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Boots Fragrance Free Eye Make up Remover Pads

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Brand: Boots / Up Remover Pads / Type: Eye Makeup Remover / Subcategory: Pads / Suitable for: Eye

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    1 Review
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      07.11.2011 17:50
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      'Golden' make up remover pads, recommended!

      ~~~~~~ Boots fragrance free eye make up remover pads ~~~~~~

      I bought these eye make up remover pads many, many moons ago. In fact, I bought them before I even moved back home from Oxford and that was about 2.5 years ago! I used to go out a lot in Oxford see, so I needed something to remove makeup. I used them a couple of times again recently after two rare social outings which required more effort from me than simply being clean!

      ~~~ Packaging, ingredients & directions ~~~

      These pads come in a small circular tub (containing 40), in keeping with the Boots fragrance free range. This is a budget range and the packaging does reflect this; however it manages to do so without looking cheap and tacky. The tub is simple, in shades of blue. The lid easily screws on and off, even when my hands are a bit wet or slippery from the pads themselves.

      The directions state to wipe the pads over closed eyes to remove eye shadow and eye liner, and downwards over lashes to remove mascara. Now, I understand the logic of rubbing down the lashes but really, how long would I be sitting there for, deconstructing my power-lashes, doing it that way? A very long time I can tell you. I follow the directions as stated and once the pad has removed all the make up from my eyelids, I flip it over, wrap it around my finger and use it to rub side to side on the underside of my lashes. I have always done this same action when removing mascara (whether it's with these pads or wipes), as the mascara is not only on the upper surface of my lashes, is it?

      The pads have a nice short ingredients list, simply consisting of liquid paraffin, vitamin A and vitamin E. You should discard them 24 months after opening, but I haven't and they're still absolutely fine. They stay nice and moist so long as you keep the lid closed properly; it is very effective at keeping the moisture in. My pot isn't opened much though, as my need for these is somewhat rare. But if in doubt, chuck it out!

      ~~~ Using them & results ~~~

      Well first off, these remove my make up really well when I use them as I described above. I find I really do need to do the undersides of my lashes as well though, otherwise all my mascara is not removed. This of course means that following the directions does not remove all your mascara (I do pile it on though I must admit). Doing it my way does mean that I am using these on open eyes and although I obviously don't stick them right in there, I experience no adverse effect by doing this. They don't cause my eyes to sting, water, itch or be red and the skin on my delicate eye area doesn't suffer in any way for using these.

      I generally get one eye out of one pad (using both sides), as they are pleasingly moist. I don't wear a lot of eyeshadow or eyeliner though, the only thing I pile on is mascara, They are however really oily and greasy and smell a little chemical-y. This greasiness is not pleasant during use, but I do feel that it means I don't need to scrub at my eyes, so the whole process is easier. Once I am finished though, I can't wait to get a facial wipe and clean the oil off my face! I also go over my eyelids and lashes with the wipe, to remove all traces of the oil before doing my usual skin care routine.

      The pads are quite small at just under 5cm diameter, but they're obviously big enough for me, and due to their moistness they do not feel rough or uncomfortable when rubbed against my skin - they glide over it with ease. After using these pads, I have never woken up the next morning with the last traces of make up smudged below my eyes, so I am delighted with how well they work at removing it all.

      ~~~ Recommend? ~~~

      I certainly would. Yes, they are oily and greasy but they do make relatively light work of removing my eye make up. I think they are 'meant' to be oily though, as the tub also directs you to remove excess oil with a tissue after use. Like I said, I believe this aids with easy removal so although it's not particularly pleasant during use it's better than having to scour your make up off!

      They are a perfectly satisfactory quality, in terms of lasting as well - mine are still completely usable and I must have bought them in the region of 3 years ago. Of course, someone who wears makeup daily will get through 40 of these much quicker but I do think this is testament to the quality of this budget buy. At just £1.52 in Boots currently (and there's a 3 for 2 mix n match thing, and don't forget your 4 Advantage card points), I frankly can't imagine spending more for something that does the same job! I would recommend you use a facial wipe to remove excess oil though rather than a tissue, as it feels 'cleaner'.


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