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Samsung HM160JU 160 GB

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2 Reviews
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    2 Reviews
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      28.01.2011 21:32



      Great product, buy more than 1.

      This drive does what any external drive should do. Plug and play, you just plug it in to your computer and then you're good to go in terms of backing up your computer files. And may I suggest that you buy more than 1 of these, since I had an external drive and I backed everything up to it, only to have my drive die on me one day and I lost everything. (it wasn't this specific drive though). My main point is that, make sure you have your most important files backed up in several different areas, mainly because that way you won't have to worry about anything being lost in case something does happen to your drive.

      160 GB is a lot, so unless you're storing videos or massively large files, you shouldn't have any problems backing up all of your personal files to this external hard drive. :)


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      27.02.2010 22:29
      Very helpful



      Neat small hard drive with decent storage capacity

      Samsung is a company that has been accepted as reliable in the field of electronics entertainment systems for well over 30 years to my knowledge so I was happy to buy a product with this name on it.


      The idea of having a portable hard drive is that it is easily portable memory which stores all your personal stuff from your computer such as work, photos, applications and other files. You can easily carry it around and use it on any computer with a USB connection - take stuff from home to work or from country to country without having to take a computer or clog up the computer with unnecessary things to store . It is also a back up for things you would not want to lose. We have two different external hard drives and keep photos and other information stored on both in case our computer crashes losing everything.
      You can get desktop hard-drive which are bigger and need an external power supply but usually have more storage capacity. But my Samsung is a portable hard-drive with a storage capacity of 160GB

      This little Samsung hard drive is really compact, with a neat aluminium body and does not require external power supply. I bought my Samsung hard-drive online from Ebay not in an auction but a Buy it Now seller.

      It has 160 GB storage capacity and costs me under £40. It weighs around 150 gram and easily fits in my bag or a jacket pocket. It is just a sealed aluminium box with a mini USB port at one end - nothing else at all. The actual item is 11.5cm x 1.0cm x 7.0cm (only 0.5" inch thick) which is amazing I think.

      All I did when it arrived was take it out of the box, plug the mini USB into the item then plug the 2 USB connectors into my computer and the computer found the new hard ware installed it and then I was able to transfer files by just sliding them across or 'sending' them to the external hard drive.


      Taken from the product listing
      The hard drive used in this product is;
      * 160GB 2.5" Laptop Hard Drive in SATA interface
      * 9mm thick
      * 5400RPM
      * 8MB Buffering
      * Average Seek time: 12ms

      It comes in a small cardboard box, which contains;

      160GB 2.5" External Hard Drive with silver case ,USB Cable with slipped USB ports, Protective 'Leather 'Pouch , CD Driver ( which I have not needed to use in any of our computers), User Manuel (Digital Version stored in CD Driver)


      It obviously requires a built in USB connection (which also supports USB 2.0 feature for maximum output) It states it Supports any Personal Computers, Desktop or Laptop, Apple MACS and UNIX Boxes. It works with Win98/ME/2000/XP/Vista or later versions and Mac OS or later versions. It has worked with my laptop on Vista and our computer on XP with no problem at all.


      When my hard- drive arrived from the Ebay seller it was in the small cardboard box and I was really amazed to see how small it was. It is really small and light as I specified above. There is a small sign serial ATA on top of the hard drive and a small light beside the mini USB port. When the hard drive has been successfully connected to the system then the light is on continuously. When you transfer data into the hard disk, then the light blinks to show this is happening. It has high data transfer speed and does not seem to have a problem if I am doing something else while the transfer is taking place but it is so quick that I don't need to fill in much time really.

      With any item that you connect to your computer you must always be aware that you must never disconnect while the gadget is transferring data (Photos from camera or data like this to the hard drive). Finally when it has finished transferring always make sure you use e the "Safely Remove Hardware" option and then disconnect the portable hard-drive from the system.

      It is a tiny compact and smart little gadget It is very light and easily fits in a handbag or jacket pocket. It is really quick at data transfer and is quiet and also does not seem to get hot at all


      This has a three year manufacturer's warranty but fortunately so far - 9 months - I have not had to test this facility out.

      Thank you very much for reading this review and I hope it may be of some help to someone looking for a hard drive for storage or backup.

      This review may be posted on other sites under my user name.

      © Catsholiday


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