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Iomega Desktop Hard Drive Professional Silver Series 320 GB

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    1 Review
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      04.06.2009 23:32
      Very helpful




      This is a review of the iOmega 320GB External Hard Drive which I bought at Staples some time ago for a whopping price of about £60 (close to what you would pay for a much larger drive in this day an age) and I will start by saying...
      This isn't a good hard drive.
      In fact it has been a hard drive that has been able to raise the pulse rate on about 20 different occasions over the last few years as it only seems to work when it feels like it. It surely was a bad omen when it broke after about two weeks of use and I had to return it to Staples who made sure they tested it really didn't work before taking it back. I opted (stupidly) for a replacement and away I went confident it was a one off and it will be a good buy and last for some time, besides it was in a metal case.

      Well the metal case turned out to be something that got very very hot and would certainly hurt if you picked it up at the wrong time, it was pretty bulky and heavy too but it was fine for me, after all you don't buy a hard drive for it's looks.

      After a few months the hard drive would start to intermitantly work sometimes not working until I played around with the wires in the back. Then one day it seized to work at all and after taking apart the case (it was just out of warranty obviously) found that the USB port had come completely loose from the case. Definatly not ideal as it was filled with an abundance of all my computer activities over the last few years!

      A quick trip to PC world and a £30 caddy was called for and now the caddy intermittanly doesnt work. Hopefully I have better luck with my new drive.

      Anyways stay well clear and your data should stay safe.


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