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Toshiba StorE SecuRed 500 GB

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    1 Review
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      10.04.2011 18:50
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      good rpduct

      My laptop has a hard drive of 80 gigabytes and with a duo processor this is 40gb on each the c and d drive. My c drive was constantly stuck on less than 1gb of hard drive space left and was always desperately trying to find things I could delete, but what I needed more was a bigger hard drive. Being someone who likes to watch a lot of movies on my laptop it was annoying having to delete everthing straight after I watch it and often not having enough space to download a whole movie at all

      Thats why I brought the toshiba storE, with 500 GB of space on it, it was a lot more than I currently had and was more than enough to keep all my things on. I was able to plug the toshiba onto my laptop and was able to move a lot of stuff onto the external hard drive freeing up space onto my laptop.

      Moving stuff onto the hard drive was really easy I just opened up the folder for the hard drive on screen and could click and drag everything into that folder moving it onto the external hardrive. I was also able to able to download new things straight onto the external hard drive by making it the desination folder when I download anything, the desination folder can be changed by clicking the browse button that appears when you start a download.

      The one problem I had was that there were a lot of folders I didn't know what they were and when researching them onto the internet recommended not moving it from the C drive as it can harm the computer. Which for me was most of what was on the C drive, especially a file called 'winsxs' which took up almost half of the c drive space. This is of course not the fault of toshiba but should be noted if you are having the same problem I had.
      However I could still move quite a bit of stuff from the c drive and everything from the d drive to the external hard drive. There is a way to more the free space from the d drive to the c drive, making the c drive bigger, and with the extra free space I could move more onto the c drive. To do this you have to download a program onto your computer off the internet. One program that can do this is called is 'partition magic'.

      While it may be a bit of bother to do this it would be the same with any external hard drive and once it is done you will have a lot more space, with all the d drive stuff on the external hard drive. And its much cheaper than buying a new laptop

      Moving files is easy and the download speed is quite fast so while initially it may take a while moving all the files you can, and its a good idea to check whether its safe to move files you haven't heard of (just type the name in google and you can find out), after that with only moving one or a couple of programs at once it is really quick and is no hassle at all.

      The product it self it a good size, quite small and can stand flat or on its size and seats neatly out the way on my desk.

      Overall while it can be a bit of a hassle at first (mainly due to my laptop) once the main hassle i dealt with it is really easy to use and saved me buying a new laptop.


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