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Lloyds Pharmacy Your Organics Eye & Lip Lift

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Brand: Lloyds Pharmacy / Type: Eye & Lip Care / Suitable for: Eye / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Lifts,

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    1 Review
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      03.02.2011 16:13
      Very helpful



      Not great!

      I am a huge fan of buying toiletries and face creams and lotions and potions and the likes, however of late I did a stock take of what I own and made the choice to stop buying it all and to use up what I already have.

      This plan was going A ok until my bestmate/flatmate went to a Lloyds chemist one evening to pick up a prescription for herself and came back with a load of reduced stuff from there each! I was pleased with the gifts of course but it kinda defeated what I was trying to do....but never mind eh who don't love presents! lol.

      One of the things she got me and her was a bottle of was this lip and eye cream. Not a product I have ever thought of using before to be honest but I was intrigued by how it would help me!

      The Packaging:

      The eye & lip lift comes in a small white bottle with pump action dispenser to the top of it and a frosted safety cap/lid that securely goes over that. On the front of the bottle we are told that it is Lloyds Phamacy, Your Organics, Eye & Lip Lift and that 99% of the ingredients within it are from natural origin and that it contains organic camomile and is 15ml in size (and the only size this is available to purchase in). Other information on the bottle includes being told how to use it and the ingredients are listed as well as contact details for the manufacturer.

      Using It:

      Well what you get when you pump some out is a small blob, not too runny but certainly thick enough white and glossy lotion and with no fragrance to it really.

      This absorbs fast when applied and we are advised to gently massage it around the mouth and around the eyes and as I have just mentioned it really does absorb fast, leaves no notable residue and dries into the skin very well indeed and doesn't feel one bit greasy.

      However I find around my eyes inparticular that this makes my skin feel tight as it is a little sticky. It does seem to smooth the skin whilst it is on for a while though I find the effects of this short term in respect of that it doesn't fix things in the long term. I don't like the feel of this around my eyes at all but does it lift the skin? Well it feels as though it does slightly as the skin feels tighter and the skin feels soft and moisturised though just by looking at where I have applied it to I can't see any real difference at all.

      Around my lips once again it absorbs fast and I find applied here it really doesn't feel sticky at all. Once again, to the touch the skin feels lightly moisturised and no residue is left visible on the skin but I can't see a lift to my lips or my lips looking plumper or with less 'bleeding' lines around them or anything positive at all.

      All in all if you want to 'feel' an eye lift then I think you will with this in a rather unnatural way but me I don't like the feel of this on the eyes and I don't think it makes a big difference applying it to my lips either!

      Only available in Lloyds at about £2.99 a bottle (though my mate bought it on offer for a pound just after Christmas!).


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