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The Body Shop Pomegranate Eye Roll On

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  • Reduces dark circles around eyes
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    2 Reviews
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      17.06.2015 21:44
      Very helpful


      • "Reduces dark circles around eyes"


      • None

      Body Shop Pomegranate eye roll on

      I bought this Body Shop Pomegranate Eye Roll On Light from my local store when I had a voucher to use up which I had given me for my birthday. It was £6.99 but I know that Body Shop products are very high quality and you only need to use a small amount.

      I had been noticing some dark areas and uneven skin colouring patches on my face underneath and at the sides of my eyes recently which I seemed to be able to disguise with foundation but they began to appear again quite quickly throughout the day and I was becoming quite conscious of them. I had read about this roll on eye cream which is said to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and darker patches so I thought I would give it a try. I would say that this is a similar product to Touche Éclat which also evens out skin complexions and disguises dark patches and which is something which I do use.

      The tube is quite a small 10ml so you might think that it is expensive but you really only do have to use a tiny amount. It comes with a small roller ball similar to a deodorant which you apply to the problem areas and it seems to glide over my skin without pulling or stretching at all. You can feel a moistness but it isn't too wet or sticky and it quickly absorbs into my skin and doesn't leave a film or shine. It has a lovely fruity smell which lasts on my skin for some time after use.

      I apply the roller underneath my eyes and then use my fingers to blend it in and around the sides which is where I get the most discolouration. It does seem to soften my skin but the best thing is that it does disguise my uneven darker patches and my skin looks quite even and smooth.

      Although I wouldn't say it perfects my skin I think it does a good job of improving the general appearance and making it look bright and also smooth and also it protects, moisturises and evens my skin all from one application. I think it would probably be more suited to the more mature skin as this is where you tend to get more patches and dark patches which appear as you get older. I do like using this product and the results it gives me and I would definitely buy it again.


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      17.04.2013 11:41
      Very helpful



      Three Stars

      The Body Shop - Pomegranate Refreshing Eye Roll On

      Why try this?....

      As my skin changes, inevitably, I develop new issues that I like to address as best I can. Taking into account a competitive price; and a brand that claims not to test on animals, I am on the hunt for a new eye cream.

      The shops are full of a bewildering array of products. There are fantastic claims banded about and an amazing difference in prices. Do you get what you pay for? If you pay less are you getting as good as the more premium brands? I am not in the premium brand range - I shop in the the mid priced range. I have tried out some less expensive offerings and let's just leave it at that.
      What do I want to achieve?

      The areas of concern for me are:

      Some fine lines just below the eyes and a little to the side.

      Occasional puffiness - especially during medium to high pollen count.

      It may not seem like much but recently I have noticed my mineral powder foundation has been sitting in the small lines and to me they are noticeable (but I do get up close and personal in the mirror to check these things out). Under my eyes in certain light I can see some puffiness - this is always brought on by the pollen count, even when other symptoms are not evident my eyes will suffer.
      The product with eye catching claims...

      The advertising for this roll on claims that it is lightweight. Hydrating. Smoothing. Moisturising. Lifting and refreshing.

      I have tried the other products in this range and loved them. The serum, day and night cream where really good and did live up to the pomegranate claims. I know how beneficial pomegranate is for the skin too so that really did appeal. The price is a bit hefty to pay out when you don't know if it performs but the reviews gave me hope.

      I am not really a fan of the roll on eye products as I have tried the Boots No 7 Beautiful Skin Vitality Roll On which did nothing to improve my area of concern and now sits redundant in my beauty bag - at £12.00 it was an expensive trial.

      It's all in the eyes......

      As skin ages the first tell-tale signs can come from the under eye area. It is good practice to pat and dab as opposed to rubbing this fragile area from a young age - as I have tried to remember. For problems such as puffiness and fine lines the product that you need to look for is one that hydrates and firms/lifts. It is preferable to have kinder ingredients where possible.

      I thought Body Shop a good choice as it does have some natural ingredients - pomegranate being a fine inclusion - and is somewhat competitive in price (if the product performs well).

      I have given this pen shaped product a decent length of time to trial and here are my conclusions along with experience.

      I applied to the under eye area both morning and night over the course of four weeks. I found the tube to be of good quality though not in line with higher end products. As long as the product inside performed this was not an issue. There is a screw lid which reveals one roller ball - as opposed to the three small roller balls on the Boots No 7 alternative. I found the application to be much smoother than the three balled No 7 applicator. There was no dragging and the amount of product dispensed was even and appropriate as opposed to the fluctuating and rather unruly amount that the No 7 competitor dispensed.

      The immediate sensation of coolness is refreshing and revitalising. I liked it very much and had to hold myself back from repeatedly rolling from the inside of the under eye area - working outwards. I will note here that there are no sharp bits on the plastic applicator which was a relief.

      I had to recheck the product description to see if I had imagined the claim that the product moisturises - that claim is definitely there. I cannot testify to feeling any long lasting moisture or hydration. I have really taken notice to see if I can feel it and at the most it is possibly evident for minutes after application due to the wetness of the product. This soaks into the skin quickly and is not sticky and certainly not that lovely plump hydrated feeling that some richer eye creams can leave you with.

      After a short time - say 15 minutes - I can feel a drying under the eyes and this is most probably due to the lifting effects that are quite impressive but once again short lived. I would need to keep applying every half hour or so to keep this sensation and effect - not something that I would advise as I did get a slight stinging after only one application.

      I have sensitive skin and am pleased to say that I did not have any adverse reactions other than the slight stinging sensation that occurred after applying.

      I have reluctantly continued with the trial as I don't like to waste money and I wanted to give the product a chance to surprise me. This has not happened. My skin is no different now to when I began the trial - but it is not worse either.

      I have to say that I used this product for much longer than I did the No 7 roll on. This is because the No 7 product was even less effective and would deposit far too much on my skin. Plus it dragged on the fragile skin due to the three ball design.

      I will not be purchasing the Body Shop Pomegranate Eye Roll On again. Whilst it does refresh and is superior to the No 7 offering it does not perform as it claims regarding hydration and reduction of fine lines and puffiness. At the price of £13.00 I think it is expensive for the results it achieves.

      Online or in store


      Star Rating.....

      Do I recommend?......

      No. If you are looking to reduce fine lines and puffiness then this is not a good purchase. It is quite drying and certainly not hydrating in my experience. Fine lines are still evident after four weeks use and puffiness is not addressed for long - I would say 15 minutes at the most. I award three stars because it is a good applicator with no rough or sharp edges. With one roller ball it outperforms its No 7 competitor and can deposit the product evenly. The initial cooling sensation is heavenly but that is not what I bought it for. Results are short lived. This would be great if it worked but alas for me it turned out to be another expensive experiment.

      I am hopeful of my new trials which are Origins GinZing (which I have a free sample of) and Benefit Its Potent (which I can have a full refund for if it is not appropriate). Up to now I am very impressed with the Origins offering.

      Published on Ciao.
      © dawnymarie 2013


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