonderful, frothy cappuccino.

      You put water in the removable water tank (which I don?t find an especially useful feature), insert ground coffee into the holder (choosing a single-hit or double-hit holder), put the holder into the handle and lock it in place, turn on the and wait a minute or two for it to heat up. Turning the control handle clockwise produces coffee out of the nozzle (how slowly and how strong it is depends on how well you?ve packed in the ground expresso coffee).

      When you have enough coffee in your cup(s), you shift to steam making mode by turning the handle back to centre then one click anti-clockwise ? leave it for a minute or so to warm up enough to produce steam, then turn it one further click clockwise to produce steam out of the frother. You just put the steam nozzle into a jug of milk, and it does the rest, no need to keep the steam nozzle just at the surface of the milk to get it to froth. Unlike other machines I have, the pump is used on the steam setting, and coupled with the air tube this really does the trick.

      Once you?ve made enough frothy milk, you can gently pour the milk onto the coffee, then add cocoa powder or (if you really want to go gourmet) grated dark chocolate.

      Unfortunately, you can?t relax immediately, you have to clean the frother or it will be blocked the next time you try to use it. It takes less than a minute once you are used to doing it. You need to remove the rubbery attachment and the air pipe from the steam nozzle (this will make sense once you have one of these of your own) and clean all three carefully (whatever you do, don?t lose the little plug from the end of the air pipe ? from bitter experience I can tell you this is all too easy!), reassemble, then blow some steam through. You will usually get some milk coming out, and wait
      until this has cleared. (How milk gets up the steam pipe, I?ll never know, but it has always done on each of my cappuccino machines.)

      Then you can sit down and enjoy the coffee!

      Beyond the frother attachment, the greatest thing about this machine is that it heats up really quickly ? other machines I?ve had had to be left for five minutes, both at the start and between coffee making and milk frothing.

      There are some things that could be better. First of all you do have to keep the steam pipe and frother clean as I?ve described, or it really won?t work ? and then you have to find something narrow (like an unfolded paper clip) to unblock the steam pipe with. How can dried up milk can be so tough to shift? Secondly the drip tray tends to fill up and begin flooding without it being obvious from the outside ? the first you know is that the machine is standing in a dank brown puddle.

      Thirdly, it isn?t really designed to making more than one batch of coffee at a time. If you make several batched of coffee (and then make all the milk in one go), the used coffee grains in the holder tend to be wet sludge and the devil?s own job to get into the bin without leaving a trail of drips across the kitchen. If you do two cappuccinos at a time, you have to wait for the machine to cool down for the next batch (however this makes the used coffee far drier and easier to get into the bin).

      Finally, the quality control on my current machine doesn?t seem to have been perfect ? sometimes coffee and coffee grains leak out of the top of the coffee holder, something that never happened on my previous machine. However, it?s never been serious enough to get me to return the machine.

      One final tip, do buy a metal jug for the milk, it really seems to make a difference.

      In summary, I recommend this machine and would buy this a third time if I had to!

      NB This review refers to the Krups Novo 2100 plus (model number 962) - so fa r as I can see the only difference between the 2100 and 2200 is colour (mine is black).

      UPDATE: After over a year of great coffee making, the flow of coffee out of the machine slowed to a miserable trickle. The reason turned out to be an accumulation of 'mud' from coffee dust and water lodged above where the coffee holder goes. Luckily, this quite easy to remedy for someone with modest DIY skills (which is me...).

      Unplug the machine and let it cool off complete, then remove the coffee holder, the drips tray, and water tank from the machine. Turn the machine upside down and look where the coffee holder goes. You will see a metal filter plate held in by a single screw. Using a short flat screwdriver, remove the screw and the filter plate, then clean out any 'coffee mud' accumulated underneath (do not let any of it go into nozle where the water comes out). Check that the rubber washer around where the filter plate goes is correctly seated and not coverd in coffee mud itself. I was able to take this out carefully to clean it, but take care not to damage it, and to put it back the right way round. Re-assembly is the reverse of disassembly.

      My coffee machine is back making great coffee once more!


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