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Seagate External Desktop Drive 1.5 TB

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    1 Review
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      25.08.2010 17:53
      Very helpful



      Fast with a lot of space but impractical and lots of faults.

      So if you've read a couple of my other reviews you'll know that I have a lot of computer hardware at my disposal because my Dad owns a computer shop. One item that is mass stocked is the Seagate external harddrive. I use these things all the time and so I thought I'd write a review.

      Ok so firstly, it's quite large. I own three external hard-drives and none of them are as large as this. The measurements for this thing are 208 (length) X 126 (width) X 40 (height). The casing is black and rather glossy which isn't great because it gathers dust and fingerprints very quickly indeed. The casing also has a the Seagate logo on the front. Located next to the logo is the green LED that indicates whether the hard-drive is on or off. On the underside of the case there are small vents cut out of the plastic for ventilation thus helping it not to over-heat.

      Something that has always bothered me about external drives is the fact that most of them need their own power-supply. It just makes it slightly less portable. You have no need to install any drivers or software to use this hard-drive which is something the majority of externals do (makes them more portable and convenient) but because of the size of this product it really makes no difference anyway because you're hardly going to be carrying this to work with you every day anyway. The packaging also states that it has 'Built in Power Management that ensures energy efficient operation' and that is has a spindle speed of 7200RPM.

      This product is notorious for being faulty. Some not working at all and others working for a short while before 'failing'. If you are planning to store important files (wedding pictures, diary entries, work projects etc.) onto an external hard-drive I suggest that perhaps you look for something with a better reputation, something not as likely to break. The last thing you want is to store all them precious files and lose them all forever because of a fault.
      This hard-drive DOES come with the standard 2 year limited waranty. So you'll be able to get a new hard-drive but your files? They're gone :/

      This drive is compatible with Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Linux Ubuntu & Mac. 1.5 TB is about 1,400 Gigabytes, I am sure you will agree - That's a lot of disk space! So just to clarify, this is a cheap external hard-drive, pretty simple to use but notorious for being faulty so perhaps look at paying a little extra wonga on something more reliable.


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