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Handmade Naturals Rose & Shea Eye Cream

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Brand: Handmade Naturals / Texture: Cream / Type: Eye Cream / Texture: Serum / Suitable for: Eye

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    1 Review
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      03.05.2011 12:59
      Very helpful





      Over many years now I have, like countless others, searched for an eye cream that could tighten the area around my eyes and reduce the appearance of fine lines that develop around the delicate eye area. Preferrably I wanted a gentle and natural product and one that would provide moisture and not dry out my skin. It was important that it was made by a cruelty free company and of course the more reasonable the price the better. I was not asking for much then - was I? I have trialled so many products that I have lost count. I was beginning to accept that the quest was futile until I stumbled upon a rare pot of divine cream!


      I bought a 15ml pot of Rose and Shea Eye Cream from a website called Hand Made Naturals over 6 months ago and this week I have ordered my second lot! This is an indication of how good I have found this cream to be as I am eager to get my new pot and intend sticking with it! I have found my 'dream cream' my 'pot of gold'. And; at £6 per jar I am delighted because in comparisson to previous eye creams that I have purchased this is a very competitive price. Even with the postage added it comes to less in price than some other creams on the market!


      When my package arrived I happily discovered a high quality glass jar with a simple but pretty lable that detailed all that I needed to know. When I opened the pot I got the 'wow' factor because I could smell the gorgeous natural essential oils - one of them being Rosewood. Already I was impressed and I hadn't even felt the consistency of the cream. At 15mls I have found that this cream lasts and lasts as you really don't need to apply a lot; the cream is thick - luxuriously thick and has a non sticky consistency. When applied around the eye area you can feel the weight of this quality product and thus that is why you really do not need to apply lots - a few tiny dabs above and below the eye are adequate for me and I would say that it takes around 3 to 5 minutes to competely soak in. When it has soaked in there is no dry or sticky sensation.


      What I have discussed so far is wonderful news about this product - it ticks the boxes for cost, quality and consistency and has a sumptuous fragrance and all this is what we want but, and that is an important 'but', does it work?

      Before applying in the morning I can feel tiredness around my eyes - a kind of heaviness around my eye area and some puffiness underneath, like a kind of dark circle? On the very first application of this cream, which contains nothing less than 'Virgin African Shea Butter', I could literally feel a gentle yet tightening sensation around my eye area! It was a little like an astringent sensation but not in an aggressive way, so very gentle and no burning or stinging was experienced. The skin felt like it was being wonderfully moisterised and the cream provided a lovely 'cooling' feeling. Of course with the Shea Butter and Rosehip Seed Oil (both extremely moisturising and healing) it is little surprise that the moisturising is good! And; the addition of the Eye Bright herb must account for some of the action of this excellent cream - since using this I can honestly say that the area both underneath and above my eyes has somehow tightened! The lines are way less noticable, infact they appear to have reduced (Rosehip is especially good for this as it promotes cell regeneration) and I have no dark or puffy circles beneath the eyes! I have been using this cream for approximately 6 months and these are the effects that I have had and I have never ever had a cream come close to these results. Perhaps it could be the incuslion of the Rose and Rosewood oils which produce a 'beautifying effect'! Whatever it is Hand Made Naturals have cracked it! and they are not charging the earth of it!


      Produced by a small, family run company.
      Not tested on animals and is suitable for Vegans
      Organic ingredients
      No synthetic ingredients
      Fair trade.
      Contains Aloe Vera for extra skin softening and soothing
      Comes in a 15ml quality pot
      Costs £6.00
      P&P at this time is £3.25 standard (Free on orders over £70)
      Website www.handmadenaturals.co.uk
      Shop Crewe Road, Alsagar, North Cheshire J16 on M6

      Have a good browse on the website - loads of interesting produts and information about the company and its origins.


      I know we are all individual and have different expectations but based on my experience with this eye cream I would recommed without any hesitation. I no longer have any desire to search for that ellusive eye cream. I am so grateful to have discovered the perfect match for me. The price is unbelievable for the quality and richness of the hand made, natural cream within. It has impressed me so much that I am looking into trialling one of their face creams next! The amount in the pot and longevity of use is impressive. The fragrance and benefits of the gorgeous ingredients is scrumptious, it is like being at a spa and recieving an expensive treatment - really it is a treat! Then the ultimate icing on the cake - it works like no other cream I have ever trialled. My eye area is quenched of it's thirst, supremely moisturised and caressed with the healing properties of Shea Butter, Rosehip oil, Olive Oil and Aloe Vera to name but a few. I am a very happy customer of Hand Made Naturals and I will continue to use this eye cream as I have no need to look for any other.


      This product gets all 5 stars from me and a big thumbs up!


      Thank you for reading my review I hope that you found it helpful.


      Also features on CIAO under Dawnymarie.


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