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LaCie Little Disk Design by Sam Hecht 320 GB

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LaCie Little Disk Design by Sam Hecht - Hard drive - 320 GB - external - FireWire / FireWire 800 / Hi-Speed USB - black

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    2 Reviews
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      15.08.2011 21:41
      Very helpful
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      Overall a canny little external hard disk for macs and pcs

      **The Back Story**

      I got introduced to this by my father. He bought it to store his encyclopaedic range of music and films, which were clogging up his little HP laptop. We share custody of it now, as we transfer files and music between our computers due to our oddly similar taste in music.

      **What the manufacturer says**

      "Get stylish, compact, portable storage with the Little Disk, Design by Sam Hecht. Easily carry your photos, music, videos and files on this petite mobile solution. Designed exclusively for LaCie by Sam Hecht, it has a high-gloss, black elegance with clean, simple lines and comes with a removable protective cap. The integrated, extractable USB cable pulls out and retracts so it can never be lost or forgotten. The LaCieSync software allows you to bring your important data with you safely. Just plug the Little Disk into any PC to access and modify your files, emails (Microsoft Outlook) or personal settings and it will sync updated data back to your computer with AES 128-bit encryption (Windows only)."

      **My Experience**
      I really enjoy using this as it is very portable, not hard to look at and does its job. However I have a few main niggles:

      1)The USB cable is waaaaaay too short - I use this hard disk on a desktop computer as well as with my laptop. When with my laptop, the hard disk and the laptop both sit on a table/my knee. However, as the length of the usb cable is no longer than an inch or so, it has to hang off my desktop computer's usb drives precariously, and I would not be surprised if either the LaCie or the computer's usb drives themselves got damaged in the process. This makes the LaCie more adapted for laptop use, unless you wish to fashion a little desk for it so it can be the same height as your desktop computer's usb drives. I have the main part of my desktop computer on the lower part of a desk by my feet, and I have knee'd and kicked the LaCie before - however I injured myself more than the hard disk I think...

      2)It feels rather plasticky - For something that cost my father nigh on £60 at "awd-it.co.uk" (or so he tells me) I guess it is pretty good - value over style in this case I guess. It is shiny black, which is attractive, but perhaps if made of metal it would appear more robust and less likely to break immediately when dropped.

      I think this is a canny little piece of equipment, and to have 320GB of space for about £60 is wonderful. LaCie is a well known name so you know when buying any of their items that you are not just buying tat that fails as soon as you plug it in.


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        26.03.2010 10:41
        Very helpful



        Very well designed compact and practical storage solution

        I bought this hard drive as I desperately needed to back up my computer after I nearly lost all my files and needed a back up solution.

        The design of this drive is brilliant, it comes with a built in USB 2 cable which slides in and out, so no need to ever have to scramble around for a cable!
        It powers itself through the USB cable, and thankfully it doesn't require the use of two USB ports, which may seem trivial but its a really good thing.
        The cable could have been a bit longer. sometimes you find the drive having to sit awkwardly on your desk as the cable is too short. The casing is strong enough to live comfortably in your bag without getting damaged, but I wouldn't go throwing it down the stairs!

        The drive performs really well, it can be formatted for PC and MAC and the data rate is upto 480mps, the spindle speed(how fast the disc inside rotates) is 5,400RPM, this is perfect for almost all use, but you may find it sluggish if you are using it for video editing, as video editing usually requires a hard drive with 7,200RPM.

        For most people's needs this is a brilliantly compact storage solution.


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    • Product Details

      Carry your files, photos and music in this pocket-sized hard disk for sharing with friends, family and colleagues wherever you go. Thanks to its tiny, lightweight form, the Little Disk fits in your bag, purse, briefcase or pocket. Designed exclusively for LaCie by Sam Hecht, it has high-gloss elegance with clean, simple lines and comes with a removable protective cap. This USB-powered drive has an integrated USB cable, which pulls out and retracts so no extra connection is required. Keep important data secure with the included LaCieSync software.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: LaCie Little Disk Design by Sam Hecht hard drive - 320 GB - FireWire 800 / FireWire / USB 2.0
      Type: Hard drive - external ( portable )
      Capacity: 320 GB
      Interface: FireWire 800 / FireWire / USB 2.0
      Data Transfer Rate: 800Mbps(FireWire800)/400Mbps(FireWire)/480Mbps(Hi-Sp.USB)
      Features: 128-bit AES
      Power Source: Additional USB, FireWire bus, USB bus
      Enclosure Colour: Black
      Dimensions (WxDxH): 8.1 cm x 12.9 cm x 1.8 cm
      Weight: 195 g
      Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years warranty