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Balance Me Extra Care Wonder Eye Cream

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6 Reviews

Brand: Balance Me / Texture: Cream / Type: Eye Cream / Texture: Serum / Suitable for: Eye / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    6 Reviews
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      29.04.2013 21:59
      Very helpful



      Nice to use but doesn't really do what it says.

      I actually own two tubes of this eye cream because I received one in a glossybox once and was given one by my sister for my birthday. I haven't really used eye cream before but because I work a lot and am a student I was certain that I could do with getting rid of the bags under my eyes.

      This cream comes in a small white plastic tube with a clear frosted twist lid. The tube is made from a soft, flexible plastic which makes it easy to use. The design on the tube is mostly orange and grey which look nice together and give the tube a very fresh and clean look. There is most of the important information on the front and back of the tube, including ingredients, weight and branding.

      The eye cream claims to be 99% natural which is reassuring as I find overly chemical based creams tend to not be too kind to the skin. This cream has a lovely natural essence smell to it which is rich and has a real feel of luxury to it. The cream claims to be a 'wonder eye cream' and is said to soothe, brighten and lift the eye area - all sounds good so far!

      I tend to use a very small amount of this and apply is directly under my eye then smooth it around the eye area, being careful to avoid getting too close. It smooths around the eye easily, rubbing in pretty quickly and absorbing nicely. I usually do this after applying moisturiser and try to apply once at night and once in the morning before putting my make up on.

      The cream is nice to use and has a lovely design but I have to say I haven't really noticed any huge difference in removing bags from under my eyes. It does leave my skin feeling nice, though the effect could equally be achieved with a nice moisturiser. That said, I continue to use it because it does have a lovely soothing effect when applied and smells really nice.

      Overall, not sure it does what it says but I still enjoy using it.


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      22.03.2013 06:40
      Very helpful



      A really amazing product, worth six stars.

      OK so looking back through my reviews I have realised I have given a lot of things 5 stars which either means I am far too easily impressed or just review mostly stuff I really love. This is the first item I have reviewed where I wish there was a bonus star that could be given for particularly awesome products.

      I found this in my wifes bathroom cupboard while I was recently looking for a product to solve some dry skin problems I was having with my face. This intrigued me as I thought it a little obscure to have a cream just for eyes, I mean if you are using a cream to moisturise your face why not just use that for your eyes? Oh James, how naive you were back then.

      The cream says on the front that it uses 99% natural products, which isn't something that bothers me one way or another as long as it is effective (I mean there are a lot of gross things that are natural so it is a bit of an odd claim, for all I know it could mean there are insects in it). According to the front of the bottle it works on all skin types, I have dry skin and my wife has normal skin and it works for both of us.

      I was truly amazed the first time I put this on. Because of my job I always have to get up very early in the morning, whatever time I go to sleep my eyes always look as if I only got 3 hours of sleep. I only used the tiniest amount of this cream and the result was instantaneous, I used it after I had got out of the shower and I went from looking tired to looking awake. It seemed to really lighten the blackness under my eyes as it says it does on the bottle. It is also good at "reducing the appearance of fine lines" and my eyes do look better even when I don't put it on since I have started using it.

      My wife was not impressed with me when I told her how much I liked it! it costs about £20 for a 15ml bottle but is well worth the price. I have not tried any other eye cream to be able to offer a comparison but this is so effective I can't imagine ever wanting to try a different one.


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      16.01.2013 10:53
      Very helpful



      OK but not brilliant

      This is a review of Balance Me Extra Care Wonder Eye Cream which I have been using recently having read some really good online reviews of this 'wonder' product. I was curious to see how it would work on my tired looking eye area.

      The claim
      A triple-action eye cream to help revitalise weary eyes, smooth away dark shadows and reduce the appearance of fine lines with super hydrating hyaluronic acid to help brighten and smooth the delicate skin around the eyes.

      In Use
      I use a small pea shaped blob of this on each eye prior to going to bed each night. It sinks in easily and feels nice and cool on application to the eye area. I find it easier to apply at night time to cleansed skin as I tend to be applying make up in the morning and although it sinks in fairly quickly, I prefer to let it sink in over night. My tube has lasted a long time as a small amount goes a long way.


      A 20ml tube retails at £20 or you can get 10ml for £14 and you can buy this direct from the balance me website.


      I have not got any wrinkles around my eyes so did not need to use this eye cream for that purpose. I was trying to improve the look of my skin though and feel that it has helped to moisturise the area well and whilst I am not convinced it is an actual wonder product, it has not had any detrimental effect to my eye area.

      My thoughts
      I don't think this worked as well as I had hoped but at the same time it was gentle on the eye area and didn't make my eyes sting on application. It felt a bit sticky on the eyes for around 20 minutes after applying although it didn't feel sticky to the touch. I could feel the product drying on my skin which went a little bit stiff and I don't know if this is how it attacks wrinkles in the skin but for me it felt a bit stiff on my eye area.

      Final word
      I really do want to find a wonder product to brighten the skin around my eyes but perhaps I am asking too much with a newborn and two year old keeping me up half the night! I don't think a repurchase will be on the cards for this product but I have found it nice to use this time round. Perhaps when the wrinkles do come I will revisit this product.


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      27.11.2012 23:24
      Very helpful



      A nice natural eye cream

      Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream
      I have a small tube that came with a magazine or that i get from one of the many sites I write for as a sample. The price is £20 for a 15ml tube or £14 for a 10ml tube and it is suitable for all skin types.


      This is a British company which is one plus and then they also make natural, quality, paraben and sulphate free, aromatherapy skincare products which makes them worthy of supporting in my view.
      This is a company which has ethics I am in favour of and so I will buy their products even though some are a bit more expensive but they are still cheaper than companies from the USA like Burt's Bees and I do like to support home grown companies.
      'Balance Me' products have won a number of awards recently and these include;
      'Red' Best of Beauty Award in 2012.
      Beauty Insider's Choice Award in 2011
      Anti-Aging award from The Beauty Bible
      Natural Beauty Year Book Award 2011 - top twenty personalities
      Cosmetic Executive Women UK's Member Achiever Award at the 20th anniversary dinner held in London
      Green Parent natural beauty Award in 2011 for two products
      Good Spa award finalist in 2011

      Green Beauty Bible awarded for their toning body wash and handcream

      There was such a long list that I have just picked a few. This small company started by two sisters in their kitchen in 2005.

      This is what they say on the website:
      "A triple-action eye cream to help revitalise weary eyes, smooth away dark shadows and reduce the appearance of fine lines with super hydrating hyaluronic acid to help brighten and smooth the delicate skin around the eyes."

      This comes in a small tube that you squeeze to get out a small amount through a nozzle which is protected with a screw top lid. I do find that it doesn't stand on its end so it has to lie down and I do have to squeeze to get the stuff out. Not sure how it will be towards the end of the tube as I haven't got to that stage as yet.


      I really like the fact that this contains natural ingredients .
      I love the fact that the cream smells pleasant and pats in so easily and the area around my eyes feels moisturised and refreshed. I don't have dark rings under my eyes but they do get a bit sunken and I find this lifts the surrounding area a bit. The cream is rich but not heavy and absorbs beautifully. I found it did help revitalise my weary eyes and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

      My fine lines are still there but realistically NOTHING is going to remove them, they may just not get worse if I keep feeding them with creams like this.

      All the natural ingredients such as chamomile which is calming for the skin, lemon which lifts and lightens the skin, cucumber oil which is always good for eyes and witch hazel with its lifting and refreshing elements. We then have spruce knot which is a natural anti-oxidant and the moisturising and softening elements are from coconut, rosehip and carrot oils so all great natural ingredients that help this particularly soft and vulnerable area of our face which is exposed to all the rigours of daily life.

      HOW TO USE
      Just lightly pat and smooth around the eye area twice daily after applying your daily moisturiser. I have been told by experts that you should only pat not rub the area around your eyes and use your middle or ring finger as these are less strong so the action will be gentler

      Well from their site https://www.balanceme.co.uk

      And also from http://www.mypure.co.uk

      And also

      http://www.naturisimo.com and this site offers free delivery on every order which has to be an attraction .

      I have found this to be a really nice eye cream that leaves my eye area feeling well moistened and refreshed. I love the ethics of the company and they fact that they promise there will be no parabens, sulphates, petroleum, mineral oils, silicones, dea, pegs, propylene glycol, artificial fragrances or colours and there are not many that can promise and fulfil that so I am fully in favour of supporting this company and will be doing so in future rather than the USA based ones with similar claims who are more expensive too.

      Come on all you people who are in favour of fewer chemicals in your products and not testing on animals this is a great UK company and I will be supporting them in future and I urge you to give them a try.

      I haven't seen it in Boots or other high street stores but that is not to say it is not to be found there.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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        17.10.2012 13:31
        Very helpful



        A well-named wonder cream!

        Womenfolk! It is that time of year when everyone - and yes, I mean everyone, if recent observations at both work, on my commute and in my local town are owt to go by - is ill. From the lightly sniffly to the fully-blown leprosy cases, the only person who hasn't been fighting, or been taken down by, some kind of airborne invisible nasty is my seemingly indestructible Mr Rarr.

        But one good thing about being female when you're sick is that, when you get really, really, repulsed-by-your-own-reflection-and-patheticness fed up with the state of your limp, lank, unwashed hair, clammy skin and massive eye-bags, you can do something about it.

        You might not yet have the strength to fight your way out of a particularly thin papedr bag in a monsoon, but you can drag your carcass downstairs, wash that hair, and put your face on - and then take it back to bed, feeling that little bit better for knowing that your thin veneer (or military-strength caking) of cosmetic pampering means you look slightly more like your old self rather than someone who would be at risk of getting their zombie head caved in if they happened across the chaps from Shaun of the Dead.

        I don't know, maybe it's a weird psychology, but I find this helps me get on the road to recovery once the worst of a bug has passed. And, being a prime candidate for anything bug-like that's "doing the rounds", low and behold I found myself this morning waking up for the fourth day of feeling - and looking - unutterably disgustingly wretched. So, I went through this little routine, and have now returned to bed, feeling marginally less like trying to smother myself with my own pillow. And, as I have watched more repeats of the Great British Bake Off than is psychologically advisable, I'm going to take this time to share with you a product which I have come to love and which has done it's level best to aid me in my time of great hideousness.

        Ladies, I present Balance Me's Extra Care Wonder Eye Cream. Because sometimes, we all need a little rebalancing.

        ***BALANCE ME?***
        Balance Me is a brand who I had heard of but never tried before Glamour magazine offered a small-size sample bottle of their brilliant eye cream. I can sometimes be persuaded to buy a trashy magazine when they have something like this as a sweetener, as I would love to try more cosmetic ranges but am often limited by a tight budget. This is how I came across this gorgeous little cream in the first instance, and although I have still got some left, I will certainly be repurchasing.

        So, a bit about the company that have brought this little treat into my life. Balance Me was formed by two sisters, Rebecca and Clare Hopkins, although in it's infancy the company was boosted by the arrival of aromatherapy expert Sian Jones. The original idea was a range of products based on natural ingredients and principles of aromatherapy, and they made an instant impact when they developed their range in 2005.

        ***WONDER EYE CREAM, EH?***
        My tester product came in a white plastic tube that you squeeze to dispense the cream through a tapered nozzle which is protected by a screw top - quite standard amongst eye creams. The packaging is lifted by a pretty orange pattern and the text, in grey and orange, is informative yet not cluttered.

        It claims to be soothing, brightening and lifting, and have 99% natural ingredients. It is suitable for all skin types and was produced in the UK.

        On the back of the tube we are told it "helps to revitalise, smooth away dark shadows and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Lightly pat and smooth around the eye area".

        A little delving into the balanceme.co.uk website reveals that you can pay £14 for 10ml of this (my tester is 7ml and has lasted well although part of this is down to my intermittent commitment to my skin care regime!) or £20 for a 20ml version. The product appears on its page as being in a stand-up, pump dispenser bottle which is different for an eye cream. Now, this is definitely more than I would normally pay but the price disparity on the bottle sizes shows that there can be significant savings made if you invest in the bigger tube, which I suppose I'll just have to do now I've fallen in love with it!

        It claims to be "rich but not heavy" - definitely something I agree with, in fact whilst this is rich and feels instantly nourishing, I find this also very light and easy to work with, as well as a good primer for foundation. It is recommended for use twice a day.

        The list of ingredients includes virgin coconut oil, witch hazel, jojoba seed oil, cucumber oil and rosehip oil. There are also namechecks for, amongst multitudes of wholesome-sounding sources of goodness, cloudberry seed extract, carrot seed, lavender and aloe vera leaf extract.

        Balance Me products are paraben and sulphate free.

        ***WHAT'S IT LIKE TO USE?***
        In short, lovely!

        Squeezing this tube version I have dispenses a light, white cream that doesn't attempt to run for the hills (or your floorboards or newly-ironed outfit!) and that has a lovely, inviting scent which I originally likened to a lighter version of ginger, although now I've seen the list of ingredients I can identify that warming element as coming from the lavender included in the cream. The scent is not overpowering but you do get a lovely waft of it as you apply this (carefully of course!0 to the eye area, where it spreads and soothes.

        Now, as I mentioned earlier, my commitment to my skin care often goes out of the window when I'm busy / tired / have had a glass too many on the wine front. Also I still had some of my Garnier eye cream to use up when I got this, so I did switch between the two now and then. This has worked in my favour however, to highlight how good I find this product to be.

        To clarify, I'll say now that I am in my late 20s and am starting to become conscious of fine lines and the impact that my actions have now on my future appearance. Just so you know that I'm not claiming to be in my 70s and restored to my teenage appearance by some sort of time-defying wonder cream!

        In that I sometimes took breaks from using this, I noticed that when I did start using it again (usually only once a day) I did notice that there was definite improvement in the appearance of lines and bags around my eyes. They feel soothed, and my make up applies beautifully over this. I definitely notice a strong improvement for using this product and that is why, ultimately, with my skin care becoming a more pressing concern for me, I am going to invest in this product properly when my sample has run out (which, pleasingly, does not look imminent).

        The scent is also lovely and refreshing and energizing for use in the morning, and this product does not leave any nasty surplus or feel in any way drying, stiff or cakey when dried, nor has it caused any reaction other than positive, soothing and refreshed happy skin.

        So, in a probably quite unnecessary summary, I love this product, I am so happy that I lucked upon it, and it is one instance where my future appearance and my skin's happiness will bypass my concerns regarding price (which isn't really that high for a good quality eye cream). This is basically an example of something becoming good value because it is so very effective and enjoyable to use.

        You can order direct from balanceme.co.uk or they supply various stores such as Waitrose and John Lewis, although they are not as accessible as Superdrugs, Boots and similar at present, although their popularity seems to be on the up. At present (17th October) you receive a free Radiance face mask with online orders.


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          24.08.2012 07:47
          Very helpful



          A lovely eye cream which comes at a price.

          I am in no way a glossy magazine type girl although I regularly browse this section of the supermarkets purely to see what freebies I can get hold of. Recently I obtained a sample sized 7ml tube of this eye cream from Balance me in such a magazine. I was in need of a new eye cream anyway and given the magazine only cost £2 I thought I would try this one.

          This cream claims to be a 'triple action eye cream to help revitalise tired eyes, smooth away dark shadows and reduce appearance of fine lines...help brighten and smooth the delicate area around the eyes'. At nineteen I don't really have any fine lines to reduce just yet but I was certainly drawn to the claims about getting rid of dark circles as this is something I suffer with and, of course, brightening the area around my eyes sounded pretty appealing too.

          My sample product comes in different packaging to the full sized product. My 7ml of eye cream comes in the usual little eye cream tube with long thing nozzle to dispense the product. It seems the full sized 15ml product comes in a plastic bottle dispensed from a pump action type nozzle. Either way the packaging contains an orange swirly pattern on white background along with the name and description of the product. The front of my tube also states this is 99% from natural origin. The packaging looks rather nice and is functional so no complaints there!

          The cream itself is white and quite thin in consistency although still would obviously be classed as a cream. It has quite a refreshing and citrusy scent to it which I think is a mixture of the lemon oil and green tea contained in this. I do actually really like the scent of this! For the past three weeks I've been applying this twice daily and have just reached the end of my tube so the full sized 15ml product would probably last a couple of months. I dab this around my eyes after moisturising morning and night and have been generally satisfied with the results.

          Firstly, the cream absorbs into my skin beautifully with very little effort required from to make sure it sinks in. As I'm rubbing this in the scent becomes more detectable which is a real wakeup call in the mornings! Because this lovely scent isn't synthetic the cream doesn't irritate my sensitive skin or have any negative effects on my eyes which are prone to stinging when products are applied near them - great stuff!

          The results are lovely. It's clear to see the brightening effect this has from day one. My eyes soon looked brighter, healthier and more awake which was pleasing. It took about a week and a half of regular use before I saw any effect on my dark shadows but it did soon begin to reduce them slightly. Perhaps if I was able to use this for longer I would have seen better results in this department but, although dark circles were still visible I was very happy they were at least lighter. The cream left my whole eye area feeling really smooth and hydrated and I just looked more alert in the mornings and felt more refreshed after not enough sleep.

          There are a few negatives to this though, the first being the price. At £20 for 15ml the full sized product isn't particularly cheap. Whilst I'm aware you can spend a lot more on a eye cream (and I'm sure many people do) I personally do not want to spend this much money on such a product on a regular basis and would definitely consider buying this as a 'treat'. The next downside is that to maintain the effects of this you do need to continue using daily. Just days after finishing my tube my eyes looked duller again and those dark circles appeared darker. This again makes it seem very pricey as to maintain this bright eyed and awake look that's £20 gone every couple of months! I do think the eye cream would benefit from some SPF as well which it unfortunately does not contain and is probably the best way of protecting the eye area.

          I did really like this cream and if it were cheaper I'd definitely continue to use it. I have added it to my Christmas list (not long now)! And if no one gets it for me I'll almost definitely purchase it out of whatever Christmas money I receive. I just wish I had picked up a few more copies of that £2 magazine!


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