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Seagate Backup Plus STBU1000202 1 TB

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    2 Reviews
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      09.12.2013 05:25
      Very helpful



      a 2 in one product

      To cut to the chase, I think the seagate 1tb backup plus is the best drive you can buy, because not only is it a hard drive (and a very good one), it's also a data-usb3 dock for other drives.

      The way this works is that the drive is actually in 2 parts, the drive and the interface/dock. The hard drive is encased in plastic and the connections (data and power) are sticking out and this is what connects into the dock part of the drive (with the usb cable coming out), this means that you can 'upgrade' the interface to find the best solution for you- I was happy to stick with usb3 but you might find firewire better. Because the dock takes a standard drive connections you can just plug any bare drive into the dock and it will work as an external hard drive, which is great for when you have a bare drive you need to access briefly as now instead of needing an external case you just use this dock- so it's like a 2-in-one product!

      The downside to this is that it's not as compact as a drive where the cable comes directly out the drive case- but the dock only adds an extra 1/2" of bulk so it's not a deal breaker and I was happy to make that sacrifice to gain a usb 3 dock for my other drives

      The drive itself:
      i've been very happy with the performance of the drive, for a 1tb drive I think it's reasonably priced at around £60. it's usb 3 so it's very fast, and absolutely leaves usb 2 in the dust in terms of speed. It's backwards compatible with usb 2 so if you have an older computer it will still work out fine. You can purchase new 'docks' that allow you to use firewire, or thunderbolt interfaces so whatever pc or mac you're running you'll be able to find something to fit that's better than usb 2 (for example older mac's have firewire ports, and newer macs that don't have usb 3 have thunderbolt)

      the finish on the drive is plastic, it looks like brushed metal but isn't- it's extremely scratch resistant though so I don't mind throwing it in a bag as it still looks brand new even after heavy use- much improved from their old glossy plastic drives that looked wrecked the first time you use it

      I think this is a great product, don't bother with the included software, but use it just as a normal drive and be happy, and the times when the drive dock comes in handy be thankful you went for this drive and not another brand


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        03.05.2013 21:53



        worth it if you have other go flex drives

        I like the go flex drives, i'm currently using the 500gb drive with a firewire 800 cable for faster transfers. But when I upgraded my laptop to usb 3 (losing firewire) I went out and got this new 1tb drive, and the 'goflex' usb adaptor lets me use my old drive at usb 3 speeds, very nice!

        The goflex drives are only 5400 rpm drives so they're not the fastest on the market but for the price, they're fast enough- about 80mb/s, so faster than USB 2 but not faster than usb 3, no need to get thunderbolt for a slow hard drive like this but if you want to you can get a thunderbolt go flex adaptor.

        Compared to the old plastic shelled drives which were scratch and fingerprint magnets, these come with a brushed aluminium finish which seems more hard wearing, and looks a lot better.

        Overall they're great drives, but I bought it because i'm into the goflex system, if I wasn't tied in then i'm not sure i'd have still got one as it's not that different to any other hard drive, and I think there are better looking drives out there (not that the seagate is ugly, just a little boring)


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