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Talika Eyebrow Lipocils Growth Enhancer

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2 Reviews

Brand: Talika / & Lip Care / Type: Eyebrow Enhancer / Suitable for: Eyebrow / Gender: for Women

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    2 Reviews
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      12.10.2009 10:42



      over priced product which does not do what it says on the packaging. i would advise anyone to invest in a good eyebrow pencil, dont pluck for a month or two and watch your eyebrows grow naturally. what you need is time and patience.


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      06.02.2009 23:11
      Very helpful
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      Patience comes at a cheaper price!

      I overplucked my brows as a young teen and by the time I reached 18 or so and discovered what a difference slightly fuller, stronger brows made to my face it was too late and my eyebrows just didn't seem to grow.
      I'd wait a month before tweezing to see if they would grow but all I would be left with would be a messy, unkept look that didn't resemble any kind of shape and so I'd resort to grooming them back into the original shape.
      Sometime last year I decided to see if I could find any brow enhancing products to try.

      Talika "Eyebrow Lipocils" is a plant extract based gel that claims to 'naturally reshape the line of the eyebrows to make a women's look as expressive and possible'. It's made to stimulate their growth and make them thicker and healthier. The promise you will be 'delighted with the conditioning action along with the ease of application'.
      It is a colourless and odourless gel packaged in a small white tube with a screw top lid that undo's to reveal a doe foot applicator. One one side of the tube is a long, thin mirror which makes applying it even easier.
      It is the only product on the market to rightly claim and prove eyebrow growth and the only product to ever be authorized in France to advertise this claim. It can be used everday and it's effects are proven by clinical tests.

      It retails for £20.00 for 10ml's which is a little steep but I was willing to give it a try to see if it did indeed live up to it's hype.

      The leaflet included with this product states that it is best if eyebrows are simply left to grow out during the 30 days you use it so I decided to battle through again and put my tweezers in hiding!
      I applied morning and night, daily, using the doefoot. You really have to press the gel into the roots of the eyebrows before massaging further into the skin with a clean fingertip.
      It is easy and pleasant enough to use with no strong scent or texture. It absorbs quickly leaving behind a non sticky, healthy, groomed look but after using for longer than the 30 days I noticed no difference...

      Sure, my eyebrows were fuller but that was due to me not plcuking them at all during this period as the sparse areas that I'd hoped "Talika" would fix were still there. No results at all.

      However, since my brows had already started to grow in themselves naturally I decided to grin and bare it for a few more weeks to see if they would thicken themselves anymore and luckily I can say they did! I actually waited a little over three months before waxing them and I now (almost) have the brows I want :-)
      They are still sparse in some areas where I must have destroyed the root with all my teenage tweezing, but with a little brow powder and an angled brush (I use MAC #266) nobody would ever know.

      I know some users who have had great results with "Talika" but unfortunately I wasn't one of them. I know it's easy to say but I would definately recommend simply growing brows out for at least two months before trying any 'enhancing products' and seeing what you have to work with naturally. If I had done so I would be £20.00 richer by now! So really, the only good thing to come out of using this product is it gave me the push I needed into just letting them grow :-)


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    • Product Details

      This plant extract based gel naturally reshapes the line of the eyebrows to make a woman's look as expressive as possible / It stimulates their growth and makes them thicker and healthier /

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