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Honeywell HO-5500RE

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The Honeywell HO-5500RE is a sleek, unique looking home/office fan. Whilst it is slightly pricey, it is durable, effective and has a range of different timers and settings to suit your needs.

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    2 Reviews
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      16.03.2013 19:09
      Very helpful



      does what its supposed to do in a stylish way. Would definitely recommend despite the price

      Honeywell Ho-5500RE

      Background/previous experience
      Despite the English weather I have slept with a fan on for at least 5 years and yes that includes winter. I have always gone for the cheaper ones but they rarely last more than a year (if that) either through failure or worse through squeaks which develop. I recently swapped my bedroom to wooden flooring (not my best move) and the cheap fans were travelling across the floor and very noisy. While visiting my sister she provided me with a Honeywell fan for my stay, yes I am very spoilt! I noticed that while the fan oscillated the base did not and I thought this would be perfect so I started my research.

      The Honeywell range
      Well the Honeywell website leaves a lot to be desired and I'm being polite, none of the tower fans are listed at all. Amazon had a choice of 3 ranging from 49.99 to 94.99, there reviews were all essentially good but that's a lot more than I would normally pay. I then looked through Argos and it had scored 4.7 stars out of 101 reviews. Didn't know about this site then so never checked here! In the end I opted for the HO-5500 which was the middle range and cost me £69.99 gulp.

      Techie bits
      It came with a 3 year warranty which I hope not to have to try (but did use it to justify buying!).
      When delivered I had to wait for friend to come home as it was both heavy an awkward and with my decreased muscle strength I couldn't do anything with it. My friend had no problems making me look pathetic! The base needed attaching but this was easy to do following the diagrams. The remote and the buttons on top have 5 functions; 1 = on/off, 2 = speed of fans (3 available) 3 = oscillation on /off, 4 = timer, ½ hour,1hr, 2hr, 4hr, 5 = modes, natural breeze, sleep - fan slows gradually to low setting and normal fan runs at speed selected. The remote has a storage place on the unit to avoid losing it.

      Personal opinion
      It's a joy to use, even on the highest setting I have no problem sleeping with it. My friend can't hear it from her bedroom whereas all my previous fans could be heard. Apart from on low it does seem to actually cool the air as opposed to just circulating it. I have to confess I use it on normal and oscillation and the only thing I vary is the fan speed. All my other fans I ran the same but the speed was always on the highest setting. This one I have only put on high once so far! One thing I have noticed is that my TV has had to be turned down as its now to loud, on the down side I can now hear my friends TV!
      Because the housing/base does not move when the unit oscillates this fan does not move from where its put and makes no extra noises, fingers crossed no squeaks yet! It appears to be well built, stylish looking but grey/black is probably not my first choice for a bedroom, it is also very tall at 103cms.
      Was it worth the extra? Well time will tell, if it lasts longer than a year then probably. However I would pay this yearly if needed as it suits my needs perfectly. I have used the remote far more than I anticipated but then I have just had flu (or a drug reaction) and when shivering I can just about manage to persuade my hand, to leave the duvet, to press the off button. Once you know where the buttons are, they are easy to feel in the dark.
      The only thing people might find a problem with at night is the blue lights and the bleeps, the lights are quite bright and may disturb some and if you change anything i.e. speed of fan then it bleeps, I sleep alone and if changing fan I'm awake anyway and lights do not bother me as I sleep with the tv on a timer!
      As one would expect it needs to be disposed of through a local retailer or collection point.

      Summary: I would happily recommend this fan with the above limitations on personal factors such as lights and bleep noise.


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        19.07.2011 14:44
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Overall I find the HO-5500RE well worth the price, stylish and practical.

        Dont we all love the Great British weather? Dull, damp, and generally miserable - and thats just through the Summer! Occassionally, though, we do get some often unexpected very hot days. Being stuck in the office during these periods is never a nice experience as most office dwellers will have experienced. The question is, do fans really solve this problem, and is there any particular fan which will discreetly cool your working environment.

        Having worked in an office I am fully aware just how hard it is to work in hot and sticky conditions, and how unproductive it makes staff. Some people like to have their own desktop fans, but these can be noisy and therefore distracting, they can also disrupt paperwork on desks with their high-powered constant jets of air. The Honeywell HO-5500RE seems to eliminate most of the problems I have experienced with other fans, but for around the £65 mark is it really able to justify its price-tag?

        The Honeywell HO-5500RE is an oscillating tower fan. This means that it rotates. allowing it to cover a larger area with its short busts of cool air. The fan comes with its own remote control and timer, which are useful for controlling the fan to meet the needs of your office. The design could be said to be space-saving, as it doesn't have the large fan head - the entire tower is one tall and slim fan. There are three settings on the fan, normal, natural breeze and sleeping. The normal setting gives a constant jet of air, which has its advantages and disadvantages. The natural breeze is the setting I prefer to use, as it gives a much more natural wind feel to it. The fan gives out random bursts of cool air. The sleeping mode can be used when you are sleeping, and although very few people sleep in the office (!), it would be ideal for home use.

        The key point of complaint for most fan owners is noise. If someone doesn't like a particular fan it is usually due to the noise it produces. The Ho-5500RE is extremely quiet, and for this reason it earns lots of brownie points from me. For office use, noise is very important in my eyes. If you are using the fan for night time use then the lights could be an issue, as there are a few blue lights on the top of the unit which may be a problem to light sleepers. The fact that it has a timer, allowing you to set it to operate for 30 minutes, 1,2 and 4 hours is ideal for use during the night, you won't even notice it switch off as it is very quiet!

        The fan is extremely efficient from my experience. I find all the features useful, I use the timer during the day and the remote control is very easy to perate with just 5 buttons on it. The unit itself also has five buttons on the top. The remote can be stored in the fan, so as not to lose it when you don't need it.

        The build quality of the HO-5500RE really is quite impressive, the five shiny silver buttons on top of the unit havn't had much use as I often use the remote, but this isn't showing any signs of wear even though I have had the fan for almost a year now. The tower has an aluminium band running down both sides of the fan for added rigidity and durability. With al lot of fans I find they are cheaply built out of plastic, but the smart and sleek design gives reassurance that in the design of this fan there were no compromises to either style or function.


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