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Frownies Corners of Eyes & Mouth

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Brand: Frownies / Suitable for: Eye / Gender: Ladies Skincare

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    2 Reviews
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      01.01.2009 23:00
      Very helpful



      Small pieces of 'paper' that smooth out frowns kines


      Known as Hollywood's beauty secret for over 100 years and have been used since 1889.

      As usual desperate to try and look younger again I read about these somewhere and went looking to buy them. Initially I thought they seemed quite pricey at about £17.50 per pack so I hunted around ( Ebay came up trumps at £10.00) and decided to buy them. I didn't want to pay full price in case they didn't work so I thought I could risk £10 but not nearer £20.

      They come in a small box about 4" across and 1" deep. They are in a plastic bag with some basic instructions stuck together in a rectangle shape divided into 4 triangles that tear apart. Very strange things and such a simple idea. In the pack you get 144 of these triangles. They remind me of extra strong packaging tape. They sound very glamorous don't they?

      You tear off your triangle of stiff paper/card with sticky gum on the back. You wet the gummy side and press it over your wrinkles. I use mine between my eyes at the top of my nose where I had a deep crease. You could use more across your forehead and there are different shaped ones for the 'laughter' lines either side of your mouth.

      Anyway they take a bit of getting used to. You obviously only wear them at night as they are not attractive. You must leave them on for at least 3 hours so I guess you could wear them as you do you house work at times when you are not expecting anyone to call. They are a little strange at first but once you have it fixed on you do forget you have it one. Sometimes I have gone to scratch and nearly knocked/pulled it off but usually I sleep all night and wake up less creased on my nose.

      Apparently they retrain your muscles so that they learn not to crease in the same place. And amazingly enough this extremely simple idea seems to work. They are best worn for daily for 30 days then 3 or 4 times a week after that.

      The instructions say that if you are not impressed by line reduction after 14 days you can send the rest back and get a full refund (less shipping cost) but I don't suppose it is actually worth the hassle so they are quite safe on that. Anyway I found they did work so hopefully they will for you too.

      © Catsholiday


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        07.11.2008 15:51
        Very helpful



        An age old method of wrinkle reduction that works

        As the years roll by, there's no escaping the fact that our faces are often one of the first areas to show the effects of time, most noticeably, the ever increasing wrinkles.

        A few years ago, I began noticing those lines on my forehead that creased up every time I raised my eyebrows. Instead of returning to their smooth and flat position, they'd leave behind telltale reminders. And once they've left their mark, they're there to stay.

        Although my husband sweetly declares he'd be quite happy if I went around with grey hair and wrinkles, I frankly, would not. I'm somewhat sceptical as to his motives, though he says it's because he wants us to grow old together! Still, I would prefer to try holding back time for as long as I can.

        By now I suppose everyone has heard about Botox, the definitive 'cure' for such lines. However, Botox involves needles and rather a lot of money, several times a year. Neither of which sounded particularly enticing to me.

        I thought I'd try out some alternative routes to de-wrinkling. Moisturiser just doesn't seem to do the trick. I've wasted a fortune on face creams over the years. Despite their claims declaring their de-wrinkling properties, let's face it, it's all a load of baloney. I needed something more than a vague promise of "72% of women say their lines are less noticeable after umpteen weeks."

        After a little searching on the internet, I found a web site advertising Frownies and thought the principle behind their method of working made sense. Frownies are little triangles of brown paper that you stick onto your wrinkles. They basically smooth out your lines while holding your skin flat so you can't make facial expressions.

        Now obviously one can't go around in public wearing these, so it's suggested that you put them on before you go to bed and take them off in the morning.

        I ordered mine online and they promptly arrived. I couldn't wait to try them out.

        ~~~What are They~~~

        Frownies are facial patches made out of unbleached natural kraft paper with water-activated gum adhesive on the back. The adhesive is all natural and vegetable-based. They're available in two types: Frownies for forehead and between eyes and Frownies for corners of eyes and mouth.

        Frownies have apparently been used for over 100 years and were the favoured method for defying wrinkles by Hollywood film stars.

        ~~~How to Use Them~~~

        The instructions recommend putting your moisturiser on about 10 minutes before using the Frownies in order to let it sink in.

        Frownies are joined together by perforations and you must tear them off according to how many you need. Once you've torn off the required portion of Frownie, it's up to you what areas you place them. There are some examples given on the site (http://www.frownies.com/products/frownies/directions.php), showing common patterns. After this, you gently moisten the back to activate the glue.

        Finally, you must stretch your skin so it's smooth and place the Frownie on. You have to smooth the Frownie down then hold for a minute while it sets in place. And that's it. Off to bed you go.

        The instructions recommend leaving them on for a minimum of 3 hours or overnight.

        ~~~The Verdict~~~

        The Frownies I use are the 'forehead and between eyes'. I tear off about 4 separate triangles of paper and one by one sprinkle some drops of tap water on the backs. The tricky bit is placing them on your forehead while stretching your skin. This involves using both hands with one hand stretching the skin and the other has to place the Frownie in place.

        They stick on easily enough then dry to become quite stiff. When I try raising my eyes, my forehead doesn't move. Once they're in place, you must either take refuge in a darkened room or prepare anyone in advance of your odd appearance. This is only if you're worried about reactions from other people. My family are used to me now, although the youngest will still ask me what that thing is on my head.

        I always use my Frownies overnight as that's obviously the most convenient time. Removing the Frownies takes a bit longer. You need to moisten them again and then peel them off. However, I find that it takes quite a while for them to become wet enough to easily peel off and I usually end up pulling them off sooner. This feels a bit like pulling off a sticking plaster but not so painful.

        Once the Frownie is off, just give your skin a rinse, dry it then stare into the mirror admiring your smooth skin. The first time I used these I was totally amazed. I had had quite ingrained lines along my forehead and it was now completely smooth. It's a real confidence booster at the beginning of the day I can tell you.

        Like all good things, it must come to an end. As the day wears on, the lines reappear. The speed of their reappearance all depends on how frequently you're using your facial muscles. What they do promise however, is that with frequent use, your facial muscles are gradually retrained over time. After a few weeks of using them nightly, you can cut down to 3-4 nights use per week.

        I've been using mine off and on for a few years now and although they haven't totally eliminated the lines, they have definitely softened and I still get that nice smoothness first thing in the morning which always makes me feel better.

        Overall, I'd definitely recommend these to anyone with facial lines, although they possibly work best when the lines aren't too deep. They will soften the appearance of deeper lines though.

        Pricewise they're not too bad, costing around £17.50 for a box of 144 patches which lasts me a few months.

        They can only be purchased online from any of these sites:



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