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Pro Derma Q10 Eye Roll on

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Brand: Pro-Derma / Type: Roll on / Suitable for: Eye / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    2 Reviews
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      22.05.2013 13:20
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      A good value eye roll on.

      I purchased this product about a week ago from Wilkinson's after reading a review of it. I have never tried anything from the Pro Derma range and because it was cheap thought I would give it a try.

      The packaging.
      The product come is a white and blue cardboard box. On the front it shows you a picture of the actual product and at the top it clearly displays the brand name 'Pro Derma.' At the side of the picture it tells you that it smooth's wrinkles, reduces bags and flabbiness. At the bottom of the box it also tells you that it is an eye roll on. The back of the box lists the ingredients and gives some contact details for the brand. On the side of the box it gives the directions for use, product benefits, the shelf life (12 months\) and the product size. (15ml)
      After opening the box the product is in the form of a blue plastic stick and has a clear plastic screw lid on the top. Once the lid is removed it reveals a silver metal ball that is used to roll the product onto the skin.

      The product and directions of use.
      The product itself is a white liquid with a thin consistency that rolls on clear one applied to the skin. Before use gently shake the bottle and unscrew the lid. Using the ball applicator, roll the ball 2 times around the eye contour under the eye, working from the inside to the outside. (I will warn you the metal ball does feel really cold on the skin) Once applied gently pat the area of the skin where applied to help it absorb. It does give a warning to avoid direct contact with the eye and recommends to use everyday for best results. (I use this once a day in the morning) This product is really easy to apply and because it goes on clear can be used directly before applying make up, it also dries straight away and it has a mild pleasant fresh smell to it.

      The benefits.
      - Contains Q10 which stimulates the skin to repair and regenerate itself, improving elasticity and appearance.
      - Contains Shea butter which leaves the skin more beautiful, supple and comfortable. It can relieve dry skin and help restore a healthy look.
      - Contains an advanced 24 hour moisturising complex that guarantees a constant high level of moisturising activity.
      - 12 month shelf life
      - Smooth's wrinkles, reduces bags and flabbiness

      Price and availability.
      The product is available from Wilkinson's both in store and on line priced at £1.95 for 15ml.

      My verdict.
      I was really surprised by this product, I didn't have high expectations because it is priced so cheap. I have been using it daily for nearly a week now and agree that is definitely reduces bags. It leaves my eye area feeling smooth and revived. There has been no change in my wrinkles (yes, unfortunately I do have a few) but this could change with continued use. I would recommend this product and think it is really good value.


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        03.04.2013 10:37
        Very helpful



        You can't go wrong!

        When I go shopping, I never come back home without a bag from boots or Wilkinson's, as they are my favourite stores that sell skin care products. Yes that's right, cosmetics are on the top of my never ending agenda and I can't help buying something that I fancy, which is quite often .

        I ran out from my favourite eye roll on. I went to Wilkinson's to buy my usual eye cream as I always get it from there. Unfortunately it was out of stock so I looked for some other alternatives and I saw a new range of skin care named Pro-Derma and they had their own eye roll on. I wasn't so sure whether to buy it or not but after 10 minutes of reading the information on the box I brought it to try it temporarily until my next visit.
        I never heard of the brand before so I did a little research on the internet and I was hoping to find some useful information.

        The company

        Russell and Mellor LTD is an independent, UK Beauty Company that is based in the beautiful and historic village of Silkstone in Yorkshire. The company possesses and develops beauty products in all health and beauty departments. Their products work as a good alternatives to some well-known brands. They have products to suit every skin, they have facial creams, hair colouring, Lip Balms, Children shampoo, shaving gels and creams, seasonal gifts for him and her, depilatory Wax's and their own dental range. All are at an affordable price which is a lot cheaper than the usual high priced products.
        To check out their full range, visit their homepage


        Pro-Derma innovations energising and rejuvenating eye roll on
        The box is slightly tatty which was the first thing to put me off the product because it looks cheap; however it contains all the necessary information which can be counted as a good thing.

        The eye roll on is from the anti-wrinkle range "the innovation". The eye roll is depicted on the front and the name of the product written baldly. You can find more information about the product on the sides of the box and on the back there is all the necessary information such as the ingredients, postal address and internet address.

        Their claim
        They claim that it diminishes wrinkles, reduces eye bags and flabbiness.

        The product

        It contains Q10, which can help accelerate the skin regeneration and improve elasticity and appearance.
        It has Shea Butter, therefore it can make the skin look healthier and more supple by relieving the dry skin in addition to restoring its healthy look.
        It consists of an improved moisturising compound which supplies the skin with high level of moisturising, which is called hydrovation 24.

        The actual product comes in a thin, blue cylinder. The tube is made out of hard plastic with a shabby sticker on it. Once again I have to say that it isn't the best looking product in the world however the worst either. There is a clear plastic cap on the top of the tube; underneath it there is a metallic ball applicator to roll on the eyes contour, under the eyes.

        Applying the product wasn't as easy as I thought
        First, I shook the bottle to make sure everything was mixed properly. Then I gently rolled the ball on my eyes contour and under my eyes rolling it from the inside to the outside TWICE, with me paying extra attention for the mixture not to go near the eye. Once I had finished I patted the treated area gently using my index finger.
        It took me a while to get the mixture out of the ball. I rolled the ball with my finger however nothing came out, so I tried again and again and the ball was still dry, after several minutes of rolling, I nearly gave up until the liquid finally came out, after that it worked perfectly fine.

        It came out as a clear, sticky liquid and the smell was hardly noticeable. The whole process was pretty quick because the liquid didn't take much to absorb but I could feel something a bit heavy and sticky on my eyes contour.

        The results
        I loved the result; I was completely surprised by the results, indeed I was a tad stunned with them, despite it having slightly shabby packaging. My eyes contour were moisturised and they were softer by the touch. I used the whole bottle over a period over 2 months. Yes it lasted even with the everyday usage. I could see a lot of improvement, my eye bags now show less, and my eyes look healthier, fresher and definitely younger. I was completely satisfied.

        Where to buy this product

        I only found this item in Wilkinson's; they stock the eye roll and some of their pro-derma range. The price is astonishingly cheap, it is only £1.73 for 15 ml bottle, while my usual brand is 5 times more expensive .

        My final opinion

        I highly recommend using this item as it's easy to use once you get to know how to use it. The eye absorbs the mixture fast and it provided me with great results. As for their claim, I have to say I only used it to reduce the puffiness that I had. As for winkles around the eyes, which thankfully I don't have, I haven't noticed any change apart from being softer and smoother around the eye area. I am more than happy to recommend it and I'm giving it a healthy 4 stars.

        Recommendation age from mid-20's to mid-50's
        Product of EU

        Postal address
        103 High Street
        S75 4LT


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