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Garnier Multi Active Eye Care

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Brand: Garnier / Type: Eye Care / Suitable for: Eye / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      18.10.2011 02:26
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      Recently I turned 33 and I now have the onset of a few little fine lines to prove it. When it comes to anti aging creams and gels, I have always been a bit of a sceptic but with all the adverts promising to rewind time or freeze time and give birth to a new fresher faced you, you cannot help but get a little sucked in by all the hype. To date there isn't a great deal of scientific evidence to back up some of the claims that anti aging eye creams often boast to possess, but there's no denying that moisturising your skin has its benefits.

      I'm not the greatest sleeper in the world and I do tend to get quite puffy around the eye area after a bad night's sleep and this of course makes me am fairly prone to dark circles, these are essentially my main concerns and my reasoning for purchasing any eye creams .

      ===Cost and Packaging===

      I find the cost of eyes creams to be bordering on the extortionate at times, and on a low budget I'm always in search of a low cost, quality product in this regard. Tottering around Wilkinsons I stumbled upon Garnier Youthful Radiance Multi-Active Eye cream,costing a very reasonable £5. Garnier are certainly one of the skin care markets leading brands, and with a lot of their competitors charging between around £8 - £15 for very similar products I felt that this cream was certainly worth a go. It's worth bearing in mind that the price of this product varies quite a bit depending on where you purchase it.

      The 15ml tube of cream comes in a small cardboard box displaying all the boasts and relevant information. Inside the box is a leaflet with the blurb in several different languages that give the impression that this is a well established international brand, and of course, likely to heed some good results. The container itself, is a long slim line green screw top tube. with a pointy nozzle that begins my issue with the product. In my opinion the packaging (tube) does not lend well to the contents. The cream inside is really quite thin and runny, even the gentlest squeeze of the tube results in a jet of cream pouring out, I only ever use cream sparingly to avoid clogging pores so basically If your'e like me, each time the product is used you may find yourself wasting double the amount intended.

      ===Claims and Ingredients===

      The cream itself is targeted mainly at those with the early signs of aging and part of Garniers Skin Naturals collection. The range claims to smooth fine lines and make skin radiant and younger looking. The range is enriched with omega 3+6 and magnesium which they claim reinforce the skins barrier and smooth the appearance of fine lines. Complementary ingredients in the range include Zinc, Lipopeptides and caffeine which are all thought be have anti aging properties, though I must confess I do feel very annoyed by brands that display boasts of their miracle ingredients but in turn, fail to explain why those ingredients are so relevant or how they are thought to work, and this is another issue that I have with Garniers Skin Naturals range as they seem to be quite vague in detailing the benefits of any of the specific plus elements of their ingredients. Youthful Radiance Multi-Active Eye cream claims to reduce the appearance of bags, dark circles and fine lines.

      ===Use and verdict===

      After squirting a large amount of the contents around my bedroom (a packaging problem as I have previously stated) I gently smoothed the cream around the contours of my eyes. After using the product my eyes felt really refreshed and cool. Over the course of the next week I subtly monitored the products affect. One thing that I observed almost immediately after every application, was that my eyes appeared notably more puffy than usual; this in turn drew more attention to my otherwise fairly unnoticeable fine lines. By week two I noticed that I began to get some very red little spots dotted around my eyes where the cream had been. I have quite acne prone skin but these little spots looked very different to acne and more what I would associate with an allergic reaction/irritation, given that they only appeared where the cream had been applied, it would be logical to conclude that this was as a direct result of the product.

      After a month of using this product I had noticed no improvement in dark circles, the puffiness under my eyes had increased, there had been no smoothing of fine lines and skin irritation had become fairly consistent. The only plus that I found from using this product, was the feeling of freshness after immediate use. As soon as I discontinued use, my eyes reduced in puffiness and I have since purchased a far more satisfactory product that I will review once I have used it for a long enough period to determine its efficacy, but so far so good.

      I suspect that this product might be of small benefit to those that do not have the burden of sensitive skin but I would advise those that do, to perhaps consider an alternative product. I personally wouldn't ever purchase this product again and believe firmly that it failed to deliver any of its claims.

      ~~Also on Ciao under the same user name~~


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