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Colbert MD Nourish Eye Cream

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Brand: Colbert MD / Texture: Cream / Type: Eye Cream / Texture: Serum / Suitable for: Eye / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Nourishes

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    1 Review
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      26.01.2012 20:25
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      Seriously overpriced

      I received a half sized tub of the Colbert MD Nourish eye cream around four-five months ago. I remember at the time not being too impressed - I'd never heard of Colbert MD and was happy enough with the eye cream I was using, so my sample tub was cast aside for a while. I finally picked this up one day and with little information on the packaging, googled it, hoping to find out more about the product and its ingredients. What I actually noticed however, was the price tag. I was absolutely astonished to find that the full sized product, costs an eye watering £90! Suddenly I was very interested in trying this out!


      The eye cream comes in a small round tub and is rather unremarkable in appearance given the price tag. My half size is simply clear plastic with a silver lid bearing the product name, the full size is fairly similar, only with the name on the side of the tub. I may be wrong, but I think the full sized product might be glass too. For something with a price tag as high as this, I do feel that the packaging is a little on the basic side. If I spotted this in someone's bathroom I would never have believed it cost what it did based on appearance of packaging alone.

      ==About the cream==

      This cream apparently contains naturally active ingredients, which will help to firm and moisturise the skin around the eyes. The spiel is that it will help promote collagen production, which in turn will brighten the skin, eliminate dark circles and reduce puffiness as well as reverse the signs of fine lines or wrinkles. The part about helping dark circles really interested me, as mine are rather bad and I also have reddish marks on the outside corner of each eye, which I think makes me look tired. I would love to feel confident without the need of touché éclat, but am yet to find a product that has solved the problem.

      According to the Colbert MD website, the key ingredients in the cream are Ascorbyl Glucoside, Aescin and Alpha Bisabalol. I don't know about you but none of those sound particularly natural!

      Ascorbyl Glucoside is the ingredient which will supposedly help dark circles and is a derivative of Vitamin C. Having looked into it, it seems there is some debate as to whether it's actually beneficial to the skin at all and some people feel it may actually be detrimental.

      Aescin is found in the horsechestnut tree. According to Colbert MD it will improve microcirculation, reduce puffiness and fight inflammation. This all sounds perfect for an eye cream, although when researching it, it seems it is often used in cellulite creams too.

      Finally Alpha Bisabalol is included to help skin penetration, helping the cream to sink in more quickly. It is a derivative of German chamomile.

      Having looked these ingredients up, I can't say I feel any more enthusiastic about the product. There is no 'wonder ingredient' here, it seems all ingredients are pretty standard and nothing particularly special.


      The cream itself is glossy and white. I have never noticed a scent to the cream when applying it, however if I hold the tub to my nose I can smell a faint citrus aroma.

      Although described as a cream, I'd say that the product is more gel-like. It is very light and as such only a tiny amount is required per use, as it spreads out well. The texture of the cream is very unusual and like nothing I've ever used before. I tend to apply this in small dots around my eyes and gently pat the cream in, spreading it out as I go, joining the dots. The cream almost has a plastic texture and when spreading it, it seems to put up some sort of resistance almost as though it contains elastic!

      The cream sinks in fairly quickly, although it does leave a slightly tacky feeling to the skin which takes a minute or two to disappear. It also leaves a slightly shiny look to the skin around the eyes at first, but again this is short term and is gone within five minutes.

      I find that it is fine to apply make-up straight after application, my eye shadows still go on smoothly and the cream doesn't seem to interfere with them or cause them to slide off!


      Considering how small a tub I have, I expected to get a week, maybe two out of it, but three and a half months later and it is still going! During that time I have been applying it every morning and occasionally before bed - assuming I have remembered that is!

      The results over this time, have, I'm afraid to say been disappointing. I would have expected to have seen some results by now, but I honestly can't say that my eye area looks any better than it did when I first began using it. It does moisturise and it seems to brighten the eye area up very slightly initially after application, but that is the best I can say for it. Whilst I haven't noticed any unfavourable consequences of using this, it simply doesn't do what it claims in my opinion.

      My dark circles do not seem to have diminished whatsoever - they are still as bad as they always have been! I do have a couple of fine lines beneath my eyes and I haven't noticed any obvious improvement. On mornings when I have had a lack of sleep and my eyes are puffy, again this does not seem to help or improve things at all. Very disappointing and I'm sure had I purchased this at the full price I would be crying into my pillow right now!

      ==Availability and size==

      In the UK, it seems that the only place this cream is available is Liberty London or their website www.liberty.co.uk.

      One thing that has confused me is the size of the tub. I no longer have the card that came with this tub, but am almost sure it said this was a half size and was 7.5ml. Having looked on Liberty's website there is no size listed - this would be the least I'd want to know if I was splashing out £90! The American Colbert MD website lists this at 0.5 fl oz. which is around 14.2ml, which would mean the tub I have is more likely to me 7ml. Aargh! I can't believe that such a simple thing has been left out of the UK marketing of this product.


      Overall, I was glad to have had the opportunity to try this product, but all it's done is made me think that you don't always get what you pay for. Whilst this cream moisturises well, that's about all it does and it didn't rid me of dark circles or fine lines which is what I was hoping for. My advice would be to save your money and try something else.


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