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Laura Mercier Eye Basics

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Brand: Laura Mercier / Type: Eye Care / Suitable for: Eye / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    2 Reviews
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      02.07.2012 12:19
      Very helpful



      A really good eye shadow primer but one that is priced too high.

      Laura Mercier Eye Basics

      Purchasing high end make-up isn't something I do very often, but I will if I read enough recommendations about a product and am convinced that it is worth the money. As a result my make up collection is composed of all brands from the cheapest to the more expensive, and one of my more extravagant purchases in recent months was the Laura Mercier Eye Basics Eye Primer.

      When I purchase eye primers, if I am choosing one over another it will often be because it can also be used as a shadow in itself. That isn't to say that I don't purchase primers that have no colour to them, for example the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, which is only useful as a primer, is in my collection simply because it is an outstanding product and ensures eye shadows stay crease free all day. I think it is also worth saying that some eye shadows are just so good that they don't need a primer anyway, but some will crease dreadfully as the day progresses which is less than a good look to have.

      All About The Product and My Opinion

      The Laura Mercier Eye Basics attracted me because it has certain shades that I feel are just pigmented enough to allow me to use them as shadows, especially if I am looking to do a really natural eye which I am increasingly doing at the moment. The colour that I chose after reading many online reviews was Buff, but as I have been very pleased with it I may go onto purchase another shade in the future, especially If I can find an offer as I feel this product carries a premium price tag.

      The product retails over at John Lewis for £20.50 which in my opinion is too high. I had vouchers to use, but I would hesitate to re-purchase unless I could undercut this price, as although the product is superb, it doesn't make me want to buy again for this steep financial outlay. There are 8 shades-

      Linen - Very pale ideal for really light skin tones. (Also reported to be good for highlighting and using to brighten up the inner corner)

      Peach- Creamy peach shade with no shimmer.

      Cotton- Light slightly yellow toned beige

      Eye Bright - Light blue

      Flax- Light beige with a slight sheen

      Buff- Peach toned bronze with pink slight shimmer.

      Wheat- camel beige

      Tawny- not sure of this exact shade colour but you can see this on the House of Fraser website.

      The product is said to create the perfect canvas for make-up by covering imperfections and enhancing the durability of eye make up. For me it also has the additional benefit of being an eye shadow in itself if you choose the colour correctly. Many of the shades are a natural colour and have names like Linen Flax and Wheat, and if you choose a colour in line with your own natural skin tone you are not going to see it, but it will still have the two qualities I mentioned. However by choosing the shade Buff I have been able to enjoy a lovely wash of colour over my eyes, that only needs a slightly more intense brown blended out from the crease to give a very natural look. This is ideal for spring and summer that only takes seconds to achieve.The product is supplied in a lip gloss style bottle with a sponge tip applicator, and there is just over 5g in the container. The shade I have called Buff is a peachy/bronze colour with a hint of pink and it has a very slight shimmer to it. It is said to have a sheer creamy texture and a semi matte finish which I would agree with. It also claims to have botanicals to sooth distressed lids, and several vitamins for anti-oxidant properties, as well as eye bright which is anti-inflammatory. I would certainly say that it is reassuring to know that the product has these ingredients. Furthermore hopefully this should translate into wide open eyes that look bright and youthful- does it?- yes to an extent I think this does impart a moist and dewy look that is creamy and makes lids look moisturised. For these reasons it is ideal for older skin.

      I find it very easy to work with and to blend, and in moment you can have a lovely dewy coverage which you can either cover with shadows or leave as a natural wash of colour. I have found the product to work really well in relation to the prevention of creasing. I tried it with my favourite eye shadows including Nars creamy colours, which are the worst to crease that I own, and the look was lovely with no hint of this problem at all. For my very quick summer look I simply apply using the applicator all over the lid blending up to the eyebrow and then I lightly powder with Bare Minerals Mineral Veil. I then simply apply my favourite bronzer -Too Faced Chocolate Soleil into the crease of the eye blending up slightly using a crease brush, and this gives a lovely natural easy to do holiday make up eye look. It is easy to remove at the end of the day with wipes, cream cleansers or even soap and water.

      In comparison with other products on the market I think it is fair to say that they remind me so much of Mac Paint Pots which I adore and which have the same dual benefits. This is another reason why I feel these are too high in price because MAC Paint Pots retail for £14.50 which is in the price area about where I would like to see this product fall.

      I always look at my favourite make up review site at www.makeupalley.com for their opinion before I purchase as these reviews are always brilliant. I noticed they give this product in the shade Buff 4 out of 5, which is a very good score indeed as these reviews are always accurate and truthful. 69% said they would re-purchase which is a promising number, and I would say I fall in this category of opinion exactly. This is not the only product on the market of its type, and it costs a considerable amount more than some of its excellent rivals.

      Final Thoughts
      I will finish by saying that I would not be tempted into purchasing the flesh coloured shades that would be less visible on the lid, as for me the benefit of this product is the ability to wear the colour alone. I would if the price was less though - it all comes down to that in the end with this. It is priced too high and I feel this will deter potential purchasers especially beyond their initial first buy.

      This review is also published on Ciao under my user name Violet1278


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        05.06.2012 15:43
        Very helpful



        A great product if you can afford to splash out for something high end.

        "Always use a primer before you paint the colour" - My dad's advice when painting. Well. I guess that I have taken this into putting my makeup on (Hopefully not applied so I look like I AM wearing paint....) Now. This is something that I would normally never splash out on - May I just point out here that Laura Mercier is a high end makeup brand (To show this is normally stocked at such places like Harvey Nicholls and Harrods....) so the prices are high. I am usually happy to go with low budget high street makeup but if I have the chance then I will collect a few pieces because, and you cannot fault it, the quality is just so much better and lasts longer.

        The reason I came into contact with Laura Mercier was through a birthday shopping trip with the mother. And this product was no different. I had read many, many reviews on this product so I wasn't totally sucked in by the sales. Well. Not quite. I actually found the staff very helpful and genuinely interested in helping.

        The product itself is marketed as "eye basics" and the company claim it will hide imperfections and create a good base for applying eye makeup. At around £24 for 0.18oz it sounds like a huge amount of money for not a lot of product, but I should point out that you actually use very little per application and it does last well (I have had mine for several weeks and do not seem to have really used any) I actually used this as a change from the "eye canvas" (around £26) which is a more solid form of primer because I wanted something that would make my cheap eye shadows stay true to their colour - The canvas gives a more muted effect (I was informed that this is to keep make up looking natural - The Laura Mercier goal)

        It comes in a choice of 8 shades with each providing a slightly different coverage so I would suggest letting the sales rep show you how to apply it and colour match you (and enjoy the 10 mins of pampering and make over) - This way you are guaranteed a perfect match that will suit your needs. Just to highlight that, with most high end products, LM keep a record (if you want them to) of your colour so you can order online in the future and can save time if needed - Not that I intend to make a huge habit of shopping here for financial reasons...

        The product is waterproof (tested, and agreed) and contains various vitamins that are supposed to provide protection (Have I noticed any difference?! Not really. Don't rely on this to perform miracles) I was shown to apply this using the applicator (This is built into the lid, think your standard lip gloss applicator) and then blending with a brush and setting with a powder. This to me is a little extreme and to be honest also relies on your having yet more tools to use (I wouldn't mind but it costs enough already) I personally have fund the best way to use it is to put a few "blobs" in the center of your eye lid and use your fingers to blend out to the edges.

        I have found that the product lasts well and does enhance the bright shades from my summer colours and also keep the warpaint on. I, as with other products, put this on, spent the day at work and then went to the gym. I managed to get it to last right up until dinner and didn't really notice any creasing on the lid (The main point of a primer) so I would say it was a success.

        The product is made from fairly natural ingredients and I have found it not to irritate my very sensitive skin. Would I purchase this product again? If I'm honest probably not, this is not to say I don't think it is extremely good quality and does give you value for (all be it a lot) of money but I personally prefer the canvas solid primer. I rarely use bright colours, and whilst it is nice to have a primer for such occasions I am happy to keep with more natural tones. For me, the solid worked better and lasts longer - I felt you used less with this and do not risk any leaking into your bag.

        I would say if you consider buying this go to the counter, explain what you use and ask questions, don't feel rushed as they do want to help, and, ultimately you don't want to come away feeling let down. It's a great product, yes, it is expensive but I think you will probably get a good 8 - 12 months if you use this properly and it will be worth it as I didn't have to top up the warpaint during the day like I have with some of the very cheap products.


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