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Dr. Harnik Under Eye Brightener

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Brand: Dr Harnik / Suitable for: Eye

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    3 Reviews
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      26.06.2011 00:01
      Very helpful



      A product for the bin

      ==Dr Harnik Under Eye Brightner==

      I have slight deeply set eyes which although is not a problem does seem to make the areas under my eyes appear darker and need a lot more attention that the rest of my face. I am sure being a smoker and a lover or strong tea and lots of it doesn't help my dark area either. So with that in mind I am always on the look out for products that are going to make my darker areas look brighter and generally more noticeable.

      The Dr Harnik under Eye Brightener was a product I bought a good while ago and it has been buried deep in my make up box for a while now which probably give some indication as to how good I thought the product was. I have noticed my dark circles a bit more recently so got it out to give it another go.

      I purchased this stick of product from Boots for around £7 a good while ago and I haven't seen it around much and am not sure if they are still stocking it or not but I shouldn't think they would considering its performance. There are so many products out there that are similar to this and the claims of being able to correct the affects of dark circles is really nothing new. I think I was drawn in by the fact that it had a Doctors name in the brand and also that it is designed to cool the under eye area as well as brightening it. I'm such a sucker.

      The product itself is housed in a twist up type stick container. The lid is easily pulled on and clicked back on to secure the brightener inside. You need to turn the bottom of the tube to get the product up and because of the lid being a tight fit you always have to turn the bottom to get the stick back inside the tube or else it will be squashed.

      There is a slight menthol aroma to the product but this is only really slight and mixed with a regular type of cosmetics smell but even with this the scent is still only just there and noticeable.
      The colour of the stick is very light pink also a type of shell shade and when this is applied to under the eyes it does take on a very light and quite shimmery type of look. The stick although not really hard still seems to hard to be able to apply directly to my eye area and I tend to get a small amount on to my finger and then lightly dab it under the eyes.

      The cooling aspect of the product is instantly noticeable but to me I am not sure I it is more of the menthol type ingredient in the stick that seems to be affecting the skin although doesn't affect the eyes like a Vick's Vapour rub would do. I can't say I like the feeling of this strange coolness or even that it makes any noticeable difference to the appearance of my eyes. It doesn't seem to make any puffiness I have disappear and I would be better just to cover my eyes with a cold face cloth rather than applying this brightener.

      The white pink colour of the stick is noticeably lighter on the under eye area but it has a very reflective type of look that doesn't blend well or work with the tones of my skin at al. Yes it does make the area look brighter but in a strange and obvious way which doesn't look natural. Even when using a small bit of the product I don't feel the colourings are right or that it works that well at making the dark circles disappear.

      I guess the fact that the product has been at the bottom of my make up box as is hardly used at all speaks volumes for the fact that this item doesn't work very well at all. Since I am having a clear out I think this is definitely one product that will be heading for the bin. I feel a rating of 1 out of 5 stars is all this product deserves and I quite clearly wouldn't recommend it.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      many thanks for taking the time to read.


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      13.06.2009 23:46
      Very helpful



      Don't expect a miracle all-cure!

      Bought this product today as my under-eye area was looking a bit tired and the old crows' feet were as obvious in the bright sunshine we had in London today as ever.

      At the moment you can get 1/3 off the price at Tesco so the current shelf price is £3.25- not bad!

      ****What it says on the box****
      The product is a 'light reflective cooling stick' with 'optical light diffusers for instant radiance' that 'help conceal dark circles and fine lines'. Thus far ticked all the right boxes for me!

      The Dr Harnik range of products have been designed by Helena Harnik, a supposedly renowned Hungarian dermatologist. Her ranges contain natural ingredients and aim to improve stressed, ageing or various problem skin types.

      The under-eye brightener contains menthol and Vitis Vinifera (for what it's worth!) that cool the skin on contact and 'provide instant freshness and energy to tired eyes'.

      The results are:
      -Visibly disguised dark circles and shadows;
      -Natural, flawless finish
      -Instant cooling action

      Can be used on bare skin, or over moisturiser and/or foundation.

      ****My experience using this product****

      The cooling stick is slightly smaller in size than a mascara tube (specifically 5.1g in weight). The white cover is unexciting but has a click top and is a handy size to carry around in your handbag.

      The product itself is slightly pink in colour with fine, glimmering specks (similar to ice shine lipsticks). I've actually twisted the whole product out of the tube and there is only about 2.5cm of stick available for application.

      On contact it does have a lovely cooling effect. It leaves a glistening appearance but I found that the shiny bits seemed to settle in the fine lines around my eyes and actually accentuated them rather than improving them. I did scrutinise the effects indoors so it may be that any light reflection likely outdoors may result in a different effect, but I would be sceptical about this. It may also be that because I had my face pinned up to the mirror I was being more critical about how obvious those pesky little lines around my eyes are. Nevertheless, I'd say don't expect this product to work miracles in that respect.

      As for concealing dark circles, I'm not so sure the product is that effective in that sense either. I don't have a real problem with dark circles, but I can see that it may take quite a few layers of application to cover any imperfections by which time you're likely to end up looking like you've been playing with mum's make-up.

      Overall, I would continue using this product but only to provide a radiant finish to my upper cheekbones. In my case I found that it is not effective in concealing fine lines and it didn't really work on the very mild dark circles under my eyes so I cannot see that it would work in this respect if a person had seriously seriously dark circles under the eyes. I would recommend using a product that focusses specifically on one of the typical under-eye skin problems that women are likely to get (i.e. fine lines, dark circles, and other small imperfections), rather than opting for this one which promises much in terms of an all-cure but delivers little.


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      25.02.2009 16:50
      Very helpful



      This fantastis corrector stick claims to cover dark circles/shadows under and around the eye area!

      am only 22 years old and suffering from low self esteem and confidence issues, I always worry about the way I look. I have noticeable dark shadows under my eyes and I remember a girl asking me what they were when I was about 17 years old, and I don't think that helped matters.

      I've tried using concealer in liquids, creams and even a green coloured concealer stick/liquid to cover up noticeable patches on the face to create and even tone all over the face. None of these have really given any great effects so I thought I would try something new.

      I saw this product in boots and as it cost £6.99 I though I'd give it a go as it must be pretty good.

      ***DR. HARNIK***
      Helena Harnik was a renowned Dermatologist dedicated to innovative skincare treatments. The Dr. harnik range builds on this heritage, combining science with the most advanced natural ingredients to provide a comprehensive range of specialist and benefit led eye products. For alls skin types, all ages.

      ***THE PRODUCT***
      Dr. Harnik Under Eye Brightener is a light reflective cooling stick.

      With light reflecting pigments this technologically advanced formula helps minimise the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and small imperfections around the eye area - instantly adding a touch of radiance and luminosity.
      Aloe and Horse Chestnut work in synergy, cooling on contact with the skin and providing instant freshness and energy to tired eyes. The slim stick is quick and easy to use and ideal for touch ups during the day. For all skin tones.

      The brightener comes in a white casing which is just over 3.5 inches long, the colour of the actual stick/product is like a peach colour, it looks almost like a concealer.

      The stick does smell a tiny bit, but isn't really noticeable. I wouldn't say it smells nice as if you sniff it, I think the smell is quite strong.

      ***THE RESULTS***
      - Visibly disguises dark circles and shadows
      - Gives a natural, flawless finish
      - Instant cooling action

      Remove the clear plastic cap. Twist the stick to raise product. Stroke gently under your eyes and dab excess softly with fingertips. Always replace the clear plastic cap after use to maintain the stick in perfect condition. Apply to bare skin, or over moisturiser and/or foundation, as a final touch in your beauty routine.

      It glides on very easily and there's no need to rub in, although it may require a small amount of dabbing softly with your fingertips.
      Its not like concealer and it doesn't show where you have applied the product, unless you have quite thick, heavy make up on and then it does leave a mark and you will need to re-apply your make up as it looks a bit odd.

      You can easily use this stick to re-apply through-out the day if needed.

      This is available from boots, (I haven't yet seen it anywhere else). It cost £6.99 and that is for a stick which contains 4.2g worth of product.

      I found this product in the skin-care section with face masks, etc.

      ***PRODUCT RANGE***
      Dr. Harnik has a large range of items, including eye treatments, age spot corrector, eye masks, Line reducer, creams, pore strips, spot treatments and more.

      The range is quite pricey, starting from £5.99 and going up to anything to about £15.00.

      I thought this would be really good as it was pricey and the background of this dermatologist sounded very good. I have to say I was quite disappointed. Although I could feel it cooling the skin under my eye on contact I didn't notice a huge difference in the dark circles under my eyes. I didn't have time to keep re-applying through-out the day and this would probably wear off quite quickly.

      I think it is an expensive product and I find that I could cover the dark circles under my eye by using s foundation brush to apply my make up all over my face and this also helped to conceal the dark k circles more than the stick did.

      I wanted to believe it really worked, but was very disappointed with this.

      (Review also on ciao)


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    • Product Details

      Brightens the eye contour with light reflective pigments that help diminish the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and small imperfections around the eye area / Type: Eye Care

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