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Samsung S2 Limited Edition Portable 500 GB

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    3 Reviews
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      18.05.2012 15:53



      great collectable item for the michael jackson fans and not only


      I have always been a Michael Jackson fan but I also started collecting anything I could find with my idol. It was actually pure luck and chance I found this External Hard drive. I started downloaded everything ever made with Michael Jackson into my personal collection and I realised my laptop`s 180 gb will most definitely not be enough to do so so I had to start researching for an external hard disk.

      I went to my ebay which is my usual go to when I need to buy something right away and I started looking and then I found it! I was over the moon to see how cheap and lovely it was! bOUGHT IT in an instant !

      Its so gold and shiny and the outside case is very good quality and it feels good to touch also.

      I have many Samsung tech items in my home and I have never been disappointed and once again the brand exceeded my expectations. The usb plug that connects to another usb storage is extremely sturdy and it`s not delicate like other external usb drives on the market right now. Usb is the typical 2.0 port but it is extremely fast at transfer you are able to switch devices in an instant! To give an example I would probably have to say it take around 1 min per giga byte transffered but of course it does depend on the type of files but I couldn`t be more pleased about this compact and collectable external hard drive from Samsung.

      Highly recommend it !!


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      15.07.2010 16:43
      Very helpful



      The most beautiful hardware you will ever buy

      The Samsung S2 is a great portable hard drive. It's easy to set up and can be used as easily as your usual USB stick, just with a lot more room.

      A major advantage to the device is that it is powered by an extra USB cable. This may be a problem for those who want to back up an older laptop or computer, but I bought a cheap 4 way USB socket to fix this.

      The capacity of the device is big enough for the average computer user and 500GB is more than plenty enough room. The device doesn't slow down however much data is stored on it; every copy to the device is quick and runs smoothly.

      As a Michael Jackson fan, the major selling point was the silhouette of one of his classic poses. The gold covering is beautiful and it looks more like a beautiful memento than a computer device. One let down is the
      Samsung logo at the bottom, which sort of spoils the product for me when I look at it.

      A portable hard drive is a great buy as a safety net if anything should ever go wrong with your computer.

      This memento is stylish and practical and sits proudly on the shelf above my computer.


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      11.06.2010 12:55
      Very helpful



      Lovely looking hard drive to store all you need!

      My Dell laptop has served me very well for the past 3 years. I have not upgraded or anything on it and the 120 GB hard drive was holding well. I tend to leave a good 15 GB of space on the laptop just so it can a little more efficient.

      Soon that was gone and I was left with no space whatsoever and my laptop was like trying to load up youtube video on a dial up connection. I could literally turn the laptop on, enter my password (you never know who can go through your laptop, family included!!!), then go downstairs, make myself a cup of tea, a little snack and go upstairs and still wait. Something had to be done and quickly!! I needed an external hard drive.

      ===The Hunt===
      Off to Amazon (see previous review) to have a quick look to see what was available. And my gosh, there were loadsssss!!!! From 120 GB to 1tb, all shapes and sizes and colours. I was very tempted to go for a 1tb but read and heard bad press about them crashing so I thought 500 GB will do me just fine!

      After what seemed like days looking for a hard drive for a decent price (some were hideously over priced at around £100 for just 500 GB or even lower!) I came across this little product. A limited edition Michael Jackson This Is It hard drive. It also had the film already in it and also wanting that I killed 2 birds with one stone and went straight to the checkout and ordered (using my vouchers).

      ===The Arrival===
      After a few days I had received the hard drive in the box shown and had a feeling that this was going to be a large hard drive but to my surprise it wasn't. It could easily fit into my hand and was more of a square shaped hard drive than the usual rectangular ones. The front was in gold and had a picture of MJ doing the same pose as shown in the picture in black. It looked amazing and could be mistaken for something else.

      There was also a thin green box underneath the drive which had the manual, film code and USB wire in and also a nice leather pouch for you to put the hard drive in. All in all the presentation was of very high standard but didn't understand why they would have a light green box with a gold hard drive. Any hoo it was all good!

      ===Ease of Use/ Storage===
      Now me loving my music and films as such I thought I would pretty much fill this baby up with all of it. I still have loads of space left! I even put all my photos from my last year in secondary school to the present day and I still have a good 360GB left!

      Transferring the files couldn't be easier. My two year old cousin could do it. You will know when the hard drive is active when a blue light is on the top part of the drive. Once your PC/Laptop/Mac has recognised and installed the driver all you do select what you want and drag it straight into the hard drive. Bobs your uncle it's done. Simples. When plugged in you could hear a pin drop, you can hear absolutely nothing regarding this hard drive. you may even think it's not on, I certainly did when I first plugged it in and the only way I realised was when I firmly placed my hand on top to feel the drive working. As with all hard drives plugged in for a vast amount of time, it will tend to heat up, but when unplugged it seems to cool down very quickly.

      Watching the film on the drive was just as easy. Click on the film, a little pop up will come up, enter you code and enjoy. Entering the code gave me a bit of a problem as the 2 looked like a Z and got worried as to why it wouldn't work. Please note that you won't get a full 500GB as the movie is pre loaded on it and will take up about 1.5GB of space. Also according to the instructions the film can only be viewed on three different desktop/ laptops/ Mac so pick carefully or just copy and paste somewhere.

      ===Specs and size===
      Hi-Speed USB (Max.) - 480 Mbps
      Temperature - Operating -5c to 40c, Non-operating -20c to 65c
      Height (Max.) - 17.5 mm, Width - 82 mm, Length - 111 mm
      Weight (Max.) - 0.170 Kg - Nice and light!
      AutoBackup and SafetyKeyTM - SecretZoneTM encrypts data on a virtual drive so no one can get into it without your password.

      ===Speed Test===
      I have just transferred a DVD rip of the film 9 (not the one with Penelope Cruz) and it has taken under 30 seconds. Size of file was 759 MB.

      Next up is one of my music albums (Jay-Z The Blueprint 3), it has 15 tracks and the size is 140MB. Lets see how it goes...7 seconds. Nice!!!

      Next up I'll see how quick it can transfer over itunes set-up software (exe. file) which is just under 100mb....9 seconds a little slower than my albums???

      Overall I believe it transfers the files pretty quick.

      ===Is This It? ===
      Well overall this is a very good piece of kit. Not only does it look very nice, its stores a mean amount of data so I doubt you will be going out again to get another hard drive. Also the fact that it's a limited edition MJ product makes it that bit special.

      I purchased this drive from Amazon for £54.99 and by the looks of it, it has gone down in price to £52.99 so it's pretty much on par with the rest if not a tad cheaper. Its well worth the investment people, get it whilst you can!

      PLEASE NOTE - The film on the drive WILL NOT be able to played on Mac's as it is formatted for Windows (WMV), so sorry Mac users! Just remembered, that if you have VLC player on the mac it WILL work. I totally forgot about that player, sorry!

      Thank you for reading and hope you found it useful. This can also be found on Ciao.


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