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Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex

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7 Reviews

Estee Launder Advanced Night Repair is designed to reduce and prevent wrinkles around the eyes. However, whilst some improvements can be made, results aren't consistent enough to justify the high price tag for some.

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    7 Reviews
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      10.01.2014 13:22
      Very helpful



      Great for tired eyes

      I bought this for myself as a treat for Christmas this year. I had a baby 8 months ago and she has turned into the worst sleeper ever so thought anything was worth a try.

      The product certainly looks the part I think the packaging makes it look much more expensive then it actually is.

      The jar I got was the 15ml one I didn't want to get a really big one in case I didn't like it. The jar has a screw lid and a wide neck making it very easy to get the product out. Also in the pack is a spatula that you use to apply the product.

      I use the product after I have done my usual cleansing routine. It's very simple to use and only takes a minute to Put on which is good because I hardly have any spare time. I use it by putting small dots of the product under my eye and then just rub it in.

      The great thing is that I only need a really small amount and it goes a really long way. Install have loads left and I've used it loads.

      So now the big question has it worked. I think it has my bags under my eyes have definitely reduced and the skin in this area is much smoker and looks healthier I'd definitely recommend it to others.


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      19.09.2013 12:57
      Very helpful



      Estee Lauder comes up trumps again with this lovely eye treatment

      Estee Lauder has a series of products under the 'Advanced Night Repair' banner, which are all designed to help your skin overnight - refreshing and renewing, acting to protect your skin and to repair it at the same time. For some time now I have been using Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex - a very wordy way of describing a lovely eye cream - and I am absolutely delighted with the results. This eye treatment is designed to help battle the signs of ageing, 'reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles', and also reducing 'the look of dark circles, puffiness and crepiness' - quotes are from the leaflet contained within the box. Estee Lauder's own product page describes the main benefit of this eye cream: 'Reduces the look of past damage around the eyes'.

      Because the skin around your eyes is four times thinner than anywhere else on your face, I do think it's necessary to use creams and treatments especially designed for that area.

      This eye cream comes packaged in Estee Lauder's traditional aqua-blue box, and the front of this box features the gold Estee Lauder, the name of the product, and the information that it is suitable for all skin types. The rest of the box gives a description of the eye cream in a number of languages - including English, of course. You are told that this product has been formulated with Estee Lauder's 'exclusive Chronolux Technology and our highest concentration of soothing anti-irritants for a dramatic reduction in the look of every visible key sign of ageing around the fragile eye area - fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, dryness and uneven skin tone'. I've included this lengthy description, as I want to address these claims, having now been using this eye treatment for a few months.

      Although I've been describing this as an eye cream, the texture is in fact more of a cross between a gel and a serum. On application it feels lovely, cooling and soothing (in fact when I go on holiday I store this product in the fridge, which makes it even more wonderfully cooling and refreshing!). I pat it in gently, using my ring finger, as I have read various beauty reports that suggest using this finger for eye treatments as it gives the least pressure and so is suitable for the delicate skin. I take up a small amount of the product, using the little domed scoop applicator, transfer the cream to the pad of my ring finger, and then start at the inner corner of my eye, patting gently out and along the area just above the socket bone, as well as patting it even more gently onto the dark circles under my eyes. I finish by adding the last of the product to the beginning of my upper eyelid, just beneath my eyebrow. My very dry skin absorbs this cream/serum/gel really quickly - and a little really does go a long way.

      I was able to see a difference to the skin around my eyes fairly quickly - in fact, the morning after my first application. My skin looked softer, the fine lines were slightly less noticeable, and I was amazed by this speedy effectiveness! The skin around my eyes isn't too bad - I've been taking care of my skin since I was a teenager - although I do have dark circles beneath my eyes, and of course when I smile there are some pronounced lines - but who cares about that when you're smiling? In the photograph that I've used as my profile photo, which was taken when we were in Greece last summer, I can see some pronounced 'smile lines', but I think/I'm hoping that they just add character. And since I started use this eye cream, those lines are definitely less pronounced (I've just been smiling at myself in the mirror to check this). The dark circles under my eyes seem lighter and brighter. I don't get puffy eyes very often, so I can't really judge the effectiveness of that particular claim.

      Boots' website gives the following description: 'Inspired by groundbreaking DNA research, Estee Lauder revolutionises eye repair. Use this formula and help repair the appearance of past damage caused by every major environmental assault'. As I'm not a beautician or a scientist, I can't vouch for these claims, but as a 57 year old consumer (rapidly approaching 58, which is nearly 60, and how on earth did that happen?!), I can only say that it works for me.

      As I discovered after looking at Estee Lauder's product page, the skin around your eyes is four times thinner than anywhere else on your face - and is therefore more vulnerable to environmental damage. Quoting from the Estee Lauder website: 'It is also where you'll see the signs of ageing to be exaggerated. Our exclusive Chronolux Technology helps skin optimise its natural renewal processes to reduce the look of the fine lines and wrinkles that can appear first around your eyes'. They class environmental damage as the effects of daily UV light, smoke, pollution and even emotional stress. This product also contains Hyloraunic acid, which 'helps skin lock in moisture and strengthen its protective moisture barrier'.

      Although I don't apply this product religiously every night - there are some nights when I am too poorly or too exhausted to bother and I just fall straight into bed - I have seen a real improvement. The skin around my eyes definitely looks lighter and brighter. This product is described as Night Repair, but the information leaflet enclosed with the jar suggests that you apply it both morning and evening. I've only ever used it in the evening.

      You are supplied with a tiny little domed applicator, which helps you get just the right amount out of the jar. I've also tried taking up a small amount using my finger, and find it difficult to judge the correct amount of product that way- the little applicator is definitely the preferred method, and is also more hygienic. However, when the jar is almost empty, I imagine I'm going to have to put my little finger in and scoop out what remains hidden in the corners.

      Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex is an award-winning product: Winner of Debenhams' Beauty Club Awards 2013; CEW Awards 2011, Best New Skincare Treatment Product Prestige Category; and Stylist Skincare Awards 2011 Winner.

      This product is Dermatologist-tested, Opthalmologist-tested, Non-acnegenic and fragrance free (although I do think there is a slight fragrance - pleasant and very subtle).

      When purchasing new skincare or make-up items, I always like to take a look and see what the website MakeupAlley has to say. They have given this product a rating out 4 out of 5, and 75% of 212 reviewers say they would buy this product again.

      I now have quite a few products from Estee Lauder on my dressing table and in my make-up bag, and with this eye care product I think they have come up trumps again. I've used a number of eye creams in the past, ranging from Lancome to Boots No7 and Time Delay ranges - among others. Although this Estee Lauder product is expensive, my jar has lasted a long time, and so I will be saving my pennies to repurchase once the jar is empty.

      Be warned, this is an expensive eye treatment. I have checked online this morning, and the high street department stores are all selling the 15ml jar for £38.00. Boots sell it for the same price, although they currently (as of 19th September) have an offer where you will receive 500 Advantage Card points when you buy two or more selected Estee Lauder products. They also seem to have another offer - online only - of 500 points when you spend £50 or more on selected premium beauty products. I don't know if you can use both offers at the same time, but they are both appearing on the product page, so fingers crossed. Amazon sell the same size for £37.99 plus £2.90 delivery. You can buy differing sizes directly from Estee Lauder - £44 for 30ml, and £65 for 50ml. Estee Lauder's website shows an offer - an online exclusive - where you can receive a free make-up bag and a trio of products (worth over £29) with any order of £35+. The products are: Revitalizing Supreme Crème 7ml; Revitalizing Supreme Eye Balm 5ml; Sumptuous Extreme Mascara 2.8ml. The offer code for this is SUPREME 13, and the offer ends 23rd September 2013. You can usually also expect a couple of free samples - a nice way of trying something new - and free delivery when you buy online for Estee Lauder. If I was looking to buy another jar now I would snap up this offer!

      Before everyone faints at these prices, don't forget that you are paying for a premium product, and one that in my opinion lives up to its claims. Because you are provided with a small domed applicator, you only need take up a tiny amount of the product at a time, and I have found that my little 15ml jar has lasted me for ages. If, like me, you like to try a sample size before making an expensive purchase, then you could either ask for a trial size at a department store beauty counter, or take a look - as I always do - on eBay, where you can find little 5ml sample jars for sale. There are some auctions at the moment, beginning at £0.99, as well as Buy It Now from £8.95 with free p&p. I think there is certainly enough in these little jars for you to decide whether this eye cream is right for you.

      I'm currently trialling an eye-care product for another cosmetics company, so have put my Estee Lauder eye cream aside for the moment. However, when it eventually runs out, I will purchase again. In the past, I've deducted a star from high-end beauty products because they are so expensive, but this time I'm not going to. If you're looking to buy cosmetics or skincare from premium beauty ranges, then I think you're going to expect to pay more - and I think the stars I award should simply be for the product itself. And in this case, I am happy to award Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex five stars. I love this product, and will buy it again.


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        02.04.2009 18:38
        Very helpful




        I bought this a year ago and am still using the tiny 15ml jar. This could be because I often forget to use it. I started with good intentions, but sometimes it is a thought to brush your teeth at night time, rather than anything else!

        I have to say the packaging on this is nice and certainly looks expensive. It is expensive, but we'll get to that later on!

        The jar is 15ml and the main part of the jar is a square shape. It isn't that deep, and I can hold this jar easily in the palm of my hand. The jar feels like glass and is a dark brown colour, which is slightly see through. The writing is all in gold on the jar and the lid is a square screw on lid which is shiny and gold coloured. The jar is packaged in a small square box and it sits snugly in there.

        So how do you use this product? Well it comes with an applicator. This is a little plastic spatula type thing, which has a flat side on 1 side and this bends up to a little ball on the other side. You hold it on the flat part and dip the ball into the cream. You then dot th cream under your eyes and wipe the cream in. I put this near the inside corner of my eyes, and then sweep out the way - saves pushing against the baggy skin, as I always look tired!

        Sounds good, but it was a bit of a pain having to clean this plastic thing after each use, and I ended up either binning it or losing it - can't remember what. You can apply by putting your pinkie into the jar, or I just dip a cotton bud into the jar and that works fine.

        You only need a tiny amount to cover the area. The cream is rich and blends easily. It would only be a guess, but I say if you used this every night it would certainly last at least 6 months, that is only a guess though!

        So what's the damage then? This tiny jar cost me £34, not sure if it is more expensive now though. Look out for special offers, as designer brands often have not bad offers. When I bought it I got a 7ml mascara and a pack of 4 under eye masks, which you peeled the strip off, let the applied lotion sink into your skin for 10 minutes and then wiped in, so I got a little freebie.

        Does this work? Well I think it makes under your eyes nice and soft, and it seems to moisturise well, but most eye creams seem to do the same kind of job, and perhaps are a lot cheaper.

        Perhaps worth trying, but wait until a good offer comes along


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        19.03.2009 17:14
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Stick to cold tea bags!!!

        I was given this product as a gift and I was thrilled to receive it as I can not usually afford Estee Lauder products and wouldn't necessarily opt for an eye cream even if I could! So, it was a lovely surprise treat that I wouldn't purchase for myself - and they are always the best gifts, I think.

        I loved the packaging - the product is presented in a little blue box - very understated, yet classy, something I have found with other products from this reputable brand.

        The product is described as being an 'advanced night repair eye recovery complex' which is suitable for all skin types. Now, that all sounded a little confusing to me but I was excited to try a new product, even if I was a little unsure of its exact purpose and results!?
        However, on further inspection, I discover that this eye treatment is targeted at women, or men of course(!), who suffer from dryness, puffiness, dark circles or wrinkles. It is designed therefore to keep the skin around the eye area looking smooth, fresh and youthful - now that is some claim.

        I am always a little sceptical when a product seems to claim to achieve the impossible and as someone who does suffer from dark circles and bags from time to time, I was eager to give it a go.

        After opening the cute box, I find a rather small and odd shaped little pot as well as a queer looking little applicator - Im thinking....whats wrong with the old fashioned apply with your finger technique? But, all shall be revealed.......

        The applicator is cleverly designed to aquire just the right amount of product which is then applied under each eye and rubbed in with the finger method -genius.
        Once again, Im impressed with the look of the pot - which has a screw top lid.
        So, I place the applicator inside the pot and it becomes covered with the product which is then gently applied underneath the eyes, but not too close to them.

        I used this product each night for a number of weeks, each night going through the above mentioned motions. It did become a bit tedious after a while, I must admit.

        I can honestly say that it has made absolutely no difference to my eye area what so ever! Though it is very nice to apply as it is not thick or sticky but glides over the skin and kind of sits there leaving a slight film which sinks into the skin during the night.
        However, my eyes look and feel exactly the same as they did before using it.

        I would not buy this product for myself and have got bored of waiting for something to happen and there is still some left sitting in the pot. But it does look nice on my shelf though, so that's a silver lining I guess?

        Not impressed but not offeneded.


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          04.03.2009 17:26
          Very helpful



          For me its no better than a much less expensive cream

          While I have my suspicions about the whole roll back the clock magic lotions and potions type products, I'm still a sucker for a nice piece of marketing, shopping channel demos and persistent sales ladies.

          I was therefore very pleased when I received a 5ml size of the eye cream when I purchased my Estee Lauder night repair serum. The eye cream normally comes in a 15ml tiny brown glass pot which retails for around £32.00.

          I have been using the advanced night repair eye recovery complex for over a month now and there is still a little left in the pot so I imagine the full size would last around 4 to 5 months.

          Due to insomnia, a bad diet, dry skin and a love of red wine I find that my eyes are ageing faster than the rest of me. At heart I'm 18, in my head about 21 and round the eyes probably closer to 50. I had black shadows, lines and lumps under my eyes and ever hopeful of using preventative medicine I have been using anti-ageing products since I was about 25 (I know I'm a sucker for adverts). So would this be the cure.

          - - What are the claims - -

          Estee Lauder claim that this little pot of goodness works instantly to help repair past damage and that it also protects the eye area from future damage. They promote the complex saying that lines and wrinkles are immediately made less apparent due to the increase in collagen production, this allegedly means that lines and wrinkles become less noticeable.

          The serum also claims to reduces puffiness and diminishes dark circles to give you a fresher appearance. It also mentions that this serum aids with applying your makeup by giving your skin a smooth, even surface.

          - - Content - -

          The serum contains anti-oxidants and lipids to help nourish the skin and give it protection. The moisture barrier helps to strengthen the skin to help against sun damageom UV exposure.

          - - How to use it - -

          You simply take a little of the slightly yellow tinged cream\gel and place it under the eyes on the dark circles\wrinkles and pat along the length until its absorbed, then pat a little along the outside of the eye and under the brow. I applied it morning and evening as instructed, when applying my estee lauder serum.

          - - How does it feel - -

          I didn't really feel anything, no allergic reactions, no reddening, no tingling, no tightening, it was as though I had put the simplest of formulas on and that no reaction was taking place.

          The cream absorbed quite easily but left a bit of a shine under your eye, at times making you look as though you were welling up a little. Not a great look for going of to work so in the mornings I tended to blot the wet look off from under the eyes but left it to soak in on the evening application.

          - - Does it work - -

          After the first couple of weeks I hadn't noticed much of a difference however
          on dooyoo one evening I read Crisella74's great review which told of how well it had worked for her. This gave me renewed hope, maybe if I kept going it would start to lessen the bags, wrinkles and black shadows under my eyes.

          I continued to apply twice daily and I did begin to notice a slight lessening of the black circles but the wrinkles and bags remained.

          - - Will I buy it again - -

          While there was a slight improvement in the dark circles I didn't look any more refreshed or well slept. For £32.00 even I couldn't think of a way of convincing myself that it was a worthwhile buy.

          After a while here on dooyoo I'm learning that when it comes to reviews it is so much easier to recommend an electrical gadget etc. as it either works and lasts well or it doesn't than a beauty cream.

          With beauty creams etc. there doesn't seem to be a magical brand or product that works for everyone across the board. So while this worked for Crisella74 who has a greasy skin it didn't work so well for me with drier skin.

          I would have to recommend that if you are reading a review on beauty products in general or this product in particular that you read various reviews to get a balanced view of a product especially an expensive one. Try to work out whether your skin is closer to the persons who gave a product five stars or the one who gave it one star before you rush out throwing your money away or possibly miss out on what could have been your miracle product.

          Always try to get a sample before purchasing


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            23.02.2009 12:01
            Very helpful



            As close to miracles as it comes!

            A few years ago I was buying some cosmetics and I received Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Complex as a sample with the purchase.
            My skin is very oily and while that can be very annoying when it comes to skin care and makeup, the advantage is you don't get wrinkles easily.
            Around my eyes, well, that's another story. I am very sensitive to light and if I'm not wearing sunglasses, even during the winter, I am constantly looking through my eyelashes because I can't keep my eyes open. Which means the only place I have wrinkles is around my eyes.
            Couple that with insomnia and a very late sleep pattern and you will understand why I was very eager to try this product.

            Estee Lauder was founded in 1946 by Ms. Estee Lauder. The company markets over 10,000 products under a large portfolio of brands such as Estée Lauder, Clinique, Aramis and Lab Series as well as others added over the years, adding each year more than 300 new products. About one third of the annual sales come from products introduced within the previous three years.
            In the beginning, due to the lack of advertising funds, Estee Lauder promoted their products by distributing free samples at fashion shows and by mail. It was the first company to do so and the strategy proved to be extremely successful.

            The product:
            The small squared shaped bottle is brown with a golden nice elegant golden lid. It looks very sophisticated and I like seeing it in my bathroom. This may be irrelevant to a man, but we women are funny that way.
            The bottle is a 0.5 oz (15 ml) and as you can imagine, it looks really tiny. I was amazed when I saw how small this is, considering the amount of money you have to spend on it. However, you only need very little to use and it lasts for a few months, so in the end I think the amount of money you spend are well worth it.
            The bottle contains a gel like cream of a very light orange color with a smooth consistency, it's not runny but not thick either. Along with the bottle you will get an applicator but I find it much easier to take a little bit with my finger as I feel it gives me more control.
            Dermatologist-tested and non-acgenic.

            What is it for?
            It's a light, silk formula that helps revitalize the skin with a smoother firm look., helps the building of a rich reserve of anti-oxidants to replenish skin's natural protectants and neutralizes up to 90% of environmental generated agent free radicals which causes 80% of the visible sings of aging, boosts and maintains skin's natural production of collagen to reduce fine lines and prevent the appearance of new ones.
            Most importantly, and the reason I buy it for, reduces puffiness and diminishes darkness for a fresher, more rested appearance.
            Vitamins C and E and a plant-derived hydrating complex help protect and moisturize skin, leaving it smooth, soft, conditioned.

            One of the main ingredients is Hyaluronic acid (also called Hyaluronan) which is a component of connective tissue. The connective tissue function is to cushion and lubricate joints, eyes, skin and heart valves.
            Hyaluronic acid was named by the press "key to the fountain of youth" because studies showed that people who ingest a lot of food with high content of this tend to live long lives. In fact ABC news had a show entitled "The Village of Long Life: Could Hyaluronic Acid Be an Anti-Aging Remedy?".
            In 2003 the FDA approved hyaluronan injections for filling soft tissue defects such as facial wrinkles. Restylane is a common trade name for the product. Hyaluronan injections temporarily smooth wrinkles by adding volume under the skin, with effects typically lasting for six months.
            Commercial products which contain hyaluronic acid are used or being studied to be used, to prevent, treat or help in the surgical repair for many types of problems people with connective tissue disorders tend to have such as: scaring, wrinkled skin, wound healing, ligament healing and many others. Hyaluronic acid works to correct these problems because defects or deficiencies of hyaluronic acid are what cause these problems in the first place.
            HA is influenced by nutrition and other environmental factors. Many of the features of premature aging syndromes and connective tissue disorders are also known to be caused by nutritional deficiencies, and not surprisingly these are often the same nutritional factors that influence the manufacture of hyaluronic acid. Ascorbic acid and cigarette smoking are known to degraded hyaluronic acid, while estrogen treatment increases its activity.
            You can find more information on this at: http://www.ctds.info/hyaluronic_acid.html

            All you need is to apply 3 tiny dots around each eye and gently patt it around the eye area with your finger. The area around the eye is very sensitive, so avoid rubbing it, just gently blend it starting from the corner of the eye (from the nose side) towards the exterior part of the eye. A friend who took a class in cosmetics taught me that apparently this move is the best way to avoid the fine lines and is the most beneficial for your eye.
            The gel takes a bit of time to be absorbed in the skin and it's easy to apply. It does leave my skin looking a bit shinny at first but it does eventually go away. The instructions recommend it both at night and in the morning and the shinny part can be a problem if you need to go but I tap my eyes with a paper tissue very gently before applying makeup and that solves the problem.

            My eyes are very sensitive and I had problems in the past as other products felt a bit tangy and irritated my skin or my eyes, but with this product I had no problems. The skin was left feeling fine and smooth, it didn't cause any irritation or redness and I was extremely satisfied of how my skin and eyes reacted to it.
            Applying makeup after using it was easy and it didn't make it in any way worse. Sometimes I have noticed that after using an eye cream my foundation or powder would get into the fine lines around my eyes, but after using this I haven't noticed anything like that. Whatever makeup I'd be using, be it foundation, powder or eye shades, they glide on my face perfectly and without any problems.

            The result
            The first thing I have noticed after using it was a great improvement in how my eyes looked. I couldn't quite point down what exactly changed but somehow they just looked better and brighter. There was something different in appearance but I couldn't say what.
            For one, the skin was definitely smooth and soft and while I didn't noticed my dark circles improving, there was a certain brightness of the eyes that was showing that something is going on. They did seem to look healthier, like the skin looks like after a good facial.
            The next thing I noticed after using this for some time was the puffiness around my eyes disappearing. While I am still young and don't have a huge problem when it comes to that, I still had a bit of a problem with it, due to the fact that at that time I was going to bed very late at night and you know how badly that affects your skin, especially the eyes. So, from this point of view, the improvements were quite drastic.
            The last thing, after even more time of using it, was an improvement in the dark circles around my eyes. I don't have naturally dark circles, in fact I didn't know what they are until around 25 years old, when due to a 2 days nonstop crying incident I woke up with dark circles that never went away afterwards, no matter how well I was rested.
            That improved visibly, although not completely. Since dark circles are not something I was born with (like my best friend, for example) I don't know how well this would work for someone that genetically has this problem. In my case it did improve it but it didn't completely get rid of it.
            As far as fine lines go I also saw an improvement. Of course, this is not going to just make them disappear but it did diminish them and, what's more important, I am very convinced that it helped tremendously slowing down their appearance.

            I think Estee Lauder had a brilliant idea giving away samples of their products as I have been addicted with this ever since. I might not be able to buy it all the time, but it's always on my list of priorities and it's well worth the money.
            There are no miracles products, but when it comes down to it this is as close as you can get and I'm really happy I found this before permanent damage was done as I believe with the help of my "Fountain of Youth" now I can age gracefully.


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              22.02.2009 00:25
              Very helpful



              Worth a try especially if you can get a free sample first

              I first tried this product when I received it as part of a free gift for purchasing two Estee Lauder products a couple of years ago. As I was not using an eye cream at the time, I decided to give it a ago and was very impressed - so much so that I use it on a daily basis now.

              Firstly, let me say that it is not cheap. A little bit goes a long way though so if you do see free gifts including a little pot of this on offer it is worth buying at that time. My original 5ml put lasted me at least 3 months. It costs around £33 for 15mls which would not need replaced more than twice a year so it does work out pretty good value when you look at it like that.

              You can buy it anywhere that has an Estee Lauder counter - off the top of my head I know they sell it in Debenhams, House of Fraser, Boots, John Lewis and Fenwick so it is not difficult to find. I bought mine from Boots for the Advantage Card points - as it retails at the same price everywhere, if you have a Boots card I would highly recommend doing this!

              It comes in a very dark brown transparent glass pot with a gold screw-off lid and gold lettering on the pot. It is then boxed with an instructions and ingredients leaflet inside the box. The pot itself does look expensive and this is not a product you would be ashamed to have on your dressing table. You can also buy a 30ml bottle which has a medicine-dropper but I am not keen on this method of dispensing it so I stick to the pot.

              The product itself is a transparent gel with a brown tinge. It smells - well - odd to be honest. Not bad, not good, and not something you notice once it is applied. Just a bit strange.

              As it is an eye serum, you should use this after cleansing (and toning if you do this) and before moisturising. You apply it morning and night according to Estee (which I find odd as it is called night repair) - a small amount under the brow, at the outer corner, and under the eye. You then rub it in and this is easy to do as it soaks in quickly. It leaves skin instantly feeling intensely moisturised, as you would expect with a serum.

              It claims that it:
              -works instantly to help repair past damage while protecting the delicate eye area from future damage
              -increases collagen production so lines and wrinkles immediately become less apparent
              -reduces puffiness and diminishes darkness for a fresher, more rested appearance.
              -repair complex reinforces the thin skin barrier and locks in moisture to resist irritants and other external aggressors.
              -enhances the application of makeup by providing a smooth, even surface.

              Firstly, let me say that it does not ease the application of makeup in my experience. Contrary to the manufacturer's recommendations I only use this at night as if I use it in the morning it is too slippery to allow me to get a long-lasting look with my makeup - it all slides off.

              It does not give any instant miraculous fixes to any of the problems listed above, but after prolonged use I have seen a significant fading of the dark circles around my eyes and they are less puffy in the morning, which is a great result in my opinion. I do wake up with my eye area feeling smoother which is excellent, and this is why I have continued to use it. But it does not work overnight, so if this is what you want you will not like this product I'm afraid.

              It is dermalogically tested which is reassuring to know. It is also fragrance free and suitable for all skin types. There is also a facial serum from the same range to complement this product.


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          • Product Details

            This revolutionary repair gel creme for all skin types fights today's ageing environmental assaults that can damage skin around your eyes and its DNA causing your eyes to look older. Formulated with exclusive Chronolux technology and the highest concentration of soothing anti-irritants for a dramatic reduction in the look of every key visible sign of ageing around the fragile eye area fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, dryness and uneven skin tone. Keeps the entire eye area looking radiant rested and silky smooth. Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.

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