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Toshiba StorE Alu2 2 TB

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    1 Review
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      07.09.2011 15:52
      Very helpful



      Though this doesn't completely suit my needs it is a good, reliable external hard drive

      I have recently had to add to my ever growing external hard drive storage collection at work and knowing that this free space won't last too long decided to go for a reasonable prices machine with good reviews on Amazon. I bought this 2TB Toshiba external hard drive for £65 delivered which was a very good price. This size of storage device is becoming much more affordable and more widely available which is good news for me.


      I know I should not judge something like this by looks and in no way is this high on my list of priorities but this is a nice looking hard drive, it is available in metallic silver and bronze. I really wanted the latter, though I did not actually get a choice and was sent the silver model. This is a strong aluminium metal casing which is rectangular shaped. The front facing section of the hard drive is a grey plastic with a LED light slit in it; the LED is blue and indicates when the drive is on and in use. The silver and blue look very nice together.

      The back of the device has the power port, the on/off switch, an air vent and 2.0 USB connection. The hard drive also comes with a mini detachable stand so that it can sit comfortable and safely on your shelf.

      Height 11cm
      Width 18cm
      Depth 3cm

      Technical Bits

      This is a 2TB external hard drive (2000GB) with a high speed USB 2.0 connection. The device is connected with an included AC/DC adapter & power cable which is in fact European so you must use the adapter provided (or the matchstick trick) to plug it into the power. The adapter is quite flimsy and ugly and does not do the drive justice. The performance is 8.5ms (max) and it is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP or higher software. The hard drive is said to have low power consumption and is a fan-less design which means less noise is emitted from the machine.

      My Opinion

      This external hard drive is easy to use in the fact you simply plug it in and it is ready to use straight away, there are no installation discs or start up delays associated with this hard drive as it is already NTFS formatted, which is a good thing in my experience. The drive looks good, but the aluminium casing seems to vibrate a lot, I playback large data files directly off the drive it is constantly pulsating, which is a slight concern however I had read before buying this that it is a common occurrence. The manual also states that the device will get warm and this is not a cause for alarm just normal, so best to keep it in the open with space.

      A slight annoyance for me was the space the drive came with. There is not in fact 2TB of free space on this drive as it includes preloaded security software and manuals that take up some of this space. This may not be such an issue for most, but I need all the space I can get for my work hence why I bought a 2TB drive. The device is also quite slow during transfers, downloads and when shared over my network, though drives of this size tend to function slower than a 500GB or 1TB simply because of the data they store and sifting through it all.

      The drive is overall very quiet during use and I have had no problems with loss of connections or power outs in the three months I have been using it. It seems to be a reliable external hard drive thus far. Overall I would say that this is good for storing files and data, however if you need to use it, like me, for more functional purposes and to work directly off I would recommend either a faster performance model or a smaller sized hard drive. It looks good but it ain't the best!


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