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Solutions by Hive Microtec Cooling Eye Gel

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Brand: Solutions by Hive / Type: Eye Gel / Suitable for: Eye

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    1 Review
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      20.10.2009 15:32
      Very helpful



      Brilliant for a pick me up on tired eye days

      Solutions by Hive Microtec Cooling Eye Gel

      I remember when I was little and my Mum had a little pot of cooling eye gel, which I would use every now and again without her knowing and without me knowing what it was for and what it would do for me. I knew it goes around the eyes and that it felt cool and light to my skin, ever since then I never thought about it or thought about buying one myself.

      That was until a few months ago when I thought I would jump on the band wagon and have the benefits myself. I bought it mostly for a pick me up in the day as you can't keep applying your usual eye cream as it's too much for your delicate eye area so I thought this would be perfect especially with a toddler running around my feet and causing chaos. It is true what they say your eyes are the window to your sole so if you can pick them up you feel and look better.

      I looked around for a few cooling eye gels and in the end I bought Hive Microtec Cooling Eye Gel in 140ml for £12.15 at www.hiveofbeauty.co.uk
      Hive was launched in 1994 in Staffordshire, Tamworth. Hive supply the beauty and spa industry including collages and training schools.

      Hive boast their cooling eye gel has ingredients such as Wheat Proteins, which is used for its firming effect around the eye area, Cornflower extract is to sooth the eye area making it look less puffy, this eye gel also contains blue Microspheres which are high in Vitamins A and E, all my research into different gels none of them had this.

      When I received my product it comes in a clear plastic 140ml bottle with a pump action top that locks for ease of travel and storing away. The gel itself is light green in colour and you can see the blue microspheres floating around in the product. The bottle actually feels cool to the touch and this is without it being in the fridge unlike most cooling eye gels that say store in the fridge.
      The first time I pumped some product out it was on the back of my hand to see what the consistency was like, again it felt cool on my hand and as I spread it out it feels like a light weight gel with a very delicate fresh smell. I pumped some more out to the back of my hand and gently patted it onto my eye contour area with my ring finger. Straight away my eyes feel cool and refreshed, it feels soothing on the eye area and my eye area feels like it has had a pick me up and revived my tired eyes.
      It feels very light and sinks in rather quickly, while still leaving your eyes feeling energised. It is also a great way to re-moisturise your eye area if you feel your eyes are dry or you see your concealer is cracking in the day.

      After five minutes or so you can feel your eye contour area is more firm and toned, and feels lifted. Okay if you look in the mirror you won't see miracles but you can feel this slight effect.

      I have found as well if you suffer from puffy eyes, whether it is from hay fever, allergies etc it will help to de-puff while giving you all the benefits of the gel. It is also great to use in the morning to take down puffy eyes or at the end of a long day.

      A good tip is to use this when flying as your eyes tend to swell a little with the high altitude and your eyes can feel very dry and itchy this is great for helping your eyes feel soothed, moisturised, cool and de-puffed.

      I have a friend who swears by cooling eye gels especially in the summer as she doesn't like the feel of a rich eye cream so she switches to cooling eye gels.

      This cooling eye gel comes in two sizes, 30ml for £7.15 and 140ml for £12.15. If you feel you will be using this on the odd occasion then the 30ml is properly better for you and you can see how you get along with it, but if you're like me and go for the 140ml. I find it is more economical in the amount of product you receive and money saving, also I decanter the product into a small pot so I can carry it around with me and for over night stay at a friends instead of taking a big bottle.

      With applying eye creams too much to the eye area sometimes you can develop little white spots called milia or more commonly known as whiteheads, this is because the product is too rich to be applied all the time and the pores become blocked with sebum.
      Whiteheads also occur with different factors including, dehydration, poor removal of eye makeup etc. If you do develop whiteheads don't try to squeeze them as you risk scarring the area.
      When applying eye gels you don't get the risk of this problem as gels are so light.

      If you feel your eyes need more than a little patting every now and again you can use this cooling gel as a eye mask. Simply pat a thicker layer around the eye contour area and leave to sink in. You will find though when applying a thicker layer not all of the product will sink in and leave a bit of sticky reside, you can tap some tissue around the sticky area and your good to go.

      I have two problems with this product, if you apply this before makeup you will find it is hard to apply and look even and your eye makeup may end up looking a mess, especially concealers and foundations. It is best to use on no makeup days or over the top of makeup when you need a pick me up.
      After a bit this product can also feel sticky to the touch where you have applied it, but if you tap some tissue over the area the problem it will go so it's not a huge problem. So for those two problems I am giving this product four stars.


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