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Joyona Nano Gold Cream & Mask Eyes & Lips

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Brand: Joyona / & Lip Cream / Type: Eye Mask / Texture: Cream / Suitable for: Eye / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      10.09.2008 00:06
      Very helpful



      I thought I spent a lot on beauty products but there must be people out there who actually buy this!

      I recently joined up to a website where each month you get to choose three products to receive a sample of, and you just pay 99p postage. Obviously for someone like myself this is great. For one I get to try out new products, which is brilliant, since I am slightly obsessed. The 99p postage can be more than made back by my reviewing the products I am sent. And well, it's just exciting to try new products out and see if I would want to buy them or not.

      In my first little bundle of goodies I received this. A mask for the eyes and lips. Quite a novel idea really since most face masks say to avoid the eyes and lips - it's about time they got a bit of pampering too!

      This can actually be used as a cream or a mask, depending how you use it. As I had a ridiculously small sample I decided to opt to use it as a mask. There wouldn't have been enough cream for me to use this for long enough to accurately say whether it did what it claims. As a mask however, the results are more instant, so I used my sample all in one go on my eyes and my lips.

      Now, my eyes are something, as you may know by now, that I'm not entirely happy with. The rest of my skin is fine, but I have puffy eyes, the hugest eye bags, dark circles and even a multitude of wrinkles. Not a good look. As this is an anti ageing treatment, it would be perfect for my prematurely aged eyes. My lips however are fine (as yet, touch wood) but I put some on there as well as there was enough to do so, and I wanted to write as thorough a review as possible.

      Applying the mask was pretty easy, although the instructions were somewhat vague. Basically just "apply". So I just put it on around my eyes, covering the lids, bags, and out to where crows feet will no doubt start appearing soon. I basically covered the whole eye area. The whole bit you would avoid with a normal face mask. As for my lips I applied it actually too my lips (no lip licking, drinking, or eating for now) and on the skin surrounding them. Again the area you would normally avoid with a normal mask. It's like a reverse mask.

      As it is a cream to, the texture is as you would expect, it's a nice feeling silky smooth cream. It does feel quite luxorious, not greasy but definitely silky. It feels high quality.

      Even the scent seems quite high quality. Originally I thought it didn't smell of much, but there is a lovely scent to it which I have no way of describing. The general smell is just like that of quite a posh face cream but theres something nicer and more special that comes through from time to time. It doesn't smell over powering though, it's a very gentle scent, unlikely to offend anyone, and you certainly won't mind having it on your face whilst the mask is on.

      You are supposed to leave the mask on for fifteen minutes. Mine is actually on as we speak. When applying as a cream you simply pat a small amount into the skin. With the face mask you basically just put a load on and allow it to soak in for the fifteen minutes, and then pat any remaining after the fifteen minutes into the skin. I guess the same principal could be used with any skin cream. The more you use and let sink in, the more the ingredients are going to get in there and do there job.

      It feels fine while it's on, I can certainly feel it sitting on my skin, but it doesn't feel uncomfortable. Use your fifteen minutes to do as you like, it really doesn't restrict you. If you like, lie back, relax and treat it like you would any pampering face mask. Or get on with what you would be normally doing around the house, it won't stop you from doing so.

      After ten minutes I am starting to taste the cream a bit, despite not licking my lips, I'm not sure how safe it is to technically eat, so you may want to stick to the edges of your lips, that's up to you. It is also sneaking into the tear duct of one of my eyes so I obviously put a bit too much near there, perhaps be careful to not get it actually in your eyes or in a position where it's likely to find its way in when you are applying it. It isn't however stinging, and with it being an eye product I imagine should be relatively safe, but it does just feel a bit weird, and I imagine not have any particular benefits to my actual eyeball. Still it can't be any worse than all the make up my eyes are subjected too. After the time is up you simply pat the remaining product into the skin. After ten minutes it was itching a fair bit and quite uncomfortable, and after patting in the residue was still very greasy.

      It is said to be luxurious, revitalising and restructuring. I can definitely vouch for it being luxurious and revitalising, and perhaps over time it would be restructuring, helping with the problems that the mature skin it is aimed at suffers. It is said to strengthen the skin around the eyes and the lips although there's no way really of knowing whether it would. It has it's own unique formulation of Micro Silk and Nano Gold as well as (and I quote because this makes not much sense to me): "regenerating fermentations, enzymes and revitalising phytohormones from active Asian essences". This could mean one of two things; it's either very scientific and beyond humble folks like ours understanding, or is a load of mumbo jumbo made to sound clever and make us not question it. In short though, I can't say to you, it has this, which does that, which I personally like in a product - being able to KNOW what it is definitely going to do and how and why - that way I have more faith in it.

      Finding out much more about the product is somewhat difficult as I think it is a foreign brand. What I can tell you is it is a luxury brand and their products are all based around these same inclusions of nano particles of natural silk, gold, silver and extracts of Asian herbs. This one in particular, having silk and gold should suggest how high end this is supposed to be. The ingredients also include magnolia, lotus, ginkgo, ginseng, jojoba, white tea, aloe vera and various other things, so it no doubt will be a nourishing treat for the skin with a whole host of benefits.

      A few hours later and my eyes do look better. They look a bit brighter and just healthier. The skin around it looks a bit more toned. The bags are still there but not as huge and they look somehow better. The lines again are still there but only if you're looking for them. There is a definite improvement, but it's perhaps one you would notice yourself rather than one that everyone will comment on.

      I found that there were results from this, my skin did look revitalized and perhaps plumped (in a good way) but the results were minimal. Long term results I think would be possible but nothing outstanding. I think the results would be good used regularly but not amazing, and after one use the results weren't remarkable. The results weren't of the "wow" variety, where you can't argue with the before and after, but I did think my eyes looked slightly better, but I wasn't sure if it was just because I wanted them to, the results were that minimal for me to question it.

      It did initially leave the skin feeling nice but then there was a weird peeling issue, which I wasn't sure if it was my skin or mask residue peeling off. Despite the whole host of ingredients and the fact it was applied fairly thick for an eye cream as I used it as a mask, it didn't cause puffiness which is great as a lot of creams can do around the eye area.

      I noticed no improvement at all to the lips but then mine aren't wrinkly so I guess it could help with more aged skins.

      At nearly 100 euros which works out around £80 this would have to have results on a par with surgery for me to buy this. It may produce fairly good results if used daily as a cream, and weekly as a mask, but fairly good is not worth the ridiculous price tag. I'm glad I got to try out such a high end product, and even before finding out the price I knew it would be expensive, but £80 is nothing short of ridiculous!

      Would I recommend it? Well only if you've got more money than sense, but if you're rich enough to buy this, you're rich enough for afford botox, collagen and a the old eye bag surgery, and don't kid yourself that this cream will ever make a difference even comparable to those options.


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