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Melatogenine Futur Plus Anti Aging Eye Cream

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Brand: Gatineau / Eye Cream / Type: Eye Cream / Subcategory: Eye Care / Suitable for: Eye / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Rejuvenates

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    1 Review
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      23.11.2011 14:10
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      An excellent results based product

      Gatineau are a French company that have been going for 80 years, they pride themselves on being results based rather than restricting themselves to one primary type of ingredient, using only plant oils for example. They might use marine collagen plus proven plant oils, antioxidant ingredients, anything that they believe gives definite results. They have a patented ingredient which they refer to as 'the youth molecule' which they claim helps the surface cells of your skin which become flattened as they rise to the surface plumper for longer giving a more youthful impression. This is used in all of their Melatogenine range (Melatogenine is the name they have given this 'youth molecule') in various combinations, and is one of the ingredients in their Melatogenine eye cream.

      I bought a set of Melatogenine products from QVC (who are the main suppliers in this country) a couple of years ago when it was the days 'special' offer. I was cautious as the range is so expensive and wondered if QVC were bumping up the price as it's difficult to source in store. So I did a little online research before committing and found that quite the opposite is true, and I would recommend keeping your eyes peeled for QVCs offers. The single daily offer (today's special value) span all their departments not just skin care and it pays to do a little homework before purchase because the products on offer do vary in usefulness and not all of them are brilliant, though I have to admit most of them are.

      My set cost me around £39 about two years ago (they have similar value offers a few times a year) and contained genuinely well over £100 worth of product (bought primarily to split as Christmas gifts for 3 aunties). One of these was the eye concentrate in question, in the full 15ml size which normally costs £46.50 on its own! This is a big problem for me because I fell in love with the eye cream but haven't been able to afford it since (not even on special offer). I've not been able to find it anywhere else cheaper, though at the moment QVC are selling a duo pack for £48.84 which I think is great value, also QVC offer a bottom of the jar returns policy, if it does nothing for you you can return it at whatever stage of use you are at. The fact that this product is the QVC customer beauty award winner this year for the third time I feel says something about the quality of this product. Anyway enough of QVC and pricing etc, more about the eye concentrate.

      If you'd like to know more about the ingredients of this product, and the results Gatineau claim for it you can find them here www.gatineau.com.au/d43-7/melatogenine-futur-plus-anti-aging-eye-cream/

      The eye cream comes in a little glass pump dispenser bottle which feels heavy and comfortable in the hand, the pump is fairly smooth in operation but will dispense too much product if you depress it firmly all the way. I usually manage to judge the pressure right to get a quantity equal to about two rice grains; this is more than enough for both eyes, it's too expensive to 'over' use. Application is recommended on the 'orbital' bone right around the eye, however I always pat it almost up to the lash line and have never had any sensitivity issues.

      Two things I was not keen on about the packaging are: The silver colour of the lid, and even the opaque satin finish dull 'silverish' coating on the bottle wears off here and there. I think this leaves the bottle looking a little cheap, and you can find fine little flakes of silver over your fingers which isn't good if they are going near your eyes. The other is that the bottle is opaque meaning that you can't see when you're about to run out. A good thing though is that you can unscrew the pump section which you can't on all skin care pump action products, this allows you to scoop out the very last drops of the concentrate so none is wasted this gives me as much as an extra 2 to 4 weeks of use!

      The texture is almost like a lotion, but has enough firmness not to run when dispensed onto the finger. There is no strong fragrance, but a pleasant faint almost generic cosmetic smell, it is recognisably Gatineau but not distinctive enough in my opinion to accurately describe.

      Because the consistency is emulsion like it glides onto the skin very smoothly allowing you to spread a small amount a long way. While it glides well it does sink in very quickly after application and doesn't leave any residue or surface oil on the skin at all. I also find that although it is packed with good stuff and is a 'cream' albeit a light one it doesn't overload the fine skin under the eyes and never leaves the eye are feeling 'heavy'.

      Does it work?
      In short yes. Immediately on application I notice a difference, it feels comfortable, and any fine lines and crepiness are plumped up a little. With continued use there seems to be a slight re-contouring effect as the skin appears to regain a more youthful appearance. The crepiness that I have started noticing disappeared completely within a week or two of using this morning and evening. After using it for a month I would usually only apply once a day and this was enough to maintain the excellent results.

      Any darkness under my eyes was much reduced while using this. I can't vouch for how it would cope with very dark under eye circles or puffiness, as at the time I was using it I didn't suffer from this to any great degree. My aunty who recommended this product to me and uses it all the time says that it zaps her under eye bags, and the hooded eye look she has started to get as the lid skin slackens is lifted considerably. I have noticed this effect on myself too, as though I don't have wrinkles I do have 'stretchy' skin and had noticed the top lid (under brow area) starting to succumb to gravity, while using this that effect was noticeably reduced. Gatineau also produce a product specifically for this slackening problem, their 'DefiLIFT' range which would give a stronger lifting effect.

      I enjoyed using this product and the real shock for me was when I stopped using it and moved to a cheaper cream (Garnier, which I have found has no effect on my skin whatsoever) my skin returned to how it looked before I started using the Gatineau concentrate, and that is when I really noticed what a good job it had been doing. I'm fairly lucky in that I don't have deep or long crows feet but I do have small lines just starting to form, and some crepiness at the outer under eye area and this completely disappeared whilst using the Gatineau. The only other product that addresses these issues in a similar way for me is Decleor Hydratenseur but Gatineau is the real work horse. My sister who's skin is dryer than mine has deeper lines and crepiness around her eyes and she used the trial 5ml size that came with my 'set' for just over a month. The effect on her eyes was dramatic, it honestly took years off her. I just wish I could afford to buy her the full size for Christmas.

      The fact that the effect is temporary is not an issue as the same is true of most over the counter lotions and potions. Gatineau are up front about this in their blurb, unlike some skin care companies that incorrectly lead us to believe that the product s having some kind of permanent effect on the skin. The only lotion type things that will have a more permanent effect on skin are medical grade skin peels using hydroxy acids and similar which resurface the skin. I'm quite happy to use something which makes my skin look better while using it without any pain. The effect does not wear off the instant you stop using it, but does gradually become apparent within a month or so, as the new cells reach the surface without the benefit of having been bathed in Gatineau's 'youth molecule' and other ingredients. The skin doesn't look any worse than it was before, but the issues you had before using it do return somewhat. Though I must admit my sisters deepest lines do seem to have been a little softened even several months after discontinuing use.

      I did repurchase this once after finishing the bottle that came with the special value set (again as part of a cheaper offer), and if I could afford it I would gladly continue to purchase it. . If your eyes are still fairly youthful I wouldn't recommend that you spend this much on a product which is geared specifically at treating signs of ageing, not moisturisation and delaying signs of ageing (although it does this too). However for older skins and/or those showing signs of ageing I would highly recommend this product it does what it sets out to.

      *I had a horrible feeling that Gatineau do still test on animals and while looking up a few details for this review I realised that they do (via a quick check on the internet search)/ This means that I will probably go for Decleor's Hydratenseur when I can afford it in future as they have a great anti cruelty stance. I just hope that Gatineau will cease animal testing as soon as possible. I have still given the product 5 stars as I can't fault the effects.


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