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Iomega Prestige Portable Hard Drive 250 GB

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    4 Reviews
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      09.12.2011 11:17
      Very helpful



      Worth every penny

      Have you ever considered just how much 1gb can hold? I hadn't! When we got our first laptop, it had a huge, whopping 75gb memory on it, and at the time that was huge, and I thought wow, I'll never run out of space!
      How wrong was I? Between my obsession with taking hundreds of photographs, and the music and entertainment we would download, and the Acer arcade games my daughter would continue to play, the memory was soon eaten away.

      To the rescue came the Iomega Prestige 250gb portable hard drive. Back then I was not as clued up with technology as I am now, I had no clue about how to go about backing up precious photo's or anything, so when my husband came in proudly showing off this buy, if I am honest I wasn't all that bothered! It wasn't until I realised what we should be doing that I started to use it as well.

      The Iomega Prestige is a classy looking bit of equipment. Literally not much bigger than a mobile phone (if I sit my Blackberry on top of it, it is about one inch longer, half an inch wider, and about the same thickness) It is just a sleek box, with a brushed silver colouring. It is also very light with barely any weight to it. It has a small Iomega logo in the centre that doesn't stand out too much or take the elegant look away from it. On one end, it has the USB connection space, and the other end is a grey plastic griddle covered in small holes, where the fans are working hard! There is one small power indicator light at the USB end too.

      The best thing about the hard drive is the ease of use. We have used this on 2 different laptops and a desktop, and each time the simplicity of ease has been brilliant. Plug one end of the cable into the hard drive, and the other end has two USB slots (I assume one is for power and one is for data transfer, although don't quote me on that as I am just guessing!) There is no installation disc, no waiting for ages while your computer installs the software, it literally is plug and go! We tend to get a little window pop up with a picture of a torch that appears to be searching, and then after a matter of seconds, the hard drives files are there in front of us.

      When the files are open, it is just like having files on your computer open. We have set up our own folders to allow us to find our things quicker, I have numerous folders for photos that I want to have backed up and safe should anything happen to any of the laptops, and we have folders for movies, music, online receipts, and all our various things we either want backing up or want to save for the future. I couldn't eve begin to list all the things we have stored on it now, and we still have over 100gb worth of space left, which is pretty impressive.
      Adding files also couldn't be easier, we simply use the drag and drop action, by opening the folder in the hard drive that we want and dragging our files from the laptop into the folder, and it is done so quickly and seamlessly.

      I have noticed now and then that the hard drive can get warm quite quickly once it has been hooked up to the laptop, but the fans must do their job really well as it has never got too hot or over heated.
      Another plus side is how silent this is, it makes no sound whatsoever, and even if you hold it to your ear you can only just hear the sound of the fans working.

      The only downside I have had using the hard drive, is when I have stored a film on it that I want to watch at night. The power indicator light is really quite bright, which of course is more noticeable in the dark, and gives off a really powerful white light, which in itself isn't too bad, but when you are actually using the hard drive, the light blinks! And not just once or twice, but constantly! I have had to turn it upside down and tuck it under a cushion more than once to stop it from distracting me.

      For those who want the proper specs for this, here goes:

      Type: Hard drive - external
      Capacity: 250 GB
      Form Factor: 2.5"
      Interface Type: Hi-Speed USB
      Data Transfer Rate: 480 Mbps
      Buffer Size: 8 MB
      Dimensions (WxDxH): 8.1 cm x 13.1 cm x 1.5 cm
      Weight: 190 g
      OS Required: Microsoft Windows Vista / 2000 / XP, Apple MacOS X 10.1 - 10.5
      Power Source: USB

      And for an idea of how much 250gb can hold, it is the equivalent of 62,000 mp3 songs, or 71,000 digital photos!

      We first bought the Iomega Prestige about 3 years ago and my husband paid £65 in the sale for it. A quick look on Google shows that it is retailing for around £40 now, which personally I think is a bargain, especially if you are wanting to back up precious photographs and hoe videos, you cannot put a price on those and it is heartbreaking to lose them! We shall be turning to Iomega again when we no doubt fill this little beauty up!


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        30.09.2010 11:53
        Very helpful



        5 star product

        Back when Windows 95 was cutting edge and hard drives came in tiny sizes such as 1Gb I heard a useful piece of information: " Space is at a premium but whatever you do, don't compress your hard drive".

        Now we have exceeded the terabyte barrier space is no longer a problem. The sensible advice now is: "Whatever you do, definitely back up your data".

        Having learnt from experience I now have three external hard drives but this is definitely not a case of overkill. Modern hard drive failure rates are very low but there is no such thing as being too careful. My primary HDD is a Maxtor 500Gb which holds multi-media. Secondly I have a Iomega Select 320Gb which is solely for making multiple images of my iMac. Thirdly I have the Select's big brother, the premium Iomega Prestige which is additional storage over two partitions for media and games.

        The Prestige is a nice looking drive with a quality brushed steel case with the Iomega logo etched onto the top surface. The unit is powered by USB but there is also a power point for a 5v adaptor positive polarity.

        In terms of size the drive is small measuring 8.1 cm x 13.1 cm x 1.5 cm (W*D*H) and weighs in at a petite 190g which is about 20% more than the average new smartphone. The case houses a 2.5" HDD with a 5400rpm spindle speed, a 8Mb buffer and a data transfer rate of 480Mbps.

        Using and configuring the device is absolute simplicity itself. Assuming you are using the supported operating systems, (Windows XP and later and also Mac OSX 10.1 and later), the device is auto-detected and installed as a visible external drive. Processor requirements are very modest needing only a Pentium 2 or a PowerPC G3. My drive was already formatted when I bought it but it is good practice to do so again. You could also partition the drive if you wish but I would recommend using a third party application to do so.

        The 250Gb disk is the entry level capacity, both 320Gb and 500Gb are also available and they come with a stand for mounting the device vertically. If you intend to use your drive for simply backing up data or media you will find using an average 10Mp camera will allow storage of well over 50,000 high quality images.

        The device is built by Iomega which is an American company who specialise in storage and networking products. They were bought out by the EMC corporation for over $200m in 2008.


        High build quality combined with a small form factor make this bus powered drive a good investment. It is easy to install and use and has proved reliable. It comes with a one year warranty.


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          03.06.2010 15:59
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          lovely little neat thing for throwing in a backpack or handbag

          I bought this neat little hard drive before going travelling for a year. It's just smaller than half a standard DVD box, and it's only got one lead. It's travelled well, been plugged into many a computer, and never really had any problem.

          Basically it's an oversized USB key. The lead is a tiny USB to a standard one, and it's splits to two standard USB inputs if you have non-powered USB ports (for the non technical, you need 2 USB places for old computers). It hold 250g, which is not huge for external hard drives but big enough for most.

          It's got a nice neat brushed metal effect, rounded corners, no fuss look. The 'iomega' logo and word are sunk into the metal on one side, and a technical sticker is on the back. There are two inputs, one for the mini usb to connect to the computer and one for an external power source (this lead is not included when you buy the product). There is a little white led light that flashes when its working so you know you are connected correctly. Thankfully, it doesn't flash unless you are actually accessing data, but it does light up to confirm the connection.

          It's neat and simple and travels well, there is nothing to break so nothing does. Though it's not quite silent, and does vibrate softly, you have to have it by your ear to hear that. It's transfer rate is similar to a fast USB. I watch movies off it and it copes fine, though you can notice the difference for very detailed files when they are run straight from the system.


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            13.07.2009 16:59
            Very helpful



            A super slim external hard-drive to store all your works.

            IOMEGA is one of the popular suppliers of external storage drives, networking storage drives and Data recovery systems for consumers all over the world. Its head-office is based in California, USA with several branches all over the world for sales support and customer services. Established in 1980, the company have sold over 400 million storage drives to the consumers so far. Withstanding some previous controversies, IOMEGA is one of the fastest growing companies selling millions of hard-drives and related products to the consumers every year.

            '''EXTERNAL HARD-DRIVES'''

            The concept of a portable hard drive is a very simple one; it is a type of portable memory that can store all your work, applications, images, songs and almost any other type of file so that they can travel with you anytime anywhere. Being easy to carry and having a faster response time are the main requirements of today's external hard drives. Modern day PC users usually prefer to have an external hard drive to store all their work and keep it with them all the time as a back-up. Mainly there are two types of external hard drives available in today's present market which are:

            * Desktop Hard-drive (3.5 inch, requires an external power supply, bigger in size compare to portable hard-drive but usually have more storage capacity.)
            * Portable Hard-drive (2.5 inch, does not require an external power supply, very light and easier to carry and have less storage capacity )


            Prestige is one of the famous portable hard-drive series released by IOMEGA. It's really small, compact, well-built with drop and shock resistant aluminium body and does not require external power supply. I bought my prestige hard-drive online from Tesco-Direct. It has 250 GB storage capacity and costs me only £44.97. It weighs around 190 gram and easily fit in pocket. There is aluminium net at one side for removal of excess heat and two ports on another side.One for USB 2.0 connection and another for a power supply which is optional. It supports USB 2.0, where this USB 2.0 connection used as the power supply for the external drive and also the medium of data transfer from your system to this hard-drive. USB 2.0 has a very high data transfer rate up to 480Mbit/s and requires at least 8MB cache memory to perform any task.

            '''RETAIL BOX CONTAINS'''

            It comes in a red glossy box, which contains
            * 2.5 inch portable hard drive
            * USB 2.0 cable
            * User Manual in different languages

            '''~Minimum System requirements~'''

            It definitely requires a built in USB connection (which also supports USB 2.0 feature for maximum output) and also works with both MAC and PC. It requires at least 128 MB ram for MAC and supports 10.1 to 10.5 versions of operating systems. In case of PC, it requires 256 MB ram and supports windows 2000 professional, XP and also windows Vista. I am using windows Vista as my current operating system, and this hard drive works absolutely fine with Vista.

            '''PERSONAL EXPERIENCE'''

            I bought my hard- drive from Tesco direct and it was cheaper compare to other electronic shops. After opening the red box, I was really impressed to see the size of the hard drive. It is really small and light. There is a trade-mark sign of IOMEGA on top of the hard drive and a small light on the same side. When the hard drive has been successfully connected to the system then the light is on continuously. When you perform some tasks such as transferring any data into the hard disk, then the light blinks rapidly. It has high data transfer speed and does not interfere with the normal processing speed of your system. In rare cases, PC does not recognize the external hard drive, but nothing to worry about. If you just restart the system, then it will detect the external hard-drive. You can also try different USB port. Other than that, there is absolutely no problem with this portable hard-drive.

            '''~Things that Pleased Me~'''

            * Nice and compact design.
            * Very light and easily fit in my pocket.
            * Fast Data transfer rate.
            * Almost noiseless and does not heat up easily.

            '''~Things to Avoid~'''

            * Do not disconnect when you transfer your data.
            * Do not just pull out the USB connector from the system; use the "Safely Remove Hardware" option and then disconnect the portable hard-drive from the system.


            For any types of help and support, you just simply go to the IOMEGA website, then go to the support section and enter your products serial number. It will tell you about your product's warrant and available support for your product. You can also register your product online for a better and quick support from them.

            '''Website Address: ''' http://go.iomega.com/en/


            It is a nice little external hard drive with massive storage capacity. It's easier to use and very light and compact in design. I absolutely love this external product. Price of this product may varies from time to time. Usually it costs around 50-55 GBP in shops. But I got it for only 44.97 from Tesco-Direct plus got double club-card points as a bonus offer. I enjoyed using this product and really happy with it so highly recommended.

            Thank you very much for reading my review.


            '''This review also posted on Helium and CIAO under same user name. '''


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