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LaCie Rugged Hard Disk 500 GB

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LaCie Rugged Hard Disk - Hard drive - 500 GB - external - FireWire / FireWire 800 / Hi-Speed USB - 5400 rpm - buffer: 8 MB

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    2 Reviews
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      10.06.2012 20:05
      Very helpful



      I wish I had bought a different product

      Before I continue, I should clarify that I purchased this hard-drive second hand, from a well rated seller on Ebay. The reader can judge for themselves then, whether this is a cautionary tale about ebay purchasing, or the production standards of LaCie.

      I wanted a hard-drive that I could carry around with me, and use with both my Macbook, and my p.c as fast as possible. This unit was perfect, as it came with firewire and usb interfaces, and did not require an external adaptor. I was also sold on the cosmetic aspects of the product, and the idea that it would be durable. I had intended to use it as a means of always carrying my music data with me, and potentially thought it might get some use backing up recording data "in the wilds".

      When the unit arrived, I discovered that it was light and plasticy, and the rubber around the sides was merely a cosmetic attachment, that wasn't thick enough to provide any impact protection. It was also very slightly loose, and could easily be removed, which added to the perception that it wasn't particularly "rugged".

      I managed to get two good uses out of the unit, and then both firewire ports stopped working. Two further uses, and then the unit packed up all together. I'm not entirely sure what the problem is, but no computers seem to be able to detect it. I've tried using different cables, different ports, and a variety of different machines, but this device seems to have quietly passed away in the night. It never suffered any maltreatment in my care, and appeared to be in good shape when in arrived. For the week or so in which it worked, it lived safely in a little gulley on the top of my p.c.

      I'm extremely dissapointed, and will never buy another LaCie product again. I regret not heeding the warnings written in other reviews that I read before making my purchase, and I hope that I might be able to save others the same mistake, whether that regards second hand purchasing, or (as I suspect) LaCie themselves.


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      24.05.2010 13:10
      Very helpful



      Nice as a present, useful for those who have loads of pictures to back-up


      Two years ago my husband got himself a pretty great Christmas present from his job. This Lacie external Rugged hard disk with a saving capacity of 500 GB was given to him as a present. And because he never uses an external hard disk, I ended up using it almost daily ;)

      **Some information about LaCie company**
      Lacie is a company that is known for its storage systems. They have been active for many years and are always trying to develop new storage systems and exploring possibilities to make better storage products. For an overview of all their products I would recommend you visiting www.lacie.com.
      Lacie sells (external) hard disks with all sorts of storage capacities. These storage systems can be used on almost every laptop and computer available (as long as yours has an USB portal, but which pc/laptop doesn't have that nowadays?). Besides selling storage systems, the company is also known for selling monitors, backup software and they have and online backup service named Wuala.
      Lacie is known as a reliable and professional company.

      **About the Lacie Rugged Harddisk**

      So, when I unwrapped this Christmas present I had no idea what I was looking at. Although I am a bit of a computer nerd, I never used an external hard disk. First of all, this hard disk looks pretty stylish and modern. This hard disk was designed by Neil Pulton, who designed more LaCie products. It is square formed, has a silver colored middle part and an orange shock resistant rubber casing around it. The size of this hard disk is appr. 14,5 x 9 x 2,5 cm. Not too small but not too big either. This Lacie Hard disk is available in different types of storage capacities. I have a 500 GB disk, but you can also buy a 320 GB one. This external hard disk has a USB 2.0 interface. The USB cable can be found in the Lacie cardboard box the hard disk is sold in. The price of this harddisk is around 90 Pounds. You can use this hard disk on your pc/laptop if it has one of the following systems;
      Windows XP, Mac OS 10.3 or higher, Windows 2000, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (I've got Windows 7 myself, works perfect!).


      This hard disk meets the MIL norms and requirements. Yes, I will explain what that means; This normation comes from the American military where they use "development test command" to test machines under extreme weather conditions. So you can be pretty sure that this hard disk can survive being in the sun and rain, although I would never advise you to just leave it to get soaking wet!

      **Why would I use this?**
      Well, first of all, this hard disk gives you the possibility to download full seasons of your favorite show or complete cd collections from your favorite singer and store them easily on this disk. Besides that, I use this disk as a back up as well. I make loads of pictures and once every week I copy my pictures and mpeg movies from my laptop to this disk, to make sure their safe. Depending on how fast your computer is, you can copy a lot of files within a few minutes.
      500 GB is so much capacity, I never use all the space, but it's just great to know you have so much storage room available. I also like the fact that I can easily bring it to work, copying my work documents onto my work computer without too much trouble. The disk is shock proof so when it falls (or my daughter things it is fun to throw with it) it doesn't immediately break down. The disk is expensive though when you have to buy it yourself (around 100 Pounds)
      The disk works easily, just plug the USB cable in your computer and depending on the fastness of your computer system, the external disk is read within a few seconds. Great modern and useful device I have to say!


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  • Product Details

    The exclusive creation of world-renown designer Neil Poulton, this portable storage solution offers the supreme speed of FireWire 800 along with FireWire 400 and Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interfaces for true universal connectivity. Conveniently bus-powered and plug and play, it's ideal for backup, video storage and large data volume exchange on the go. Simply plug it into just about any computer anywhere for backup, video storage and large data volume exchange. Its unique scratch-protected aluminum shell and shock-resistant rubber bumper make the LaCie Rugged Hard Disk especially resistant to harsh elements for extra protection along the road of your adventures.

    Technical Data

    Product Description: LaCie Rugged Hard Disk hard drive - 500 GB - FireWire 800 / FireWire / USB 2.0
    Type: Hard drive - external ( portable )
    Capacity: 500 GB
    Interface: FireWire 800 / FireWire / USB 2.0
    Data Transfer Rate: 800Mbps(FireWire800)/400Mbps(FireWire)/480Mbps(Hi-Sp.USB)
    Buffer Size: 8 MB
    Spindle Speed: 5400 rpm
    Power Source: Additional USB, FireWire bus, USB bus
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 9 cm x 14.2 cm x 2.8 cm
    Weight: 298 g
    Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years warranty