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Freecom Hard Drive 160 GB

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Freecom Hard Drive - Hard drive - 160 GB - external - 3.5" - Hi-Speed USB - 7200 rpm - buffer: 2 MB

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    2 Reviews
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      12.06.2010 12:21
      Very helpful
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      does the job as well as any of the competition

      First, to avoid confusion, I should point out that Freecom claim to make the worlds smallest 160GB external drive at just under 11cm long. This isn't it. The main illustration here (a silver case rather than black) is the much bigger, older product based on 3.5" hardware inside and designed for home or office use rather than laptop portability. The link from here to Amazon UK however will take you to the portable one which is a very different product.

      Having hopefully cleared that up, the desktop variation is still a very good device even if it isn't state of the art. I'm very happy with the one I bought some time ago. And it may even mean you can pick the older model up at a very good price.

      It has to be said though, for a full size enclosure, 160 GB isn't all that large a capacity these days - however it's more than enough to hold all my music library, digital photos, backups and a few videos. So if it's enough for you as well then there may be no reason to look elsewhere. It certainly pays to shop around as prices vary widely, but you might find you can buy a larger capacity at very little extra cost.

      One plus point of the silver cased model is that it's actually made of aluminium, so it's very tough and resistant to damage. I suspect you could drop a filing cabinet on it and it would survive. Not something you could guarantee with a dinky plastic case.


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        30.01.2009 16:42
        Very helpful



        An elegant and slimline lifesaver!

        If someone asked me what I thought was one of the most important accessories to compliment a computer or laptop then my answer would quickly be 'an external hard drive', because it can be a lifesaver, safeguarding you from losing those precious pictures or songs, or those vital files and documents that you hold so dear.

        The idea is that you store anything of importance, or anything that you would not want to lose, onto an external hard drive rather than on your computer or laptops drive. By doing this you are safeguarding these precious items should your computer ever crash or have to be reformatted, because should this happen to you, then if you have not made any backups or copies of these items then unfortunately you would lose the lot!

        And this is where the Freecom Hard drive comes into its own.A perfect, sensible and easy way to back up all those important documents, files and multimedia.

        This Freecom Hard Drive is external, meaning that it is used from outside your PC, and is simply connected via the supplied USB cable which is plugged into a USB port on your PC and away you go!

        The unit itself has a light weight aluminium casing and looks and feels really sleek and elegant and will look cool and graceful next to any PC or laptop. It does not get as hot as other hard drives because the aluminium casing has a heat absorbing enclosure which dissipates the heat.

        Unbelievably compact in design, this little beauty easily fits into the palm of my hand.

        This Hard Drive is almost whisper quiet because it does not use a cooling fan, thereby reducing noise to an absolute minimum, which is a great bonus, not having that constant whirring and clicking noise that can often be distracting and annoying.

        Its generous 160 GB storage capacity gives you plenty of space to store all the videos, pictures, songs and any other important document or file that you treasure.(Another added bonus is that by storing items onto this external hard drive you are freeing up your PC, leaving it less cluttered and with more free available space for those important applications).

        Compact and light, this hard drive can easily be carried around, enabling you to take your music, video, files or documents anywhere you go. Then simply plug it into any computers USB port to access your data.

        The Freecom Hard Drive comes complete with USB cable, CD manual and a quick install guide, and will work on any operating system from Windows 2000 and above.


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    • Product Details

      Freecom understands that consumers appreciate easy to install, ready to use, well priced products. Freecom products offer flexibility, connectivity and value that are unmatched by other manufacturers.


      Fast, low noise external USB 2.0 Hard Drive;
      Stylish aluminum design, including LED hard drive capacity indicator;
      No cooling fan - no noise!;
      The easiest way to add extra storage capacity to your computer;
      Includes Freecom Backup software for easy file backup;
      Hot swappable, no need to turn off your computer;
      No device ID's or terminations to worry about;
      High quality, sleek design.