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Intenso Memory Station 320 GB

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    2 Reviews
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      24.10.2012 23:55
      Very helpful



      High Quality Hard Drivin'! A very good external hard drive.

      With the endless amount of music, pictures and video files we all seem to acquire nowadays, the thought of running out of computer memory space is an all to common problem. Also, computers have a habit of going wrong more frequently nowadays, at least for me, thus you could end up losing precious pictures or valued home videos. Backing up the files is a wise thing to do, and I do this several times over just to be sure. I recently required additional space for my music files and backing up my family pictures, and so went for the portable option of this Intenso USB 320GB external hard drive. Here are my thoughts about this smart little memory board.

      ~~Please note: This review is of the newer design shape, and differs from the image in Dooyoo's database. Internally however is it identical.~~

      --Intensive Storage!--

      Recently I had been trawling the on-line sites for an external hard drive for a while, but I was not really impressed by the look, value or description of the Seagate or Buffalo models. I was looking for something not massive in capacity, but more than 250GB, so the 1TB units costing close to £100 did not tempt me. Forgetting about buying one altogether, I wandered into a store of Maplin's and noticed an offer on their external drives. I honestly had not heard of the brand Intenso before, but after a quick check on my phone, their products seemed to have a good reputation. So the impulse-buyer in me took over, and that was that.

      Intenso are a German based technology company with a whole range of computer peripherals such as UBS flash drives and SSD memory cards, but they also manufacture stand alone units like tablet PC's and MP3 players. Their range of products is very neat and tidy to look at, and similar to Toshiba in appearances. However, it's not a surprise they are not that well known, their website is unbelievably basic.

      --Price and Packaging--

      Like a lot of computer support devices, this item come to you in a sealed transparent plastic box, where the product is tightly fitted inside with very little in the way of inner protection should the package fall. Just a simple card insert, USB cable and a brief instruction leaflet is included. This is odd considering the delicate nature of disc drives, so I would have expected a little more in the way of protection. However, the plastic is fully recyclable so no waste I suppose.

      Prices for this model, the 6003610, can be up to £60 in places, both on-line and in the high street. This is the successor to the 6002510 model, which can be found a few quid cheaper. As mentioned, I bought this on a sales offer, so it was a snip at £39.99. Considering the quality and capacity of the unit, I feel this is very reasonable. Currently its available on Amazon for just over £50.

      --Design and Durability--

      I'm the kind of person that likes a bit of original slickness and fun to the designs of computer kit, even though I can't stand Apple's design cues. The older model of this hard drive was rather more of a flat box, with a shiny finish to the covering. This is the updated model (6003610), and has a more rounded and smooth look and feel. It has a silk finish, which is much smarter I think, more like Toshiba and Samsung products. It's also an ultra-simple design, with the USB socket on the front edge and an activity LED on the top. This light I particularly like, as it's a cool neon blue coloured ring which matches my desktops and mouses coloured neon's. My desk now looks like a bad psychedelia trip on occasions. The light glows dim when the unit is connected, and blinks brightly when the drive is active. With the nice silver line around the border and simple non-intrusive logo of the top, It's a very smart and functional design.

      One thing that strikes you about this instantly is that it's very light. Maybe feeling a bit to light actually, the kind of sense that it would shatter into pieces the first time it's accidentally dropped. I have no intention of finding this out however, so my advice would be, don't drop it! Given it's nature as a storage disc, I wouldn't expect it to be as hard as nails, but it does lack a little bit of hardiness to it. The outer covering of mine has already got a deep but small scratch, and I store it in a separate compartment of my laptop bag. No idea how this scratch happened. Unlike a flash drive which can be relativity thrown around the place, this is something to take a little bit of care of, and buy a carry case for it too. Plenty of universal cases fit it without issues.


      A lot of us get a little apprehensive when connecting a major device to a computer, hoping that it works correctly first time without dealing with installation problems. I'm happy to report that this product works like a dream, with very few issues to even mention. The unit comes with a metre length UBS cable for you connect it to your computer, and after few a few moments, both my ageing laptop running XP and my desktop with Windows 7, installed it quickly and was ready for use straight away. Using the connection removal tool on both operating systems, you can disconnect it safety. Again, this takes just a few seconds. Nice and easy.

      In operation, access to the drive files is quick with very little lag. This is a very good for an external drive without an independent power supply, so I was pretty impressed. Creating folders, transferring standard documents and music takes seconds depending on the file sizes. Copying picture and video files can take a little longer, and there is a small amount of delay when moving these files, even single items. This seems to mostly be for larger video files however. Both my USB flash drives are quicker, but given the vastly different memory capacities this is understandable. It also seems to have a lot more memory than it says it has. I managed to transfer the majority of the files from both my computers, around 180GB, and there still appears to be nearly half the drive available when if should be over this mark. Even though its only 320GB, there is plenty of space for making essential back up's for most regular computer users. I would suggest that if you have a lot of video files, use a larger model with a separate power supply.

      Accessing the files on it is also rapid, and performs like the static hard drive in your computer with little little delay, and saving direct to the unit is exactly the same. Quick and problem free. Overall, the general performance is very good in most aspects, and perfectly fine to use as a permanent extension to the computers regular storage drives if you wish.


      Height - 128 mm
      Width - 82 mm
      Depth - 12 mm
      Weight - 165g
      Colour - Black
      Item model number - 6003610
      USB - 2.0
      Disc capacity - 320 Gigabytes
      Disc Size/Factor - 2.5"
      Max Reading Transfer Rate - 33MB/s
      Max Writing Transfer Rate - 35.5MB/s
      Spindle Speed - 5400 rpm


      There are a lot of portable external USB drives on the market today, and taking the cost and quality into consideration, I conclude this one is very good purchase. The look is nice and modern, the blue light is a quirky touch and while it may seem a little flimsy, if it's looked after I wouldn't think it would breakdown easily. The outer covered is maybe too delicate, but I cant really fault it on its performance. Despite being a little sluggish with large video files, overall its rather quick to transfer and access files. For a very reasonable price, you get fair bit of memory to have as a handy support to your laptop or desktop as well. For me, a good purchase.

      Thanks for Reading. © Novabug


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        12.08.2011 11:45
        Very helpful



        Absolutely great external storage, does exactly what it says on the tin. Cannot fault it!

        It is testament to how much external hard drives have come down in price over the last few years that I paid around £65 4 years ago for a 30GB drive and have just replaced it with this fab bit of kit which was £39.99 and has the amazing storage capacity of 320GB!!

        I bought mine via Maplin who are fantastic for picking up bits and pieces from and always deliver promptly. I often find some of the best prices are also with Maplin and again here they were offering the lowest price I could find on this external hard drive, while stocks last. If you want one I would snap one up quick!

        I was also amazed when this arrived that it is so much smaller than its older and 'smaller' (in terms of capacity) fore runner. This is literally not much bigger than the paml of my hand, smooth, sleek and so much less clunky and bulky, it just looks like a lovely bit of kit.

        This does exactly what it says on the tin. No software to download, just a USB attachment which means that within minutes of plugging it in you can be shifting data to it, as easily as if it was a much smaller memory stick. With the size of this, I have put 5,500 photos and my itunes library (24GB) on it without it even being half full. I intend on using this as a backup drive and to be honest it has more than enough storage capacity for us to simultaneously use it for the other machine in our house.

        Running this seems very easy and speedy, it took around 10 minutes to copy the massive photos file from my hard drive which seemed so very quick compared to it's predecessor. It never ceases to amaze me how much technology moves on in so little time.

        This external drive is compatible for use with all the usal operating systems, I have used it with Windows 7 but it also works with XP and Vista and with Linux 2.4x and Mac OS X 10.x. It is very quiet while working, I noticed no particular noise and could only hear the computer whirring not the external drive. It is powered via the usb and does not have an external power lead.

        It is always sensible to keep a back up of your files and especially the ones which would take forever to replace should the worst happen, such as your music and photo libraries. This external drive is so easy to use and speedy that there really is no excuse. Great value, small and sleek and with more than enough capacity for an average family, I am very impressed with it and would highly recommend it.


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