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Iomega Prestige Desktop Hard Drive 500 GB

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    1 Review
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      16.07.2012 11:46
      Very helpful



      Like a chocolate you bite into and don't like... you spit it out!

      I brought this lovely looking external hard drive from PC world a couple of years ago with the hope it would be a great backup and storage solution for all my important files but boy was i wrong!

      First off there is what sounds like a ball bearing inside the housing which i have no idea why it would be there. (Could of been loose screw but sounded more ball like).

      See Technical Details tab for full specifications

      --> Build <--
      Very sturdy aluminium case with plastic ends and sturdy plastic stand.

      --> Ease of setup <--
      Plug and Play compliant so as soon as you plug it into a windows computer is should automatically search for and install needed driver(s) but they do come on CD if your PC can't find them or does not already have them or your installing on a mac.

      On the back of the case there is 2 sockets 1 for the power adaptor which plugs into the wall and another that goes into a USB port. Also is a switch to turn on and off with a power light indicator.

      --> Features <--
      Lock slot - Useless if you have a screwdriver or strong grab
      Power switch
      Power light
      Disc activity light
      Additional free programs supplied on CD

      --> Requirements <--
      USB 1.1 or 2 (But 1.1 will be slower as you'd expect)
      Mac or PC (Although requires formatting for mac)
      Spare USB and plug socket (Preferably in a surge protector)

      --> Using <--
      Once plugged in and switched on (Before computer is) your see this drive in windows explorer (PC) or Devices (Mac) and can then use as you would any other.
      Always try and "power down" the disc before turning it off at the power switch if leaving computer on and taking the disc with you. (Right click on disc icon in windows explorer or devices if on a Mac and eject.

      --> Issues <--
      One day it worked the next for no reason it just starting making a clicking noise and it could not be accessed even though it showed up in explorer and administrator tools, disc utilities (Windows PC). The hard disc indicator light flashes (Well activity is happening) but nothing actually happens.
      Even with Low level disc software i could not access the disc i think the read head or limit switch could have broke.

      The issues i experienced seem to be pretty common with this disc drive but as i've never brought anything else from the company i can't say if it's the drive or manufacturer.

      As a safety precaution i now use Cloud Backup (Online) as well as hard drive backup.


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