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Honeywell HT-800

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Manufacturer: Honeywell / Type: Table / Speeds: 3 Speeds / Blades Diameter: 8 in. / Warranty: 5 Years / Exterior Color: Black

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    1 Review
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      02.06.2009 17:12
      Very helpful



      A great fan for a great summer!

      I bought this fan 2 days ago, due to the scorching weather we have recently been having. I live in a 1 bed ground floor flat in Cardiff, and it just seems to be like a greenhouse at the moment! Windows open and still its just not cool enough. So I bought this fan for night time when I am sleeping, and in the evening when we don't want the windows wide open.

      I puchased this from Argos, but you can buy from many places online like amazon etc.

      This is quite a small fan - it's not one on a massive stand, its more of a 'table-top' fan. It is black all over, except for the word "honeywell" written in red on the front. It's quite compact, so it doesn't take up much room at all - which is great when you live in a flat! It looks very sturdy unlike many cheap fans.

      It has 3 blades and for the price I wasn't expecting it to be very powerful, but good enough to give a good colling down when you need it to. However, it is very powerful for a small fan!! It has 3 speeds so you can adjust it according to how much breeze you want. I have it permentantly on 3 as it gives such a great breese which cools me down fantastically.

      As I mentioned it has 3 blades, and 3 different speeds. But what I loved about this fan was you can adjust the tilting-position of the fan. So if the table it's sitting on it slightly lower than you, just tilt the fan head up. It practically can face upwards which is just fab. The only catch with the tilt is that it has to "click" into place - so there is no 'inbetween' bit. Which is fine, but it can be frustrating when it's not quite facing you. Also, to make it easy to carry it has a little carry handle which I have found extremely useful when bringing it from lounge to bedroom when you have other things to bring aswell! This fan is also wall mountable - so if you know it is going to stay in one place, you can wall mount it to the exact spot!

      I didn't really think about how much noise it would make - and I was quite shocked. It is quite a noisy little thing. It isn't annoying enough to make you want to turn it off - but it's definately there! It can be quite frustrating when you want to sleep and have the fan on - but I have been able to just fall asleep and not wake up at all, and I am a very light sleeper. So it's not a huge problem - but it is a slight downfall.

      What I absolutely hate about many appliances is the length of the leads. For some strange reason they never supply enough length!!! It's really frustrating. But this one is superb. With nearly 75" worth of lead I don't think it will be a problem for many people!!

      Dooyoo seems to think that this has a 5 year warranty - but in fact it is 3. They must be pretty confident though to give it a 3 year warranty. I love warranties because so many things DO break before their time should be up - and it's great that you can just send it off it anything happens ... although this is a cheap fan - so if mine does die within 3 years, I will probably just go and buy another one!

      I got mine from Argos and it cost around £20. I think this is great value for money because it is compact yet very powerful. It looks stylish (if fans can?) and isn't at all bulky. There are a huge range of fans in argos, with a wide range of prices. I have had a cheap cheap one before, and they do break in no time - they are not powerful in the slightest, it just feels like someone is blowing on you which isn't any good!!! I think this is brilliant value for money, if it lasts of course - but I do have faith. It looks like it's well made!

      So far I would give this fan a 8.5/10. The only thing that lets it down in my opinion is the fact that it is slightly too noisy for a fan. But I do think that the advantages really do outweigh the noise. It is small and easily movable, it is relatively cheap for a fan, it's powerful, and it has ample leadage!!!
      If you are buying a fan for the summer - this one is great!


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    • Product Details

      The adjustable 7 tilt-head and direct breeze options make this fan a terrific choice for a desk or table top. It has 3-speed control and whole-room circulation.

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