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Maxtor Basics Portable 250 GB

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2 Reviews
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    2 Reviews
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      14.09.2011 22:08
      Very helpful



      A great external hard drive.

      I had never really needed an external hard drive before, not being that into technology, I thought my computers had all the space they needed. But when I was closing down a business and getting rid of the computer I realised i needed somewhere to store all of the data and records that had amassed on the machine. Enter the Maxtor!

      Now despite my ignorance I do know that an external hard drive is a handy thing to have in case of computer breakdown or for storing large quantities of stuff like photos, so as not to slow down your system. I am sure they have other purposes, but perhaps that will require a review from someone more technically minded.

      The Maxtor Portable is a great device. It is simplistic enough that I can understand it and came in a range of sizes (in terms of capacity) to suit all needs. I decided to go with the 250gb as this was more than enough space for the files I wanted to save.

      Upon opening the box, the device was quite small and sleek which as a woman I appreciated. I like things to look nice! It is small enough to be portable so can be taken between home and work or whatever you need quite easily. it is black in design and has a silver logo on the front which is not to obtrusive. There is a small green light which pulses whilst in use to let you know that the device is busy and working. i found this a comfort.

      The device had two a cable which splits to two usb leads, one is labelled for power and one is labelled for power and data. I always use the power and data cable and have not really found a need for the other cable, but perhaps this enables it to be connected to machines at the same time? Either way it doesn't make a lot of difference.

      The device is easy to navigate around once accessed from the computer tab. Files can be rearranged inside, the search function is really efficient and it makes everything really simple.The transfer speed is very good. I transferred over hundreds of files as well as loose documents and have been able easily pull these out when needed and all it takes is attaching the device to my laptop, opening it up, performing a search and voila!

      I guess one of the downsides is that it is a usb 2.0 which can slow down the transfers as opposed to a usb 3.0 but this isn't a huge issue for me and i think relates to the age of the model.

      Overall it's a really good device, easy to use, looks good and does the job!!


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      01.04.2010 18:19



      If you need some backup or extra space, this is a good product.

      Why have a hard drive? Well there are numerous reasons, a few of which I will run through before telling you about the product.

      ~~Firstly, a lot of computers these days, being so complicated, have the tendency to crash regularly, and seeing as many people store their lives on the computer (as in pictures, emails, music) I think it's pretty necessary to back all of this up in a convenient place.

      ~~ Secondly, people like sharing. After all sharing is caring. Because of this, when you have all your files in an easily manoeuvrable place, you can share photos, music and work very very easily.

      ~~ Thirdly, sometimes people don't have a large enough hard drive actually on their computer, and so these externals become compulsory.

      The Maxtor Portable is a fantastic little device. The great thing is that Maxtor have created so many different sizes (in terms of memory) such as 150gb, 250gb, 500gb and even a tb. To be frank, I only needed 250gb due to my average music collection and lack of huge files.

      The device is very small and portable (as in the name). I can slip it easily into a small bag, or even my jacket pocket sometimes. It weighs about 250g which is pretty light. The transfer speed is very good, however, one of the only disadvantages that I've found with it is that it has 2 usb leads (one for power and one for transfer), which on my laptop means having to remove a printer or something else to use it. It is a minor detail, but should be taken into account.

      In all, it's a great, reliable product and does the job perfectly


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