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Neroli Orange Blossom

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    2 Reviews
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      02.05.2011 22:30
      Very helpful



      A great oil to have in the house for emotional problems insomnia and to make you feel a bit sexy

      I like to keep a small bottle of this essential oil in my aromatherapy chest as I think it is such a beautiful fragrance and if I know I have a stressful event coming up such as a big meeting or wedding then I like to keep some of this on hand to calm my anxious nerves.

      What is it?
      Neroli is made from the either the distillation or effleurage of the flowers of the Seville orange tree. The name is derived from an Italian princess who used to use this oil as her favourite fragrance. The oil itself is thick oil which is deep brown in colour. The smell of this oil I personally find hauntingly exquisite it is for me the perfect blend of bitter and sweet notes. There is a wonderful mixture of sweet flowery notes that is contrasted with a spicy citrus.

      The use of Neroli in aromatherapy
      This oil can be used for many reasons including antidepressant, a gentle sedative, and relaxation, antiseptic and as an aphrodisiac. The main uses for this oil really are for emotional problems and states but it can be used as well for reducing spasms in smooth muscles especially in the gut. It is also used extensively in skin care due to its ability to stimulate skin cells and it doesn't often aggravate sensitive skins.

      Neroli shouldn't be used in pregnancy due to there being not enough research to say it is definitely safe. Equally as it can be mildly sedating I would also advise some caution with this oil if you need to concentration like a driving test.
      How I use this oil
      Though I like this oil a lot I do tend to be a bit frugal with how I use it as in its pure form it is quite expensive. The main use for me for this oil is when I am worrying about something and find that I am unable to sleep. If I know for example that I have a big meeting the next day and that when I go to bed I will be thinking things through and playing situations through my mind I tend to mix about 10 drops in some full fat milk and place this in a warm bath before bedtime. I find doing this means that I do get to sleep a lot quicker and the what ifs in my mind are a lot quieter and I can distract myself from them and sleep. If I wake up in the night when I haven't expected too and haven't had a Neroli bath then I will drop some on to a cotton wool ball and sniff it a few times before placing it in the corner of my pillow case to aid sleep.

      Another time I use this oil is if I am looking forward to a night of friskiness with my husband but I know the day at work or looking after my son has left me feeling burnout and a bit irritable, a bath or a relaxing massage then does seem to banish those irritations. I tend to mix the Neroli with some Ylang- Ylang and some base oil such almond for a massage from my husband I find that if I use a mix of 3 drops Neroli and 2 drops Ylang-Ylang to 10 mls of base oil then this works well for me and him.

      Some people like to use this as a vapour treatment in an aromatherapy burner I personally dislike this as I prefer to have the oil applied directly to my skin or inhaled from a small area due to the expense of the oil.

      It is good oil for the treatment of shock and as such is a useful item to have in a first aid kit alongside some rescue remedy. You can use the oil a couple of ways either like a Victorian lady inhaled directly for a few sniffs from the bottle like smell salts or on a tissue for inhalation. If you know the person well I actually find using it blended with some carrier oil and giving a hand massage to be very grounding as the sense of touch combined with the oil helps to calm people in these situations.

      I also used some of this oil to help with some of my scaring following a caesarean section. I simply applied it to a fragrance free cream and applied it over the scar after it had healed and whilst I have a scar it is not an unsightly one just a thin white line which I personally think is a lot better than some scars I have seen from this operation.

      For those who get IBS especially if it is tension related then either a bath with this oil mixed in is beneficial or a gentle effleurage massage on the stomach area can help ease this cramping sensation for massages if you follow one drop of Neroli to 10 drops of carrier oil this is about the right ratio I find.
      Neroli essential oil is also a great a tonic for relief of menstrual cramps the way I use Neroli for this is to add to a bath mainly but if it is really bad I mix the about 10 drops of oil in 10 mls of Apricot Kernel Oil and massage into my abdomen.

      Overall and recommendation
      Care must be taken when buying Neroli oil, as many suppliers adulterate the oil due to it being expensive as it is a strong smelling oil and even when diluted still has the most incredible smell it is often hard to tell if the oil has been adulated so I would suggest buying only from well know retailers. Equally as essential oils can go off I would suggest buying this in small amounts only as if you invest in some you don't want it going off before you use it all. Expect to pay between £20-30 for a 5ml bottle that isn't diluted in any way.

      I would definitely recommend this oil to people for the use of nervous disorders and to reduce insomnia caused by worry. It is a nice oil as well to help romance due its aphrodisiac qualities and historically orange blossom and Neroli were used for brides on wedding nights to reduce their anxiety and allow them to enjoy some passion. If you have IBS I think a few baths of this on the days that the cramps are bad is worth a try as I do know from other people who have tried this that it has helped them. It is also a great essential oil to help reduce scar tissue and for this reason it is often found in skin care preparations but you can just add it to your own skin care cream for some added benefits. So overall it gets 4 stars from me I can't really give it 5 stars due to the expense.


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        12.10.2001 02:18
        Very helpful



        Neroli Absolute Essential oil is made from orange blossom. The perfume is soft, floral, 'middle note,' so its not heavy like sandalwood and patchouly but not sharp and fresh like lemon, or lime either. Orange blossom flowers are used to produce this higher priced oil (high price in comparison with lavender and lemon, for example). It is high priced because of the huge quantity of orange blossom needed to extract a small quantity of the oil by solvent extraction. The main world producer of this oil is France but there is production in US as an off shoot of the orange juice industry. The family name of this essential oil is 'rutaceae' and the latin name for the orange tree is 'Citrus Aurantium.' You need to know this so that you can make sure you are buying the right thing. USES: +++++ This oil has a wonderful aroma so it is used for the fragrance alone (blend with ylang ylang for an exotic aroma), It is said to help maintain confidence, soothe and relax the body, This is an excellent skincare oil and can be used on dry or ageing skin (everybody's skin starts to age after about 20 years old, so you don't have to be old to need this.) Excellent for getting rid of stretch marks (massage on with a carrier oil). Improves circulation, Eases stress, Helps with anxiety and thinks like pre-exam nerves. Antiseptic and fine for most skins. How to use: ++++++++++ Mix four drops of oil with a little milk and add to a warm bath. Soak for at least twenty minutes. Dilute with carrier oil. Four drops to ten mils of carrier oil. (Use something light like almond oil, or peach kernel oil if using on the face.) You can use in a diffuser but it is a bit expensive for that. Could be blended with cheaper oils like jasmine or one of the citrus oils. mix with ordinary vitamin E body cream for a real l
        uxury skin care product. Measure out ten mils of cream (in a little plastic measuring cup like you get with mouthwash or Night Nurse), add no more than 4 drops of oil to this. If you use more you risk burning your skin. Warning: ++++++++ The usual safety rules apply here. Don't apply undiluted to skin. Don't take internally. Keep out of the eyes. Don't use any more than the recommended amounts. Store in a safe place away from children. Don't use after the use by date on the bottle as the chemistry of the oil may have changed. (You can use old oil up in a diffuser.) Verdict: ++++++++ Wonderful aroma but too expensive to 'play' around with. I made up some face cream as described above and it is very effective. The fun is in experimenting of course and making your own designer face and body creams. If you do decide to buy this oil and make up a face or body cream you will have envious friends asking you to do it for them too. Be warned!


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