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Eyezone Eye Massager

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    2 Reviews
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      07.11.2011 15:13
      Very helpful



      Brilliant product for stree relief and wrinkles

      Regular readers of my reviews will know that I do suffer from a lot of aches and pains, as does my other half, mainly caused through my job, I think, I spend up to six hours per day looking down holes and making notes regarding health and safety issues. When I finally do get home, I spend the rest of my time on the computer. I often also work from home and again spend large amounts of time on the computer and all of this hunching over and driving to various locations throughout the county due to my work means that I am often sitting in one place for long periods of time and staing at the same thing - the computer screen or the road ahead of me.

      This often results in eye strain and headaches and worst of all, the dreaded migraine headache. I always know I am due to get a really bad migraine as I see sparkling flshing lights in my right eye, almost like a kaleidescope effect, which gets bigger and bigger over approximately twenty minutes until it finally vanishes. Then I get the pain on the opposite side of the head which can be so debilitating that I often either have to leave work early or I have to just lie down in a darkened room.

      I have been to see my GP about the stress and headaches on many occasions and he always just gives me more pills and tells me to try to relax - not easy when you have the sort of personality and busy lifetstyle I have, I can tell you. I have often been in so much pain and agony with migraine headaches that at one time I took myself off to Accident & Emergency as I really thought there was something terribly wrong with me. I was promply sent home with some painkillers and a note for my doctor!

      A very good friend of mine suggested a remarkable little gadget which I will explain to you now. When I first heard about it I admit I was a bit sceptical as its claims are that it will cure eveyhting from simple eyestrain to eye bags seemed very far fetched. My friend actually owns one of these himself and he originally bought it for his ex-wfie but he ended up using it himself as she said it did nothing for her eyebags, which is why she initially wanted one. My friend started to use it for a few weeks and said it really helped to realx him when he got home after work and he liked to use it when he took his bath. T

      This gadget does resemble something from the programme Star Trek. It is made of plastic and shaped to fit around the eye area. It fits all sized heads as it has fully adjustable velcro straps. There are lots of little spongy type sqauer shaped nodules inside the mask which sit on various pressure points around the eye and the temple area and this is why it is important to make sure you get the velcro straps fitted on your headed properly in order for it to be effective. They are a little difficult to get to the right size when you first start to use it but after you have fiddled about with it for a bit you eventually get a good fit. It is comfortable to wear but I have to say it makes my other half laugh out loud and the first time my little lad saw me in it he started to cry.

      I cannot use this gadget when in the company of other people as I feel that I need to be in a quiet room with absolutely no distractions in order for it to work properly. For this reason, I will either use it in my garden shed after I get back from work or if there is no one in the house and my other half has gone out to do some shopping or something with the little lad and I know I have the house to myself, then I can use it and manage to relax properly. Lying down on the bed is best for me, other wise lying back and propped up by several pillows, whichever makes you feel most realxed and comfortable. It was cheap at only £10 and I consider this to be money really well spent as it has been a godsend to me. It is not too large in size when you look at it, at only 14cm x 8cm x 5cm but once you actually have it attached to your head / face it does take up a large area and you do look a bit strange. It is operated by one AAA batery and this was inlcuded with mine when I bought it. The battery lasts for ages though and I have only had to change once during the seven months I have owned this product, which I consider to be really very good and great value for money. Unfortunately, it is not rechargeable.

      I read the instructions very carefully before I used it for the first time (as I always do with all of my gadgets) and put them in my Useful Drawer in case I needed to refer to them later or I decieded it was no good and had to sell it (handy hint here!) The instructions say that it operates on three proven therapies - Pinhole Therapy (which reduces stress), Magnet Therapy (which reduces pressure) and finally Massage Therapy (which improves and boosts circulation around the eye area).

      It has two settings, slow and fast and I strongly suggest that the first time you use this gadget you start on the slower one initially so that you get used to the sensation it produces/ It does give me a rather strange feeling around the eye area, especially on the faster setting, but you will get used to this the longer you actually use it. It is amazing how quickly this gadet will help to remove and reduce your stresses and strains and you really do not have to keep it on that long before you start to feel the benefits.

      I did think it was a bit of a gimmick when my friend first told me about it. As well as reducing stress and strain around the eye area, it is excellent if you suffer from sinus problems and nasal congestion (as both myself and my other half do), and once you have used this once or twice you will really reap the benefits. Before I first started to use this, my sinuses were so blocked and I had cheek pain and was taking Sinutab every few hours to alleviate the symptoms. It was impossible for me to bend forward without feeling excrutiating pain in my face and temples. Within one or two short sessions of using this remarkable gadget I was pain free and felt like a new man! I really cannot praise this high enough and for such a small amount of money it is well worth the expense. The Eyezone Massager also claims to reduce swollen baggy and puffy eyes and make you look younger and fresher.

      It claims to erradicate wrinkles as it increases the blood circulation and improves tone and elasticity around the eye area. It removes toxins and waste from the skin and improves the overall look of the eye area! I honestly cannot vouch that it can do this though as I have not been using it for this purpose. However, when I told my other half this she immediately said that she wanted to try it out as she feels like she is getting some eye bags and has been trying various (expensive) creams in a bid to get rid of them. If she does start to use it for this purpose I will update my review on here and tell you if it also does work on the eye bags and puffiness - if it does, then it truly will be a wonder gadget like no other I have used!

      I think it works by hitting various pressure points in and around the eye area and this in itself really does feel vert realxing as you lie back and just let it do its work. It is so relaxing I just often fall asleep when I have it on and I feel relaxed, refreshed and totally rested afterwards. I has helped my migraines enormously and also I find that if I use it every day (even if I do not have a migraine or a headache) that I will always get a much better and more restful nights' sleep. My other half used it for the first time the other night but she said she did not like the sensation it gave her and she took it off after about five minutes. I explained to her that she really did need to keep it on for a bit longer in order to feel any effect, so I think she will be having another go fairly shortly.

      If you work in an office and you spend many hours on a computer screen, or like I do, you have to drive long distances and then come home afterwards to work at a screen and you stare at one thing for too long, this all puts enormous strain on the head, neck, eye and shoulder area and as they are all interconnected (or they seem to be with me), then I really do think that you could possibly benefit from this fantastic gadget. It is easy to keep clean as the front of it is white plastic and so if it gets messy you just wippe it over with a (barely) damp cloth and the velcro bits are the only cloth bits and to be honest they have not got dirty at all during the months I have been using it.

      The makers of this wonderful little gadget are called Opal and I have never bought anything from this company before so was not sure if it was going to be any good before I shelled out for it. It is not suitable for children (even though the little lad keeps on asking to try it out and calls it a 'space mask') and also it is not suitable if you have a medical condition such as a heart problem and you wear a pacemaker. If you wanted to use it and you do have this condition, I would strongly advise that you consult with your doctor before hand just to be on the safe side, as i think the small electrical impulses it emits may interfere with the pacemaker so you would need to be very careful.

      All in all a fantastic gadget and I thoroughly recommend.


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        03.10.2008 12:01
        Very helpful



        Eye Massager which is brilliant for effective relief from stress, headaches and migraines

        On the odd occasion I do suffer from stress related headaches, not quite on par with having a migraine but they knock me for six. Usually after a long day in the office, late meetings and having to sometimes work weekends, it all takes it toll and the one thing I want to do is to have my head massaged because for me this helps to alleviate the stress headache, control the sickness feeling and comfort me. Sometimes however this isn't an option especially if Hubby is also working late or is away for the weekend.

        One of the best gifts someone has bought me in recent years was the eyezone eye massager. When I first saw the box that this contraption was in, I initially thought it was something to massage my eye balls which sounded rather disturbing but I am simple like that as soon as the blonde genes kick in. The Eyezone eye massager does not in fact massage your eye balls, instead it is an eye mask which resembles something out of Friday 13th, in fact you can see Jason wearing it as he attacks everyone, and anyway, this mask is white in colour and is slightly larger than your average eye mask. The patches which fit over the eye sockets are quite a large designed with an extra black patch placed right in the middle where your eyeball would be and these form part of a therapy called pinhole therapy which I will explain shortly. In the middle of the eye mask is a small square box which controls how the eye massager is to work. Then at the back is a black elasticated strap with a Velcro fastener to keep it secured on your head. To use this product all you need is one 1AA battery required and it was included within my box.

        The idea behind this eye massager is that there are four simple things that it will do. Firstly it helps to alleviate eye fatigue which can be caused for example by extensive use of computers, long periods of driving, watching television and reading. It is also claimed that this products will reduces wrinkles and it does this by improving the tone and the elasticity by increasing blood circulation and nourishing the skin. At the same time, the Eye Massager helps to reduces swollen or puffy eyes; dark rings caused by poor blood circulation and alleviate Insomnia by inducing a state of deep relaxation with massage. So after reading the box and it telling me what I can gain from using this machine I am eager to try it out. Eye strain and eye stress are two of the main problems which lead to headaches and migraines especially if like me you do spend too much time looking at a computer screen at work, reading small documents which often make you squint to make out the words, if you read a lot of books or documents this can also lead to eyestrain as can driving and playing computer games for too long.

        I don't particularly like taking Ibuprofen or another leading brand of headache pill to cure my headache, I sometimes wished there was a drug free way to cure them. I know a lot of my headaches are caused by stress and tension which with the job I do isn't surprising and taking pills constantly I don't think is a good way to deal with the problem. So I was more than happy to give the eyezone eye massager a chance.

        This eye massager promotes three different types of massage therapy: Massage therapy, pinhole therapy and magnetic therapy and each therapy type helps to deal with a specific problem. The Massage Therapy is useful for when your eyes are strained and tired. By massaging the temple and surrounding area this eye mask helps to remove the tension by stimulating the nerves around the eye therefore reducing stress. Then we have Pinhole Therapy which frightened the life out of me when I read about it is actually not as scary as it sounds and is really safe to use. The eye massager has pinhole vision panels which are the black eye shaped panels I mentioned before and these help you to relax further when you look through them. By using a vision panel with these multiple holes, many images form on the retina and a clear natural image is seen and this forms a natural part of your relaxation. Finally we have what is called Magnetic Therapy and Magnetic devices it is claimed have been used to relieve pain and to have therapeutic value against a large number of diseases and conditions, the most common being the improvement of blood circulation. So taking all of that into account, I am told that the eye massager emits a "mild Bionorth body facing magnetic field" which it says on the leaflet, intended to further enhance the blood circulation.

        I tend to use my eye massager when I have come home from work after a long hard day and feel slightly stressed out or if I have a head cold and my sinuses are all blocked up. I go into my bedroom, close the curtains and lie on my bed with my eye massager. My favourite massage from this product is the first massage I mentioned because for me massaging the temple and surrounding areas helps to relieve stress and tension and eases my headache within half an hour when I am then feeling as right as rain and raring to go. I sometimes use this when I can't sleep, when I have painful headaches and when I have tension and stress headaches because it really does help to relax and de-stress. I haven't used the Magnetic Therapy massage to date because I don't really understand what it is all about and I always tend to stick with something which works. I have tried the Pinhole Therapy which frightened me at the very thought of the name, but I didn't feel it truly benefited me as much as the first option which is now what I stick with.

        Overall I love this product, before I had it I would suffer from headaches at the most twice a week and as I have said I would try my best not to take any medication for it, but drink lots of water and lay on my bed in a darkened room. Now I have this eye massager I can cure my headaches drug free and receive a wonderful head massage at the same time without any help from someone else. So if you do suffer from headaches or simply like the sound of this product then buy it, I definitely recommend it.


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      • Product Details

        Effective relief from stress, headaches and migraines / Massage stimulation helps to reduce wrinkles and swollen eyes as blood circulation improves /

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