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Manufacturer: Proline / Type: Table

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    1 Review
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      14.08.2012 11:46
      Very helpful



      Does the job well


      (Proline DKF30 High Velocity Fan)


      I always seem to be buying fans for somewhere or other in my home. I now own all sorts ranging from a large tower fan, mini tower fans and the more traditional type.

      I thought everyone in the house had a cooling fan in their room until my daughter paid us a visit (she's living away whilst at university) a few months ago. This particular visit took place during our early summer. She had previously swapped rooms with her brother but after a night or two in her "new" room informed me that she didn't "even have a fan in this room!" I said I would buy her one.

      Her room is small and even with the window open it can get stuffy, but as space is very limited I was planning to buy a mini (desk type) tower fan. But the weather cooled and the lack of a bedroom fan was forgotten until the 'real' summer put in an appearance, and this daughter was once again home for a while. When it came to looking around for a fan the weather was hot and, as always happens in this part of the world, fans were in short supply in the shops and choice was limited.

      I chose to visit a particular Comet store (I have a few within easy travelling distance) which is next to an Argos store so that I could see what Comet had to offer and how they compared to Argos.

      Comet had a small choice of fans let and a few empty spaces on the shelves. The fan that seemed to best suit our purpose was the Proline DKF30 desk fan. This is a twelve inch (diameter of guard) white plastic fan which was selling for the reduced price of £9.99; it had formerly been priced at £39.99. I then nipped next door to Argos. When looking through the catalogue I saw they were selling a small value fan for less than £10 which only had two speeds. The fan which was most comparable cost £19.99. I was looking for three speeds as I know that with the fan in my bedroom I tend to use all three speeds and so this was a deciding factor in my purchasing decision.


      The fan comes in a smallish box which is fairly light in weight. Our box contained five pieces (a front and a rear guard, blades, base, motor spindle) to be fitted together plus an instruction booklet.
      Assembly was very simple. My husband fitted the fan together in about five or six minutes and this didn't require any tools. When no tools are needed it's always a welcome relief, as then there's no mad hunt to find the always elusive screwdriver.


      The controls on he top of the fan are:

      1=Low speed
      2=Medium speed
      3=High speed

      To make the fan oscillate, which is how I usually use the fan, there is a knob at the top of the fan which needs to be pushed down and alternatively, pulled up to stop the fan moving from side to side.


      To get the best angle to get maximum cooling affect the fan can be tilted. I think, in this respect, traditional types of fan win over the more modern and streamlined tower style fans. Being able to angle the fan enables the stream of col air to reach the desired area making a big difference to one's comfort, especially if using during the night or undertaking a task such as ironing or cooking.


      I don't find this fan is noisy, or not as fans go. It is noisiest when used on speed three but doesn't keep me awake. I don't really mind if a fan does make a little noise as it's a constant whirr which can help, a little, to drown out my husband's snoring. But this one isn't really noisy enough to help in this respect.
      I have used this fan in the living room whilst watching television and haven't felt I needed to turn the volume up on the T.V.


      Assembly, as I've mentioned, is simple but for those new to this type of task then the instructions contained in the booklet are extremely simple and clear to follow.
      If English isn't your first language then it may help that instructions and operating instructions are written (as well as in English) in German, French, Dutch, Czech, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Although for assembly diagrams are included alongside the written instructions.


      To clean the fan it needs to be unplugged and then disassembled. Once this is done the blades and guard can be easily washed in detergent and the motor body can be wiped clean.


      * Dimensions 46.2x46.0x20.3 (H/W/D) cm
      * 90 watt power
      * 30 cm diameter
      * 3 speed settings


      This fan is currently available from Comet at the reduced price of £9.99. It can also be purchased on-line at www.comet.co.uk or reserved either by phone or on-line to be collected from store. The item should be available from thirty minutes after reserving.


      Because my daughter has been back and forth to university accommodation (and also traveling about visiting friends) I've been able to pinch this fan several times. I actually think it's much more effective than the small tower fan I usually use in my bedroom but admittedly it doesn't look quite so good, not being as modern and compact looking. Because it's fairly small and light in weight it's easy to move from room to room, and this proves to be handy. The base fits securely on flat surfaces and when placed in a strategic place works wonderfully and does the job it's supposed to.

      I find that this fan often cools effectively, even on the lowest speed as opposed to my usual bedroom fan which mostly needs to be set on the middle setting. When used on three it blast the air out at high speed and is very welcome in hot weather.

      And so, in summary, I would say that this fan is very cool!


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