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Forever Young Haloxyl Under Eye Dark Circles Serum

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Brand: Forever Young / Texture: Serum / Type: Eye Serum / Suitable for: Eye / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      15.04.2011 10:20
      Very helpful



      Fantastic product for dark under eye circles

      *Why I want the product*
      Like most women out there I have dark circles under my eyes and my best friend is concealer and lots of it. Unfortunately for me sometimes concealer doesn't cut it and I need a corrector as well as concealer to help me to look normal and less tired than I all ready am.
      After a lot of internet searching for the perfect product that will help me with my problem I came across Haloxyl Eye Serum, it is known Haloxyl is best effective in concentration of 2%.

      *What are dark under eye circles?*
      It is believed dark circles under the eyes are caused by stress and being tired, in fact dermatologists and plastic surgeons agree this is in fact not the cause. They both agree the problem is caused by capillaries under the eyes to leak blood close to the skins surface, like on the skin when you see tiny red veins. When this happens blood beings to oxidize and turn a blush red colour, which is similar to an angry bruise.
      Skin under the eyes is very thin and the more transparent your skin is the darker the circles appear and over time the discoloration can become permanent.

      Other factors can contribute to dark circles such as not wearing sunscreen as this can darken the circle and lifestyle.

      *What is Haloxyl?*
      Haloxyl is widely known as an anti-ageing product that is formulated in the most successful skin care products out on the market today. Haloxyl is the main ingredient for helping reduce dark circles. This ingredient has been known in studies to help reduce the leaked blood under the skin by using natural enzymes that break down the blood and help dark circles to fade. Haloxyl is effective to help to strengthen the capillaries and help to stop them leaking blood to the skins surface over time.

      * Soy Rice Peptides that can be found in Haloxyl are known to dramatically reduce dark circles and sooth puffiness around the eyes, mostly with a reduction seen within eight weeks of use, other ingredients used such as:
      * Centella Asiatica Extract, this active ingredient helps to repair and strength the damaged capillaries that contribute to the *appearance to dark circles.
      * Iris Extract improves skin tone and firmness around the eyes, in the long term it will help to reduce fine lines.
      * Horse Chestnut Extract has similar properties as Vitamin K, helping to strengthen and repair capillaries.
      Haloxyl will be around for quite some time as it's one of the only ingredients identified that has such a great success with the dark circles under the eyes.

      I bought Haloxyl from eBay, which came in a very simple 10ml plastic roller ball applicator. The tube is clear so you can see the product inside. The front says Haloxyl Eye Serum in pink writing. I also like that it is easy to travel with.

      Although the packaging is very simple it doesn't bother me as I want the product inside to do its job as the packaging isn't going to do it.

      *What is the formula of Haloxyl like?*
      This serum is yellow in colour and has no scent, which is a good thing as it is applied so close to the eye area. As you would expect from a serum Haloxyl Eye Serum is very light and feels cool on the skin. Applying the product

      Applying this product is very easy and takes very little time in anyone's skin care routine, you apply it twice a day for maximum benefit. Make sure you're under eye area is free from makeup, simply unscrew the lid and apply the roller ball where your dark circles are and gently pat the product into your skin. Straight away the product feels cool and soothing under the eye, which also helps with puffiness and doesn't clog the pores that can lead to milia.

      Because the product is yellow in colour, yellow helps to counteract redness, which helps to brighten the dark circles as soon as Haloxyl is applied. As it is a serum it doesn't take long for it to sink in at all and should be applied before eye creams or makeup.

      *So who did I get it from and for what price?*
      I bought Haloxyl Eye Serum from a seller on eBay called forever-young2007 who claims to be a qualified beauty therapist and is also a Limited company. She has over 14860 feedbacks and she has sold 98 Haloxyl Eye Serum with success. The price from forever-young2007 is £3.85 with 0.90p postage and packing.
      You can also purchase Haloxyl Eye Serum in concentration of 2% on the internet but please be aware prices will vary.

      *Did it work on my dark circles?*
      Haloxyl is not a quick fix product that you apply for one night and wake up in the morning with no dark circles; unfortunately it doesn't work that way. If you're dark circles are permanent, which most are, Haloxyl won't take them away completely either but will make them less angry looking by making them lighter.
      Although I have been using this product for more than eight weeks morning and night I personally feel the product has made a difference to my dark circles. They are less pigmented than they we're and the bruise look has improved.

      Even though the medical profession say dark circles aren't caused by tiredness I believe this to be true as my dark circles always look a little darker when I am tired or run down, especially after an illness.

      Concealing wise I find I am using less concealer although sometimes I feel I need more than I do but this is just down to personal preference.
      Even though I know I will never be free from my dark circles I truly believe Haloxyl has made a difference in lighting them.

      It has been said you will seen an improvement within eight weeks of continual use and I would say this is about right, however it is recommended as a long term product as you're likely never to be free from them.
      I found Haloxyl to be very gentle around the eye area with no irritation, I also tend to have dry skin under my eyes and applying concealer can make the problem ten times worse but I find this product to moisturise as well as being beneficial.

      *Would I purchase again*
      I have been using the 10ml of product for around 3 months and I am nearly half way down to tube so very economical.

      I think it is safe to say I will be using this product for a very long time due to all the benefits of Haloxyl.


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