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Clarins Eye Mask

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Brand: Clarins / Type: Eye Mask / Suitable for: Eye / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    4 Reviews
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      02.06.2012 12:08
      Very helpful



      An eye mask to smooth, hydrate, protect and tighten the skin around the eyes

      I purchased this product off of the website called lifeandlooks.com - I was just browsing the web for great Clarins deals and I came across lifeandlooks.com, they had a free gift on with the purchase of two products, free delivery and cheaper prices than anywhere else to purchase Clarins products. They also price match their products to other retailers if you do find a cheaper price which is great. In addition to this they are on Quidco (cash back site) and I received 8% cash back with them. One note about their free gifts of Clarins is that the website shows a photograph of a free gift but this is not necessarily the gift you will receive. You can contact the website's contact email address once your order has been submitted to ask what freebies they have to be part of the free gift and you choose so many so as you receive ones which you can use rather than random ones which you might not use.

      Of course this product can also be bought from shops that stock Clarins such as House of Fraser, Debenhams, Boots and John Lewis as well as Clarins own website and other retailers online.

      So I purchased this product the Clarins Skin-Smoothing Eye Mask - a 30ml tube (quite a small tube) at £20.00 and it usually retails at £29.50 so it was quite a nice discount. I knew the other product I needed to buy to replenish one that was running out but the Clarins eye mask I had never tried before and I did not mind trying it at such a good price. The tube is white with the classic red writing from Clarins with a twist cap to it. It came in a white box with the red writing on as well so it is a nice product to give as a gift with its packaging. It suggests that it has 12 months to be used once the product has been opened and the seal has been broken which is plenty of time in my opinion to use it.

      ----------------What the little tube does...---------------------

      The eye mask suggests that it gives the eyes a refreshed, tightened and smooth appearance to prevent the look of fatigue. I am always a very tired person, it does not matter how much sleep I have I always look tired and my eyes always have dark puffy circles. I often find that my eye cream is not enough for me so this sounded like a great pick-me-up for my eyes to use a couple of times a week like I would a face mask.

      ----------------What the little tube contains...-------------------

      The mask contains wild rose and an ingredient called saw paletto (an extract derived from purple berries) which works to de-puff the eye area and to decongest the skin around the eyes, to remove toxins and to tone the skin.

      The apricot extract and rosewater works to smooth, quench/hydrate and protect the skin around the area of the eye. My skin around the eyes requires the quenching element more than anything.
      It also contains rice starch and chicory which together work to tighten and firm the skin immediately to reduce the look of puffiness and fine lines around the eyes. I would not say that this is enough to work to lessen the look of deeper lines and wrinkles though, mainly just finer lines like dehydration lines as opposed to lines from ageing. A work colleague of mine who also uses this who is in her late 40s says that it lessons the look of newer finer lines she has developed but not her deeper lines around the eyes.

      Despite the sound of these lovely ingredients like the rosewater and apricot extracts though the mask does not really have a distinctive smell of rose or anything in particular, it just smells pleasant (lightly fragranced or it might be that the plant extracts collectively produce a light smell) like most of Clarins products. It is quite rich in consistency but it does not feel heavy on the eyes.
      It is for all skin types and the instructions suggest that you put a layer of this mask around the eyes, not too thick a layer but enough to make it feel more than your regular eye cream. I apply it with light sweeping or tapping movements like I would my eye cream. I do not rub it into the area around my eye because face masks are supposed to lay on the skin and sink in themselves. And for obvious reasons you should not apply it too close to the actual eye because moisturisers and items like this actually get drawn into the eye area so they can be applied slightly away from the eye. It is supposed to be allowed to sink in for 5 to 10 minutes. Then any excess is removed with a damp cotton pad (not a soaking wet cotton pad).

      The eye mask is white in colour and when applied it virtually goes see through - you cannot tell you have it on around the eyes - you don't have white rings! I apply the mask at night time before going to bed.

      -------------The results given by the little tube... -------------

      I would say that my eyes definitely felt smoother than usual and less dry because my concealer always goes on really nicely the next morning which often my concealer doesn't because my the skin around my eyes is very dry. Additionally my eyes did feel more refreshed as if I had just had a very good sleep. So I think these are very good results from a 5 to 10 minute mask. I have had a facial where a lady spent about 15 minutes on my eyes and I think that this masks feel better than what that did on me.

      I have used the mask about 6 times now (twice a week) and the tube does not seem to have gone down a lot so I think that it will last me a very long time. I have even put the mask on my boyfriend around his eyes and he said he liked the feel of it, because he always looks very tired because he works during the day and he does night time shifts.

      ------------Would I purchase the little tube again...---------------

      I would definitely purchase this mask again in the future and I am thinking of purchasing one for my mum for her birthday as well. I do not think any products can be miracle workers but the results were very impressive. I am not sure that I would spend £29.00 on this product but for £20.00 I think it is quite reasonable and if you can purchase it to receive a free gift by purchasing another product like I did then it is good value.

      So when your eye cream just isn't enough I recommend Clarins' Skin-Smoothing Eye Mask!


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        03.10.2011 20:37
        Very helpful




        Clarins is one of the best beauty brand i have ever use. The products cost a small fortune but most of them i have purchased have been great quality and really do what it says on the tin. I have tried many cheaper brands over the years and some i expected great thing from unfortunately my skin never agreed with them hence i have stuck with Clarins they seem to really understand my skin. I was lucky to get a few free samples of the Clarins eye mask as i have bought an exfoliator from the Clarins counter in Debenhams and the assistant knows me from going in she always shoves a few freebie samples in the bag if not i will ask as i like to try before i buy especially at the Clarins prices. I liked the eye mask so much i went back one week later and purchased a full sized tube.

        Clarins eye mask costs £28.00 for a 30ml tube. The tube is white in colour with red written on it stating that its the Clarins brand and eye mask written under the french meaning. It has a screw on lid and once removed you can see a small hole for dispensing the cream from. You have to squeeze the tube to get the cream out and i always get to much cream coming out and have alot of waste left over no mater how gentle i do it, does help to cover the hole when squeezing.

        Clarins eye mask has a creamy thick texture to it and white in colour. The scent is a mild milky smell but with a freshness to it. To apply this eye mask you have to spread it with one finger tip around the eye and temple but avoid the eye lids. I follow around the eye socket as explained with the leaflet that comes in the box. You should leave the eye mask on for around five to eight minutes. When the mask is on its cold and feels tingly but nice. Its soothing, relaxing and refreshing.
        To remove the eye mask i use cotton wool balls to take the excess of the skin first, some of the product does get absorbed into the skin but still alot of product to come off. A little rinse with warm water to remove it totally.

        Clarins eye mask contains wild rose and chicory Extract, Clarins tend to use natural ingredients avoiding chemicals, also do not test on animals. After first use of the eye mask my eyes look hydrated, glow and bags are gone. Clarins eye mask also help reduce wrinkles and sooth out the skin tightening it this is perhaps why it tingles when on the skin. I love the feel of the eye mask and i prefer to use the product before going on a night out just to lift them a little. Also fantastic after a stressful day at work this product is sure to help you feel better. This is suitable for all skin types but cant be used on broken skin.
        5 dooyoo stars from me. I recommend Clarins eye mask.


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        01.09.2011 16:13
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        An eye mask to awaken the eye area in the mornings

        I have far too many late nights than I would wish to have. Whether this is due to a night out with the girls or being unable to finish all my jobs in time, the results are invariably the same. When I look in the mirror in the morning, I am greeted with bags large enough to hold my shopping, puffy skin around my eyes and dark circles that make me look like a racoon. After expressing these concerns to a consultant at a Clarins counter, she recommended the Skin Smoothing Eye Mask and although I winced at the price, I bought the product and hoped for the best.

        What does the product do?
        The product claims to be your own little superhero sent to rescue you the morning after the night before. It claims that it will get to work in less than ten minutes, banishing puffy eyes and dark circles, leaving you looking wide eyed and bushy tailed.

        How does the product work?
        Rice Starch is included in order to firm and tighten the skin around the eyes leaving them looking toned and more youthful. It is also a very absorbent substance which draws out the excess water from beneath the skin that was causing the terrible morning puffiness. Chicory is included for the same purpose and it also helps to heal and nourish the skin, as well as improving its texture.

        Wild Rose is included because of its ability to protect and soothe the eye area. It helps the skin to maintain its elasticity which means that new wrinkles won't form and it encourages the turnover of healthy new skin cells which means your skin will be healthy and glowing. As it is an antioxidant, it prevents the skin from being damaged and aging prematurely when it is exposed to the sun or pollutants. Rose Water is also included in order to tone the skin and as it kills bacteria, it will leave your skin in a better condition.

        Apricot extract is present in order to help the skin to maintain its elasticity and to enable it to remain supple. It softens the skin and nourishes it with vitamins and fatty acids which keeps it strong and healthy. It revitalises the skin and as it is an anti-inflammatory, it reduces puffiness. Saw Palmetto also banishes puffiness of the skin making you look as fresh as a daisy once again.

        How do you use the product?
        The product needs to be applied to dry, clean skin. I dispense a little amount from the tube and pat the solution gently on the skin around my eyes and onto the eyelid, taking care not to get any actually in my eye. You leave the product there for around 10 minutes and I take this opportunity to close my eyes for another cat nap in bed. Once the time is up, you sweep away what is left of the product with a damp ball of cotton wool and admire your newly awakened eye area in the mirror. It can used as often as needed.

        Packaging and Price
        The packaging is fairly plain and the product comes contains within a white tube with some writing on it. As is the general pattern with Clarins, this product doesn't come cheap and it will set you back around £25 in order to purchase a tiny 30ml of the eye mask. Obviously you will only be using the mask on such a small surface area that, although you only get 30ml, it will still be long lasting. The product can be bought from most large department stores such as Debenhams and also from a variety of online websites.

        Extra Thoughts
        The product has a gel like consistency that is also quite creamy and it glides onto the skin without pulling or dragging the area. The gel is not heavy or greasy on the skin so it doesn't make you feel sticky or unclean as some oilier facial products can do. It feels cool when I first apply the product to my skin and it is does perform a soothing action on that horrible burning sensation that you get when you haven't had enough sleep.

        When the mask is on the eye area, it does start to heat up slightly and there is a tiny bit of stinging. I can also feel a tightening sensation which I assume is the product toning the skin and it is not uncomfortable. Although you are well aware that you have the product on your skin, the sensations make me feel like the ingredients are really getting to work so it would never prevent me from using the product. The product is free from artificial fragrances and it is also suitable for use on those who wear contacts, but I would never risk using this product while I was actually wearing my lenses.

        The product takes a bit of effort to remove once the time is up, although part of the mask does actually get absorbed by the skin. You need to make sure your cotton ball is only damp and not wet because if any of the product drips into your eyes, it really hurts a lot so the mask needs to be removed with care. The consultant who advised me to purchase this product suggested that the product can also be worn as an overnight EYE mask but I wouldn't fancy forgetting this one was on and rubbing my eyes, owch!

        As for the after effects of the product, the results are pretty pleasing. Once the redness from all the rubbing off of the mask has subsided, I really do look more awake. The skin around the eye is much tighter and looks toned. The puffiness has been greatly reduced although is not completely gone and due to this the bags under my eyes are much less noticeable. The shadows and dark circles are also less noticeable although it's not quite enough to enable me to leave my Touch Eclat where it is.

        The effects are quite long lasting and I still look more awake by the evening time, than I normally would after a busy day, but each morning that I don't use the product, my eyes are back to normal so you do need to use the product continuously. As for its anti aging effects, well luckily I don't have any wrinkles or fine lines around the eye area yet but it certainly tightens the skin so if I did have any then I think this product would probably manage to straighten them out. Like I said before, this wouldn't be a permanent solution.

        All in all, this product lives up to most of its promises. It isn't life changing but it does make a big difference to the way I look in the mornings and therefore, to the way I feel. It greatly helps to reduce puffy eyes and bags, while also reducing the appearance of dark shadows. It also tightens and softens the skin without drying it out and leaves the whole area looking healthier and in a better condition. The only draw back with this product (other than the price) is that it hurts so very much if it goes in your eyes which is a bit of a problem for a product that has been designed to be used right next to them.


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          02.04.2010 18:47
          Very helpful



          clarins eye mask

          Wow pleasently surprised to see this one! I was a Clarins beauty therapist for six years as some of you will know now! This is a fantastic product and was well loved. Clarins however decided to discontinue it for some stupid reason I think that was back in 2004.

          We constantly kept on at them to bring it back out and all they could say was another product was coming out to replace it, (Eye revive beauty flash). When this one came out it was fab for using under make-up but I didn't like it for an eye mask.

          I'm so excited to see it on here that I had to check out Clarins website to see if it was available again, which it is, hooray!

          If you are having one of those days where you don't feel good or look good then this is the answer, it works a treat. When you apply an eye mask always follow the eye socket and don't apply right by the lids otherwise you will do worst! Leave it on for 5-10 minutes, don't forget the skin around the eye is a lot thinner so it won't need to stay on for long.

          This eye mask concentrates not only with dealing with a problem but preventing the problem to start with. They have key ingrediants that prevents say swelling or dark circles.
          *Serrated Palmetto
          *Wild rose
          *Rice Starch
          *Chicory Extract

          This masks drains the rubbish away from your eye, (like lymph massage does). It also moisturizes at the same time as energizing and preventing puffiness or swelling and decongests the area. It smoothes the eye area and tones it as well so great for preventing ageing or helps with ageing.

          I would recommend to use it twice a week to ensure you are looking after your eyes. They also have great day and night eye creams too!

          This eye mask is 30ml and costs £22.99! So very expensive! Is it worth it? I think so as I have not come across one yet that works as well as this one!

          I give this a four out of five as its a great product but very expensive!

          Thank you for taking the time to read and hope you find it useful!


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