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Buffalo Ministation TurboUSB HD-PS120U2 120 GB

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    1 Review
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      03.12.2008 20:54
      Very helpful



      its called turbo for a reason!

      The Buffalo Ministation Turbo USB 120GB is quite a small little storage device, hence the "ministation" in its name. Its size is great as its only 127 x 20 x 84 mm so it'll hardly make a dent in your pocket. The 190 g weight on its also hardly anything and they have even managed to shed 20 g's off this one compared to the previous 40 gb edition of this hard drive.

      It works directly off power from a laptop or computer and runs therefore directly off usb without the need for plugging in another power cable to run the device. This can be a problem if you need more battery life on your laptop as it will drain it a little if its plugged in all the time. This drain isn't much though and you'll hardly even notice the difference if its only plugged in for a short while.
      Its black plastic casing certainly looks the part however does feel a little flimsy. It has been built with shock absorbency built into it so you wont have to worry about it shaking about in your brief case or even the odd drop onto a hard ground. However I feel if you were to throw this at a wall or something then it probably wouldn't survive, that being said though how much times would this much pressure be put on the hard drive, so it should be ok.

      The reason why this drives good however is not only because its small and portable, and not only that it has a huge 120 gb capacity but also because it has turbo mode built into it. The way to activate this is simply to plug in the second usb cable to get speeds up to 60 percent faster than in normal mode and 60 percent faster than most other usb storage devices.
      This again uses up more power from your laptop or computer however, so this might not be an option you choose when you need to spare your battery life, then again it will get the job done quickly so therefore you wont need to have it in for as long, it's a win loose situation really.
      You should be able to order one of these online from various places for around £60 or less which is cheap for any 120 gb portable hard drive, never mind one with turbo mode so this really is a great buy if your looking for a portable hard drive at the moment.


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