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Western Digital My Passport Studio WDMT3200 320 GB

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    1 Review
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      13.10.2009 19:04
      Very helpful



      A simple and attractive product

      After my laptop was choc-a-bloc full of rubbish and in dangerously short memory supply, I decided that it was time for a clear out. The problem was that my clear out consisted mostly of documents and I was still left with a nearly full memory. I decided to buy a hard drive and I saw that these were on special in Fnac and decided to buy one at the reasonable price of 84 euros. I have to say that I am not really up on these sort of computer things so it was a quick glance at the memory size, how pretty it was and whether it was compatible. Turns out it was and so I left with one very tiny bag and a big smile.

      The packaging actually didn't tell me a lot even if I could have understood the tech lingo. It simly said "smart backup and storage", 38 hours HD, 80 000 mp3s, or 64 000 JPGs. It also told me it had visual backup, a 256 bit encryption and back up protection and a visual drive control centre with automatic, continuous backup. Also that I could buy an additional USB dock if I so wished to.

      So I finally got through the heavily sellotaped box and the far easier to open plastic case and saw what I had purchased. It was so small! A lot smaller than the box and very chic. It is slim and black with nothing except a twinkling power light and a WD black logo, which is barely noticeable. I really like the look of it and at 180g it's easily portable and will fit neatly in my laptop case, hand luggage or even handbag! The only complaint is that the cable to plug it in to the laptop is really quite short. I would have difficulty if I were on a train and didn't have a table seat as I would have to hold it. So it is ok for the desk but not sure how it will work out when I want to use it on the move.

      I plugged it straight into my laptop and it easily installed. Just clicked on the install icon and it was done after a few minutes. Then it offered me the password option although if you lose your password you will also lose all your files as there is no password retrieval system.

      It comes with WD SmartWare, which allows me to see the breakdown of the types of files on my computer and the files on the USB. From here you can run the backup and retrieve files to put on your computer. It also has a sleep timer option and also an option to erase all files. Plus you can review your history.

      This product has really achieved everything that I wanted it to. It did the job as I expected and although it didn't exceed my expectations with any surprise functions it works well, it looks good and overall it is stupidly easy to use. I chose not to use all the software, I just wanted to transfer my movies and photos so I just did this in the way I would normally move a file, through opening the two folders and dragging them across. So easy! As yet the only disadvantage is that I had to pay for it!


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