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Anew Reversalist Illuminating Eye System

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Brand: Avon / Type: Eye Care / Suitable for: Eye / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    2 Reviews
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      05.12.2012 11:11
      Very helpful



      If they just sell the cream its worth it

      I am 38 and the years have not been kind, lack of sleep due to children, too many late nights and early mornings have blessed me with dark circles and bags under my eyes. My overall optimistic outlook on life however has blessed me with laughter lines and crow's feet...thanks!!!

      I have tried all manner of creams and potions in the vain hope I can turn back the hands of time, or maybe just halt it for a little while. Alas, this isn't going so well, I will not be perturbed though and continue to spend money on products that do nothing for my ailments. One day I will find a miracle sure though and all this will have been worth it. The next product I have tried is the Anew Reversalist Illuminating Eye System, that's quite a mouthful. I paid £9.00 on special offer for this so really had everything crossed that it was going to work.

      The first thing I noticed about this product was the sleek red attractive box it came in, very posh! The pot itself was however quite small, hopefully the saying 'good things come in small packages' would ring true here. This product is a two in one product, and the pot hides a little flip top lid that contains the 'Brightening Veil' The lower unscrew section has the actual eye cream in it. The cream itself is a lovely fluffy consistency, nice and creamy; I didn't find this oily at all. You don't need to apply very much cream to cover and it does go on very cleanly, it spreads easily and soaks into the skin fairly quickly too. It is said to combat the signs of aging and wrinkles while the 'Veil' combats dark circles around your eyes. The cream does improve the look of the eye area, and I have noticed a distinct tightening of the skin around that area. I still have a few lines but my eyes don't look so puffy and tired. The skin is also a lot softer and dare I say it healthier. Although the product isn't fragrance free, I didn't notice much of an odour while using it.

      The 'veil' was going to be the deal breaker, I have spent a lot of money buying so many concealers to hide my dark circles, I had pinned all my hopes on actually finding a product that would actual help with this. Once you have opened the flip top lid of the tub, the veil is revealed as a cream substance, again not much of an odour, a thick consistency and easy enough to apply. After applying this to the skin, I found it didn't really soak into the skin as such, you could see a shimmer on my skin where this had been applied and I found this a little off-putting. You could still see this effect after applying makeup so decided only to use this at night time. I have to concur that the veil didn't do any awful lot for me; I didn't notice any improvement in my circles or dark patches and was disappointed. I have continued to use the cream as this has made a n improvement. I wouldn't buy this product again as for just the cream; the price tag is too high for only half a job. If they ever just sell the cream for half the price maybe I might partake.


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      04.08.2012 09:52
      Very helpful



      Not sure it is worth its price tag, although the eye cream is excellent..!

      * INFO - WHY DID I BUY? *

      I have 'dabbled' with many of the items available in the Avon "Anew" range over the years and have found some of them are of an excellent quality and seem to work well with my troublesome skin. The Anew range boasts a whole assortment of creams, make-up and cosmetics aimed at combating the signs of ageing. Avon's statement introducing the range sums this up perfectly, I think...."The anti-aging beauty treatment line that helps transform skins appearance to a more youthful looking state."

      Although my skin is not particularly plagued by any major signs of aging - after all, I am only in my early 30s! - I do tend to regard my skin as being rather troublesome. Not only do I suffer from outbreaks of dry, flaky skin alongside the odd flare up of eczema and acne, I also suffer with various problems around the delicate eye area. One such problem is the faint appearance of the beginnings of some delicate 'crow's feet' at the corner edges of my eyes, and I regularly apply an anti-aging night cream or eye cream product to this area to try and prevent further deterioration here.

      Another huge problem for me however is that I suffer with unsightly dark patches under my eyes as a result of numerous health complaints as well as insomnia and fatigue. I have found that finding products to help treat the dark circles around the eye area adequately can be something of a battle which I have not yet won.

      * PRODUCT INFO *

      I was intrigued some months ago to notice some new additions to the Anew Reversalist range. One product in particular stood out to me as it looked to offer something in the way of solution to my problematic eye area.

      The product in question is the "Anew Reversalist Illuminating Eye System." I decided to give the product a try and I believe I paid around the £9 mark for the tub. The normal price for the Eye System is actually a hefty £19 (!), although I believe that it is currently available on the Avon website (available at www.avonshop.co.uk) for a promotional price of £12.50. (Info correct as @ August 2012).

      When the product arrived from Avon, it was boxed in an attractive red cardboard cube bearing the name and familiar 'sleek' looking Anew branding. I was rather disappointed to note that the box was quite small - I hadn't paid attention to the size of the product prior to purchase - and at a neat 15ml in size, I wondered how economical a purchase this was going to turn out to be..!

      I was pleased to note an information leaflet nestled alongside the tub in the box and was impressed with the product itself, based on appearances at least; comprising of a small circular 'pot', the product is made up into two halves. The top half of the pot is made of plastic, and comprises a 'flip up' lid in its centre which can be lifted to reveal a sort of chunky 'compact' containing a paste-like product. This is in fact "The Brightening Veil."

      The upper plastic section of the pot unscrews from the bottom half, which is made of glass. This glass tub contains a fluffy-looking white cream, which is simply called "The Eye Cream."

      First impressions were good; I thought both the products looked pleasant to use, and I liked the 2-in-1 concept of the product itself, but also the packaging which had a rather more modern - and convenient - look to it than other eye care products I have used before that have seen me using two large and bulky separate pots.... NOT the most ideal for taking on holidays or travels. The petite size and 2-in-1 concept of the Anew Reversalist product immediately knocked spots off its major competitors..... Well, in terms of packaging and product design and concept, anyway.

      The idea behind the product is of course to combat the signs of aging and wrinkles, but also to help deal with darkness and under-eye circles. As both of these issues are problems that I will regularly try to overcome - with me spending a small fortune on assorted creams and potions on a regular basis - I was quite delighted to have found an anti-aging product that would also help treat those troublesome dark circles around the eyes.


      ~ The Eye Cream ~

      My initial impressions were correct, and this cream does have a very 'fluffy' feel to it which makes it refreshing and light to use. I must confess to finding the texture of the cream to be slightly 'oily' although this doesn't make it feel heavy or uncomfortable to wear. If I choose to apply the cream during the day however, I need to allow ample time for it to be absorbed fully into the skin as otherwise it feels slightly 'slicked' under my make-up and concealer.

      There is a very noticeable scent evident as soon as I start to apply the cream, and although there is quite a strong 'chemical' undertone to the fragrance, I don't find it to be particularly off-putting. I find too that the scent fades completely a short time after the cream has been absorbed into the skin.

      There is no need to apply a large amount of the cream around the eye area; I find that a small fingertip- full will more than suffice to cover the whole area completely - including the eyelid. The cream spreads easily which I think is due to its slightly oily feeling. I always pay particular attention to the beginnings of the light 'crow's feet' that have made their appearance at the outer corner of my eyes, taking a little time to massage the cream into these areas completely.

      There is nothing to be noted in the way of discomfort or stinging which was a very welcome discovery, particularly as other anti-aging eye products that I have used before have caused all manner of running eyes and unpleasant 'tingling' after each application... NOT the most comfortable of feelings, particularly if I have opted to apply my eye cream at night time, which is often the case and has certainly been the case with the Anew Reversalist Eye Cream. In actual fact, I feel THIS cream has a surprisingly gentle formulation, a theory that was really put to the test a short time ago when I accidentally coated my lashes in the cream, meaning that some small creamy particles ended up in my eye. I was surprised - and relieved! - to suffer NOTHING in the way of irritation or stinging to the actual eye, so I do believe the product is extremely mild, perhaps containing a 'No Tears' type formula.

      The results achieved from the cream are good and I'm suitably impressed thus far. Firstly, I feel that the general 'puffiness' around the eyes - and in particular around the upper eyelid area - have been greatly quashed by using this product. Whilst my previous eye cream product delivered nothing in the way of noticeable results in this regard, the Anew cream in comparison has left the troublesome puffiness looking much more 'supple', although to be honest it has not disappeared altogether. Still, any improvement gets a definite thumbs-up from me!

      Alas, I have noticed no real improvement to the light crows feet at the eyes' corners. This is slightly disappointing as I had hoped the product would help these fine lines to diminish, although I have to be completely honest and say that no anti-aging eye cream product that I have tried thus far has done anything to help these lines diminish as much as I would like. It may well be the case that the lines are not 'developed' fully as yet, to become deep enough or 'set' enough for a product like this to really make a noticeable difference, but either way it didn't really deliver for me on this score.

      Lastly, I feel that the whole appearance of the eye area has improved remarkably since using this cream. Not only is the general 'puffiness' diminished greatly as outlined above, but the moisturisation properties obtained from using this cream are second to none. The whole area has been left softened and is much 'smoother' in appearance than before. Even though I had been using an alternative eye cream product prior to using the Anew cream, I have noticed a stark improvement to the appearance and feeling of the skin in this area. A small 'crease' under my lower lid too has received a quenching treatment by way of the Anew cream, and instead of appearing slightly 'crepe-like' as it previously did, the area appears smoothened and softened which I think has added to the improved appearance of the eye area overall.

      For The Eye Cream element of the product, I award 4 out of 5 marks.

      ~ The Brightening Veil ~

      The Veil is described by Avon in the booklet accompanying the product, via the following claims..."A lightweight, sheer under eye illuminator that works with potent skin brighteners to instantly transform the look of the under eye area. Provides a sheer camouflage effect to virtually erase the look of dark circles. Use alone or under make up to provide the perfect base."

      I felt these claims were pretty strong, although considering the expensive price tag the product carries, I did try to quieten my inner cynic and judge the product purely on the results witnessed.

      Firstly, the texture of the Brightening Veil is very pleasant to use being a sort of thin paste, similar perhaps to a concealer product - but thinner and more powder-like than this. The product feels extremely light when applied to the under eye area and I thought it felt especially pleasant when applied on top of the Eye Cream each morning, as per the instructions provided by Avon in the information leaflet supplied in the product's box. When applied over the cream, the whole of the under eye area felt wonderfully soft and completely smoothened. I'd go so far as to say too that the lightweight nature of the Veil made it a pleasant product to wear and apply, as it felt slightly 'calming' to the tired puffy eye area each morning, although it would not be true to say that the product delivered any sort of cooling effect.

      The Veil has a strange shiny 'tint' to it that took a little while to get used to. I found the Veil had a slight 'sheen' evident when it was applied over the skin's surface which I will admit I didn't like at first. After I got used to the product a little, this became less noticeable to me and I was keen to see what the product would deliver in terms of providing its "Sheer Camouflage Effect" as per Avon's claims.

      Alas... I am still waiting.

      I have to be completely honest here and say that I felt the Veil did nothing by way of actually covering up the dark circles under my eyes, and I found the discoloured pigmentation of this troublesome skin complaint was still evident after application. Even with continued use, the Veil did nothing to 'calm' this imperfection, and I had to continue my usual routine of applying two separate concealers to the area in question to achieve a fully camouflaged effect. Disappointing, to say the least.

      The sheen-like effect of the product didn't cause any inconvenience in the way of showing through my make-up or anything, and my other cosmetics seemed to sit quite nicely on top of this product, probably thanks to its thin, powdery consistency which cleverly acted in a similar way to a primer product, presenting the skin perfectly smoothened and ready for make-up application. Furthermore, I found that the sheen in the product acted like a mild 'highlighter' to the troublesome dark patches and the product DID feel like it had an "Illuminating" quality to it, perhaps due to the sheen being light-reflective to make the area appear lighter than it actually is? I found it hard to work out where the slight 'lightening' effect of the Veil was really coming from although I was pleased to note that it did SOMETHING to lighten the eye area slightly. Unfortunately, it was nowhere near enough for my own problematic skin.

      For the reasons outlined above, and due to the bold claims by Avon that just didn't ring true for me, I feel I can only award The Brightening Veil element of the product 2 out of 5 marks.


      I would certainly consider repurchasing the Anew Reversalist Illuminating Eye System again in the future, but really only because I liked the Eye Cream aspect of the product so much. The Veil aspect was pretty useless for my own troublesome eyes, although I have continued to use it nevertheless as I think it combines nicely with the Cream to provide a fully moisturised - and completely smoothened -under eye area that feels quite 'primed' and ready to receive its coverage from alternative cosmetics.

      In terms of actually TREATING the problematic area, I felt the Veil let the product down and I most certainly would not pay the full price of £19 as a result. I think the quality of the Eye Cream goes some way to justifying the price tag, but again, not enough for me to pay full price. Taking the two product ratings into account - one for each aspect of the product - I think the product deserves 3 out of 5 marks overall.

      If you are looking for an anti-aging eye cream then I would recommend the product, but only for those of you who do not suffer with particularly troublesome skin or dark circles around the eyes that you are looking to combat. For the rest of you (and me..!) the search for the perfect solution to this annoying skin problem continues, I'm afraid...

      *** This review has been written for Dooyoo's relay competition for TEAM WAGG ***


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