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Johnson's Face & Eye Cleansing & Moisturising Lotion

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Brand: Johnson's / Type: Eye Lotion / Suitable for: Face / What it does: Cleanses, Moisturizes,

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    1 Review
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      04.04.2008 01:08
      Very helpful



      Ok for a quid but pay no more!

      One thing I really do get through is cleansers, toners and facial wipes. I hate a grimy face and as a regular make up user I'd be lost without them. I own a lot of different bottles of cleansers and toners along with eye make up removers and stuff. I'm constantly told I don't look my age (33) and I firmly believe its cos I take very good care or my skin. My appearance is important to me. I want to look the best I can for as long as I can after all!

      This is a product I'd never heard of before I saw it in Poundland and knowing the brand I had to buy it!

      What It Is....

      Johnson's Face And Eye Cleansing And Moisturising Lotion.

      The packaging....

      200ml almost see through white plastic recyclable bottle with a shiny white plastic flip top lid. The stick on label on the front is a turquoise blue which tells me what it is and who it is by along with stating that it's a Johnson & Johnson product and the size. The white label on the back gives me it's promise and tells me what to expect, directions for use, ingredients and contact details for Johnson's.

      What To Expect....

      Johnson's face & eye cleansing and moisturising lotion is a fresh cleanser and moisturiser in one that leaves skin perfectly clean, make-up free and soft.

      A light, fresh lotion with a 'fresh-boost' mineral complex effortlessly removes dirt, oil and make up - even waterproof mascara. With special Johnson's skin conditioners it moisturises skin for 24 hours. Skin is left feeling clean, fresh and soft.

      Directions For Use....

      Apply on face, eyes and neck and remove with a cotton wool pad or water.
      None drying, suitable for sensitive eyes.

      My Opinion....

      Well normally I hate a product that is intended for several things like 2-1s. Personally I prefer lots of different products, such as, cleanser, toner and a separate moisturiser. However when I purchased this I bought it with ease of use in mind but still I didn't expect much from it.

      The lotion itself to me smells like white linen. I know odd description but its not floral or fruity just smells very light, clean and crisp and is not heavily scented at all. The lotion doesn't pour out of the bottle you have to squeeze the bottle gently. It is fairly thick and white and when you put some on cotton wool a small amount is enough to spread easily. It's cool and feels really very soft when on the skin.

      Now I've used it to remove a full face of make up (daytime make up and evening) and I have to be honest it struggles. It removes most but not all. It particularly struggles with mascara (mine isn't waterproof) and eyeliner and you have to rub hard and it takes alot of product to do this and a lot of cotton wool! Mainly it just takes too long and is rather messy and when you've done if you wipe over your face with a separate toner you'll see that no matter how long you've spent on previous removal more will make up will come off even though you can't see it on your skin.

      Now that's ok if you don't mind using this simply as a cleanser but its moisturising benefits are lost during this process.

      For me I prefer this on a fairly clean face. I get up in morning and the first thing I do is wipe my face over with cleanser or toner or straight after I've had a shower or bath as my face feels tight. This is perfect for that as it does gently remove any dirt left on face and neck and it does as promised, moisturise skin really delicately. After using this skin feels really soft, smooth and hydrated. What's more once you've used this you can put your make up on without having to mess about with a separate moisturiser.


      For me it's rubbish for removing make up. It's just too much hard work and even when I've done it I don't get that fresh faced feeling. I'm sure it'd be fine on just removing really light make up but me, I don't trust it to do that properly. As a product to just gently clean and refresh it's lovely. Not one I'd go out of my way to buy but it is gentle and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin!

      I found my bottle in Poundland but I've seen it in Sainsbury's for £4.49 and it is available on the net from discount stores.


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    • Product Details

      A light, fresh lotion with a 'fresh-boost' mineral complex /

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