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L'Oréal Youth Code Eye Cream

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Brand: L'Oréal / Type: Eye Cream / Subcategory: Eye Care / Suitable for: Eye / Contents: 15ml / What it does: Smoothes / Product line: L'Oréal Youth Code / Contents/Size: 15ml /

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    4 Reviews
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      06.03.2012 14:22
      Very helpful



      Eye quite like it.

      <==Introducing Youth Code==>

      L'Oreal's Youth Code is one of the more notably effective anti-aging eye creams that I have tested in recent times. Although some of the claims are almost certainly over rated, I cannot deny an improvement to the overall quality of my skin, albeit not in the area that the claims suggest.

      <==Cost, packaging and all that jazz==>

      L'Oreal's Youth Code comes in a 15ml see-through, screw top pot which is housed in a reasonably posh looking cardboard box that sports all the relevant information such as directions for use and ingredients. You can expect to pay anywhere between £8and £15 depending on where you go and the product can be found in the majority of highstreet cosmetic stores as well as a number of online shops.

      <==What gets right under my skin==>

      When it comes to anti-aging products, there is nothing guaranteed to grip my goat more than vague product detailing when set alongside a parade of boastful claims and made up fancy names for a combination of standard ingredients. L'Oreal's Youth code has not been an exception and gone and plonked us on the kisser with this baffling thing called ' Pro-gen technology', suffice to say that it's either glamorised brand waffle or the mark of pure genius and the future in anti-aging technologies. Assuming that you're a bit of a cynic (like my good self), then you might want to know what exactly this all means, and more to the point what the blinkers is in it?

      <==Claims, ingredients, baffling science, yet more claims and my opinion on it all==>

      Well, they say that Youth Code is 'inspired by the science of genes,' and after some extensive scientific studies and a whole host of strokey beard meetings they've managed to come up with this: "When put under certain stress, skin genes linked to epidermal recovery are activated. This activation is known as gene expression". In mature skin they found that when skin became exposed to external aggression (exfoliation) gene expression took a considerable length of time to activate when compared to the reaction times of younger skin, which indicated to them that mature skin has a slower reaction time and also takes longer to heal. Okay, so the first bit is science but let's face it the verdict is obvious really. They then go on to claim that: "The Youth Code moisturising formula helps improve the skin's ability to behave more youthfully" which seems to imply that the 'pro-gen technology' has the ability to tamper with our skins genetic blueprint and accelerate the 'gene expression' process. It's almighty claim, but the link between the science and 'pro-gen technology' is eyebrow-raisingly vague in my opinion, and thus remains a bit of a mystery. The only ingredient I can speculate that might solve that mystery is called 'Bifida Ferment lysate' which appears to improve sensitive skin and increase its resistance to aggression.

      There are at least four different types of moisturiser in this product as well as an antioxidant called 'Ascorbyl Glucoside' which also acts as a whitening agent, so despite the rambling confusions of the 'pro-gen' there's some pretty good skin goodies to be had, though it's worth bearing in mind that there are also a couple of potential irritants.

      One of the more ambitious claims about Youth Code is that "In 1 hour, wrinkles appear reduced and skin looks rejuvenated". Well, let's put it to the test then........

      <==The overall experience==>

      The consistency of the cream is incredibly thick which is bound to be a bit off putting to those of us with spot prone skin at first, because let's face it, thick creams have that historic reputation of clogging pores. However, the texture is both incredibly smooth and super silky, so it glides on nice and evenly with only the smallest amount required and not a lot of effort involved, in conclusion, it never suffocated my pores, caused a breakout or any kind of skin irritation. In fact, my skin felt suitably soothed and rehydrated with every application, and given that I have incredibly sensitive skin I would suggest that the product is very gentle and pleasant to use.

      At 33 I've the beginnings of a few fine lines and the '1 hour reduction claim' was an attractive persuasion, but alas, it was soon proved over ambitious and although my eyes did look a fraction fresher there was no great change to write home about in this short time period.

      After the first week of using Youth Code I noticed a subtle improvement to the overall texture of my skin which felt smoother and softer. The puffiness around my eyes had also been reduced which was a consistantly pleasant attribute for this product to behold.

      After a couple of weeks I encountered a bit of a mirror shock when I was greeted with what can only be described as 'reverse panda eyes'. The skin around my eyes appeared to be at least two shades lighter than the rest of my face, but although there was a clear difference in skin colour, what was even more evident was that the long standing dark circles that I have a tendency to sport were now near total non-existence. I wasn't too keen on this new two shades lighter business at first, but given the choice between three shades darker or two shades lighter, the lighter seemed to be the fairer exchange (fairer being the optimum word) and much easier to conceal with make-up. There's no mention of skin lightening properties amidst the claims and one can only assume that L'Oreal might put this down to my skin rekindling the ability to behave more youthfully. Overall, the skin around my eyes looked more even toned and I suspect that when used in conjunction with the day cream you might expect to heed some truly significant results, and of course, skin that matches the rest of your face.

      I used the Youth code for a good six weeks and found it to be a more than adequate product. The ability to reduce puffiness and inflammation meant that those fine lines looked far less noticeable, but never the less, remained the same. If it couldn't help iron them out in six weeks then I think '1 hour' is a bit misleading at best, having said that, it's worth noting the careful and clever wording in the claim; 'appear reduced' as opposed to 'are reduced' which is bound to be misconstrude as the product flat out having the ability to reduce them in my opinion, particularly when you attach 'in 1 hour' to the sentance because it stands to reason that if they can 'appear' reduced in one single hour, then long term use would surely give rise to a more impressive lifting of lines? That's not to say that my eyes didn't appear altogether more youthful because surprisingly enough they actually did, so L'Oreal clearly haven't spun us a total yarn and perhaps there's something to this 'pro-gen technology' after all. My eyes looked fresher, a little bit younger and a dashing more lively, all thanks to the mystery that is the Youth Code.

      I would certainly recommend this product, but given the annoying mystery science and that misleading '1 hour' claim is why Youth Code gets a 3.5 out of a possible 5.

      ~~Also written on Ciao under the same user name~~


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        17.02.2012 09:27
        Very helpful




        I picked up a tub of this from my local branch of Savers only a few months ago. I like this shop as there is often a lot of bargains to be had in here. I got this for £8 for the 15ml tub. I don't know if this is widely available thesedays as I find that some products that are sold in shops like Savers are a little older stock and perhaps older packaging but even the current products are good priced and I often stock up on Shampoo and Body Sprays from here.

        I wouldn't say that I really have problems in the eye area as my skin looks alright, but I figure that prevention is better and surely to start treating the area is better than not.

        After reading the packaging on this it states that this is meant to smooth wrinkles arounf the eye area and tighten the area up by improving the skin's elasticity. Sounds good.

        This Cream is quite thick and just a little blob on the end of your pinkie is enough to rub into your eye area. I tend to rub this under my eyes and up the side area. I haven't put this onto my eyelids but perhaps I should. This Cream seems to soak in quickly and easily and although under my eyes look a little shiny and perhaps greasy after 5 minutes this is pretty much absorbed.

        This is pretty much fragrance free and only a slight tinge of a Creamy Moisturising scent in this.

        After using this for a few weeks now every night I find that my eyes are looking ok. Yes, I don't have much to compare it to weather it works on deep wrinkles or that, but I feel the area seems to be moisturised and hydrated and i'm sure that this helping to keep my eye area nice and smooth.

        It seems that this little tub will last a good lenght of time as I can hardly see much been used already, so this is good value for money in my view.

        A good cream and I recommend it.


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        12.10.2011 20:39
        Very helpful



        A decent eye cream which smooths and tightens the skin around your eyes.

        It was only at the beginning of this year that I used an eye cream for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised to find I liked it. Although I am fortunate that I don't actually have any real noticeable wrinkles around my eyes yet, I am noticing changes to my skin on my face and around my eyes and it certainly is losing some of its elasticity. So whilst I have always used a daily moisturiser since I was a teenager, it is only recently I started to pay separate attention to my eyes, as I must admit I thought that a daily moisturiser would be enough to care for my face and eye cream was just a marketing gimmick to make women spend even more on their skincare. In fact because of the special needs of the skin around the eyes, a regular facial moisturiser is not enough to care for the skin around the eye area.

        Although I had been quite happy using a Nivea eye cream, I decided to try L'Oreal Youth Code Eye Cream when I had a gift voucher to spend in Boots and a friend had recommended the Youth Code products to me as a good, but cheaper alternative to Clinique's 'youth' range.

        ~~ L'Oreal Youth Code Eye Cream ~~

        L'Oreal recognises the differences between mature skin and young skin in terms of how it recovers and responds to external aggressions. Basically, as we get older we know everything becomes slower and your skin's recovery slows down too as your skin appears tired, wrinkles appear and deepen and your complexion loses luminosity.

        This Rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream is meant to have a smoothing effect on the eye area and L'Oreal claim that in just 1 hour, your skin looks smoother and wrinkles appear reduced.
        This cream helps to improve the skin's ability to behave more youthfully and look rejuvenated. It is enriched with L'oreal's patented Pro-GenTM technology and recommended for women over 35.

        ~~ My thoughts ~~

        Eye cream I have found generally has a thicker texture than your daily moisturiser and this one is no different. It has a nice thick texture but also feels very light and non-greasy as you apply it to your skin. I find I only have to use a tiny amount however, so you should be careful when applying this for the first time that you don't use too much. A little certainly goes a long way and because of this I have found that my small 15ml pot has lasted far longer than I expected it would when I purchased it.

        When I use this cream I dab a small amount from my outer eye towards my nose. It absorbs quickly and easily and actually feels quite luxurious as I rub it in. I find my eye area does immediately feel hydrated when I apply this on a morning and my eyes are still somewhat tired. Therefore the rejuvenating claims work for me. I also feel my skin tightening when I apply this cream, which can only be a good thing!

        As for the claims that in just one hour your skin looks smoother and wrinkles appear reduced, well I can't say I have noticed much difference, but as I said earlier I don't actually have any real wrinkles yet, just some very fine lines.
        I would say however, that my skin does look smoother, as the skin around my eyes can feel and look a little dry before appying any cream. The fine lines are still there, this isn't a miracle cream which makes lines and wrinkles disappear and I don't actually think such a cream exists, but this does make the skin around my eyes feel much better than it would if I didn't use this cream. Therefore, it probably does lessen the appearance of lines and wrinkles thanks to its smoothing properties. I can't say I personally notice a great deal of difference when I look in the mirror, but it does look less tired and feels much better.

        I would purchase this cream again and whilst I can't say you will notice massive differences in one hour, I can definitely feel the benefits of using this on the skin around my eyes instead of using a daily moisturiser on that area.

        Overall, L'Oreal Youth Code Eye Cream is a decent product which I am happy to recommend. If you can purchase this when on offer then it is a bargain. It is worth shopping around online too for offers, for example, www.CheapSmells.com are selling a 15ml pot right now for less than £10 which is a saving of over £6 on the RRP.


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          22.03.2010 12:22
          Very helpful



          Ok product but did not deliver on its claims to rejuvenate within 1 hour

          I saw this on offer in my local Boots store for £10.99, which is a £5 saving on the regular price. I'm always a sucker for new beauty products on the market and although L'Oreal is not one of my favourties, due to the hype I thought I'd give Youth Code Eye Cream a try.

          Apparently this range of products from L'Oreal is inspired by the science of genes and how external aggressors affect the skin and how it reacts, this in turn has enabled L'Oreal to come up with new ingredients that can help skin to recover from these external influences. The new ingredient in question is something called 'Pro Gen Technology' which is designed to help mature skin recover more quickly and re-establish its natural youthfulness. Hooked yet?

          The cream comes in a small glass jar, through which you can see the product. Its a lovely pale pink colour, and has no obvious fragrance. It is a lovely consistency, quite smooth and silky. It is really easy to apply to the eye area and is absorbed quickly leaving no tell tale residue, immediately my skin feels soft and smooth, so I'm hopeful that this result will last. There was no immediate effect on the appearance of fine lines.

          This cream claims to have a smoothing effect on the skin around the eye and within 1 hour the skin will look rejuvenated. But did it work for me?

          Well I put the cream on an hour ago and have just gone and had a peek in the mirror, and the result is no, my faint lines look no different, there is a little softness and smoothness to the area, but no better than my regular eye cream. I did expect a bit more from this eye cream due to the build up to the launch, but I can honestly say I'm not impressed with this product. I have only been using it for a just over 1 week and will continue to use this until the jar is empty to see if there are any effects long term, but I'm not really holding out much hope.

          I was more interested in the '1 hour' claim that my skin would look rejuvenated but it has been a disappointment, it does not fit my idea of rejuvenated, which to my mind would be less dull, more of a subtle radiance, which it does not have.

          Unless the product has better results long term, I don't think I would buy it again, even if it is on offer.

          In all, this cream did moisturise my eye area, but did not deliver on its claims.


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      • Product Details

        L'Oreal Advanced Research; , in collaboration with independent scientists, has extensively studied the genes responsible for skin renewal and deciphered the "code" of youthful skin / The patented Pro-Gen Technology; is designed to help tired skin to recover and re-establish its natural "youth code": Your skin behaves more youthfully, looks smoother, more radiant / Visible results: / 1 Hour / Skin feels smoother and re-hydrated / 1 Week / The eye area appears more rested and looks radiant / 1 Month / Wrinkles, dark circles and under-eye bags appear visibly reduced / Skin looks rejuvenated.

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