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Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk 3 TB

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    2 Reviews
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      19.08.2011 15:06
      Very helpful



      do not buy it, it is a waste of money.

      The idea of this hard drive is that you can access all your files without taking up precious hard drive memory on your pc/laptop.
      you can also access your files on your games console, PS3 or Xbox, this enables you to stream your files in seconds to your t.v, just using your games console as the middle man.
      you are able to access your files on other pc's, and create a backup of all your important document, this does take a long time to process though.
      It has a memory capacity of 480mps, that is A LOT of memory you can store 100s of films and 1000s of music tracks.
      It has a light on the front that let's you know if it is connected to your network, although that light can be on and my laptop thinks otherwise and cannot find it.
      Sounds great! Problem is it doesn't work like that.

      You can purchase this for around £129.99 being the cheapest I have saw it, that is on Amazon, but It can sell for anything up to £180. This is not a cheap gadget especially as it doesn't do what it is supposed to.

      I have had problems with the games console share feature, my files just disappear, even if they have previously been played through my PlayStation, so it is not that the file is incompatible. This is completely unfixable, trust me I have searched the internet high and low to resolve this issue but all I ever find are people having the same problem. And not just 1 or 2 people it's 100s.

      Seagate have a website to 'help' you fix technical issues. It is not helpful, all it ever does is redirect you back to the same page (why?).
      There is a phone number you can call but this is international so I wouldn't even like to imagine how much it would cost to call them.
      I emailed about this problem, I did get a reply but all they said was to ring them up ( I don't think so).
      I stupidly managed to lose the receipt so can't even return it, although it possibly may be smashed into lots of pieces.

      If the Seagate does work (when it wants to) it is brilliant being able to stream music and videos to my PS3 with no effort at all it is a lot better than rummaging through my ever expanding DVD collection.
      I would not trust it to be a backup of my documents.

      The program that is used on the pc is easy to navigate but (there's always a but with this thing) it often says winn error32 when trying to open your files thus making them inaccessible through the dashboard.

      You do need an internet connection for this to work as well because it runs of your network. At first I had an issue with the IP address, so I just entered it manually, if you are not good with computers though this would be very difficult.

      At the moment I would not recommend to buy it.
      If this issue does get resolved I will update this review because it has the potential to be such a wonderful gadget, but it has to many technical faults with it at the present time.


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        09.03.2011 22:41
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Thank you Seagate for providing an inexpensive solution to our back up needs!!

        I picked this up when I needed extra storage space to store and back up my homemade video/photos/ and music. With everything becoming High Definition (HD) the smaller drives, (1TB etc) get filled up too quickly.

        Now, what led me to buying this drive was that I was getting fed up of having a number of 1TB drives lying around. I had 4 almost full. Granted they only cost £50 a pop now but seeing 3TB for under £150 made it a bargain considering the space saving point, and because I could have access to all my files from one drive. Easy to navigate, and I no longer have to look through other drives to find what I am looking for.

        This drive actually has 3TB of space which surprised me. Usually you get 90% or so of what they advertise so I was expecting something like 2700Gb. So the added 300Gb was really great. You really do feel you are getting a bargain when comparing it to other 3Tb drives on the market. Like others too you get the standard 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

        There is also no fan so it is very quiet, pretty much silent from where I sit when it is on. I have it plugged into my TV to view the files and it runs like a dream due to not having a fan spinning up and down like my previous ones used to do.

        Data Transfer Rate - 480MB/s using USB2.0 is what you would expect. Decent enough for transferring most files at an acceptable speed. However, files 10Gb+ will still take several minutes. Not a problem for me though. It is compatible with the older USB1.0 and the newer USB3.0 so it is versatile as you would expect. It also has a mini USB port that connects to a standard USB port. The power supply isn't huge so together with the main unit it is easily compact enough to take with you on your travels.

        I haven't used the software which came with it. I never do. It came formatted so I didn't need to change any settings. I just created my folders and started copying across.

        Finally a solution to our back up needs. I just wonder how long it will be until the next size comes out! A couple of these will last until then.



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