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Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro HTOLMEA7501BBB 750 GB

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2 Reviews
  • Decent amount of storage
  • Reliable
  • A little slow at transferring files
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    2 Reviews
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      28.01.2015 09:35
      Very helpful


      • "Decent amount of storage"
      • Reliable


      • "A little slow at transferring files"

      A safe backup for my files

      This is the most reliable external hard drive I’ve owned – it’s the only one of three that still works reliably (one has given us the ghost entirely, and the other is intermittent).

      It has a standard USB connector, and it’s worked fine in any PC I’ve plugged it into, not to mention my Xbox 360 and two separate blu-ray players. PCs generally make a show of finding and installing drivers, but this happens so quickly it’s not something to worry about.

      It’s a neat, slimline shape and can easily fit in a pocket, and is probably as portable as any flash drive, really (unless you’re looking to smuggle a portable storage device into a nudist colony or something, and I can’t imagine that’s a situation that arises very often). It’s fairly robust – I’ve sent it through the post and got it back all in one piece. It’s certainly still working after a few years, which is more than can be said for the others I own.

      Although it’s supposedly 750GB, I only have 698 available, according to Windows Explorer. This is always the case with hard drives – they have a mysterious blob of memory that you can’t use – but in this case it does seem rather a lot. The other complaint I’d have about this is that it’s notably slower at transferring files than other hard drives I’ve used. This is true across a number of different computers, and trying it with different cables, so it’s definitely a problem with the drive itself.

      But that’s not a huge concern. I’m reasonably satisfied that my files are backed up safely on this drive, and I feel like I should get another one when this is full, rather than buying a different brand.


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      21.01.2013 21:46
      Very helpful




      I was bought this by my sister has a much needed christmas present, in the last two years i have gone through two external hard drives, some say i should look after them better? However i disagree and argue they should be built with a titanium case.

      I would like to clear that this hard drive is not made out of titanium but that of plastic, like the majority of external hard drives. The plastic case allows the hard drive to remain light and very much portable, it has been finished with a rough efffect.

      I was pleased with the performance of transfer time, from laptop to hard drive and vica versa. The hard drive managed to transfer a sustainable amount of data from my laptop in a reasonable time, faster than previous owned hard drives.

      The hard drive can be picked up for a small fee ranging from £50-£70, which is a bargain. Although i feel slightly guilty for pricing a present received, it is for the greater good of my review.

      This particular Hard drive holds a capacity of 750gb allegedly, normaly working out a little less, but in terms of translatable storage it can sustain 1 000 hours worth of video, alternativley 200 000 songs and a riduculous amount of pictures potentially over a million. All calculations are estimated, the figures provided may vary dependent on quality of video, sound and image.

      Technichal detail:

      HGST Touro Mobile Pro HTOLMEA7501BBB
      Hard drive - 750 GB - USB 3.0
      Type - Hard drive - external ( portable )
      Capacity - 750 GB
      Form Factor - 2.5"
      Interface - USB 3.0
      Data Transfer Rate - 5.0 Gbps (USB 3.0)
      Spindle Speed - 7200 rpm
      Features - Bus Powered by USB
      Power Source - USB bus
      Enclosure Colour - Black
      Dimensions (WxDxH) - 8 cm x 12.6 cm x 1.5 cm
      Weight - 155 g
      Localisation - EMEA
      Manufacturer Warranty - 2 years warranty

      This product although faster in transfer time, is not idiot proof and i may unless careful be requiring a new hard drive for next christmas. For the price it is available for.......Bargain

      Thank you for reading


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