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Superdrug Natural High Brightening Eye Cream

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Brand: Superdrug / Texture: Cream / Type: Eye Cream / Texture: Serum / Suitable for: Eye / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / Product line: Superdrug Natural

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    1 Review
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      09.02.2011 12:57
      Very helpful



      A great product - recommended! :)

      Superdrug Natural High Brightening eye cream

      I have been using this product for about 2 weeks now and I really love it, and I also really love this brand. It is a brand that is part of the superdrug name and it is onl sold in superdrug, as far as I am aware.

      *About the product*

      This comes in a mint green packaging (like the natural high night cream I have already reviewed) and it is sold in 15ml squeezy tube containers. it is suitable for vegetarians and as I have been a veggie for nearly 6 years it is great to see more products like this on the markets.

      *Main ingredients*

      Organic Rose hip oil: Hydrating anti-oxidant

      Arnica: Helps reduce dark circles and puffiness

      Multi fruit blend: Contains AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids) to reveal a brighter. natural radiance

      *My opinion of the product*


      I love the packaging for this product, as it is simple and the packaging/container the product is in, is really small and light which is great for on the go and traveling. The best thing about the packaging for this product is that it has a really small nozzle at the end, which means that you have a lot of control over where the product is going to be applied.

      -Scent, texture and colour

      The actual cream is a off white, creamy colour and when it is in the light it has a slight iridescent pinky shine/shimmer to it. But it is really subtle and when blended it really brightens the skin.

      It has quite a thick texture, but when it is blended/rubbed into the skin it thins out and spreads evenly. It also has a scent to it but it is not strong at all, it is difficult to describe the scent but it is a little bit like playdoh or a very weak paint smell, which is not pleasant or unpleasant really and it is not very noticeable.

      -Application of the product

      I really like the application of this product, it applies really smoothly, really evenly and with some creams/lotions they take a while to blend or rub into the skin, which was my concern with this product as I don't want to tug/pull on the skin (as premature aging is really wanted). But this product applies really softly and easily, it does not take long at all and I apply it with my fingers as it is easier and it does not put as much pressure on the skin. It does not make me pull or tug on my skin, which is good and it is really smooth and quick to apply.

      I apply this product after I have used my natural high night cream and then this, I use a very small amount as you only need a little bit - it distributes and evens out really well. I then use my ring finger to blend it out into my skin and it absorbs really quickly and easily, meaning that I don't have to wait ages for it to absorb.


      I am quite impressed with this product and I will definitely buy it again as it really brightens my dark circles. Dark circles was the main reason I bought this product, as they are quite bad sometimes, too much studying is to be blamed!

      It really brightens my dark circles, probably because of the iridescent shimmer/shine in the cream. It also moisturises my eye area and it is really nice to apply. I also feel like it has made my skin around my eyes a little bit firmer, not by a lot but I think it has which is great.


      I bought this product a few weeks ago (I have probably been using it for about 2 weeks, maybe a little longer) and I am really pleased with the results. I bought this product when it was on a half price offer in superdrug and at the time it was only £2.24 which is a fantastic price but now the natural high range has gone up to £4.49, which is a little bit more expensive, but it is a great brand and it has some natural ingredients in it. And also superdrug do not test their products on animals.I have been using this product for about two weeks and I have used quite a bit but I have been using it eveyday, so I think it will last me about another 2/3 weeks which is great considering I only payed £2.24 - so I think it will last quite a while.

      Good points

      *Really brightens my dark circles
      *Some natural ingredients
      *fantastic price when on offer
      *Good brand
      *Slightly more firmer skin around my eyes since using this product
      *Does not test on animals
      *Nice packaging - great product container with a nozzle for a lot of control over how much product you apply and where

      Bad points
      *None (well it is a little bit more expensive when on offer)

      Thank you for reading my review


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