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Silhouette Vitamin C Lip & Eye Pads

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Brand: Silhouette / & Lip Care / Type: Pads / Suitable for: Eye / What it does: Protects

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    1 Review
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      09.09.2009 16:14
      Very helpful



      Great product to help keep crow's feet at bay

      Silhouette Vitamin C Lip & Eye Pads

      I am a big believer in all things skin care, even more so since I did a beauty therapy course a few years ago. I am also one of those people who are scared of getting older and looking older. I wouldn't say I am obsessed but I want to look good when I get older, I mean who doesn't?

      The beauty industry in the UK is big business, even though the UK is in recession at the moment the beauty industry is still big business.

      While I was studying beauty therapy and looking at different skin care sites I came across Silhouette. Silhouette supply salons, spas, beauty teaching collages and over seas and have done since their launch in 1974.

      They believe in their technology and are always researching new products and it's ingredients for best results.
      Silhouette are also the trademarks for
      ~ Silhouette
      ~ Dermalift
      ~ Dermatone
      ~ Dermafusion
      ~ Interslim
      ~ Prifile
      ~ Bofusion

      Everyone says the eyes have it and it's true, the eyes are one of the first places on your face to notice the signs of ageing. This is due to a number of factors including poor skin care routine, illness, stress, ageing process, weather, skin type etc.

      You will notice fine lines (crow's feet) around the outer corners of the eyes. Theses lines can become pronounced with frequent crying, expression lines, smiling, smoking, exposure to the sun and prolonged eye strain also a poor skin care routine. But you can help the lines by keeping the area hydrated and in good condition, if you think of anything that has been starved of water and hydration it shrivels up and you can see all the lines etc. As soon as you water it and keep it hydrated you will see it will plump up a lot more.

      Unfortunately you won't ever stop crow's feet from appearing just by keeping the area hydrated; it is also to do with the muscles surrounding the eye contour. When muscles interact with one another the lines produced join together and form a curve.

      Skin that has got elasticity returns to normal once the muscles relax. Skin that has lost this due to ageing develops permanent expression lines and wrinkles. But keeping the area hydrated and in tip top condition can help with this by making the lines and wrinkles less prominent.

      As well as using your regular eye cream/lotion/gel every day you can also use theses pads once a week as a good treatment for your eye area. Never take your day or night cream to the eye area as its to heavy for the delicate eye area and may make the problem worse.

      Theses eye pads have Vitamin C and Marine Collagen saturated in them. When used regularly the pads will give you long lasting results, results can be seen from the first treatment especially if you have crow's feet there all ready.

      The pads help to improve skin elasticity by giving some back that isn't there, hydrate and protect the skin tissue around the eyes and lips if you want to use the pads there.

      The best time to start this treatment is when your in your middle/late 20's when the first signs of ageing starts, but even better if you all ready have fine lines around the eyes or lips as you can help them. Remember it is never to late to start.

      The pads are great to help to diminish fine lines and dark shadows underneath the eyes it leaves the eye area feeling fresh, revitalised and awake. Vitamin C is essential for skin care either in a salon or home use.
      Each pack comes in a shiny silver wrapper that you cut at the top to get the pads out (be careful when you cut the pads aren't near the top other wise you will cut them. When you open the top you will see the white pads inside, which is saturated with Vitamin C, collagen as well as other important ingredients

      Before you apply the pads to the eye or lip area make sure you have cleansed the area before hand, toned and patted the skin so it is dry.
      Gentle take the pads out of the wrapper and gently apply to the bottom of the eye area making sure you cover the area where crow's feet are.

      Don't throw away the wrapper as it will come in usual again.

      The pads are thin and you can easily rip them.
      When on the eye area gently press out any air bubbles and leave on the eye area for at least 30 minutes. This way your getting a brilliant treatment and helping your eye contour area.
      When the pads are dryish after the 30 minutes mark you can do two things, this is where the wrapper comes into action. Open the wrapper down the sides and you will see there are loads of actual gel product left. You can either take the gel and press it onto the pads again for a longer treatment or you can remove the pads and gently press the actual gel on the eye area paying special attention to the crow's feet and outer corner.

      Keep applying the product until it has sunk in, you will tell when your skin has had enough of the product that it needs as it won't sink in as quickly or it won't sink in at all. That to me is a brilliant eye treatment.

      You will notice as soon as you have took the pads off your eyes look refreshed, my dark circles actually looked brighter and my lines looked less pronounced. The skin around my eyes defiantly felt and looked more hydrated.

      My eye area did also feel a little toned and tighter but it wasn't an uncomfortable experience.

      For the rest of the week I could tell my eye area looked brighter and I also noticed I didn't need to use a lot of concealer but just a bit at the inner corner and patted around thinly.

      This is a product I would have no hesitation in recommending for anyone including men, it is a great all rounder eye treatment and for £5.95 from http://www.silhouetteinternational.co.uk you can't go wrong.
      You can also get theses pads cheaper on different beauty sites.


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      Re-hydrate and protect the sensitive skin around the eye area /

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