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Manufacturer: Proline / Type: Tower / Speeds: 3 / Power: 45 Watts

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    1 Review
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      06.09.2010 19:26
      Very helpful



      I hope my Proline Tower Fan will be needed again before next summer.

      Well hello, here I am, back from two weeks in sunny Cyprus where the weather is incredibly hot. Too hot for me really but I tried to soak up as much sunshine as I could to last me through until next summer. To be honest though, I was expecting on my return, and am still hoping for, an Indian summer.

      Today, in my region of south East England, the rain has poured down this afternoon. I looked out of the window while I was lunching at a carvery and saw the rain and even heard thunder. Now, I'm at home and writing a review for a product that may not be needed again for almost another year. Still, it has been used quite a lot this summer, and I feel it was a worthwhile, and necessary, buy.

      What is it? My Proline PTF150 Tower Fan, purchased at the start of the summer. I bought it early as, a few summers ago, when we had a heatwave in the U.K. I found it almost impossible to buy a fan.

      I have several fans around my home. This is the biggest one and I use it in the living room. I have a through lounge and I find that this particular fan does a good job in this living area and helps to make summer evenings, and muggy days, more pleasant. Yes, in my opinion, it copes well and I'm pleased with the purchase.

      The fan I used in the living room prior to this tower fan was a more traditional design. I must say that I much prefer this design. It is more modern and tidy in it's appearance, easier to keep clean and fits neatly into an alcove or on my fireplace. I tend to move it around during the day depending on where it is needed. It's very easy to manoeuvere.

      I find this fan most useful when I'm ironing. Now ironing is one of my least favourite chores and I admit to letting it build up and then have to spend a considerable time standing at the ironing board feeling hot and fed up. To make this task less unpleasant I position the fan at a good angle to gain optimum benefit from the cooling breeze it creates. I switch on the television and do as much as I can stand. The Proline tower fan is a godsend at these times as I get very overheated when ironing.

      I find this fan isn't too noisy in operation. It makes some noise but I don't find it at all distracting or annoying and can watch television or listen to music without the fan spoiling things.

      I usually turn the fan on so that it works constantly and oscillates, sending lovely cool air around the room. However, at times I stop the oscillating movement and it is pleasant to be in the path of the cool air. Though, of course, this mode is best if only one person needs cooling down as the stream is directed at a small area..

      My dog loves the fan too. He finds a spot nearby and looks much more contented as he lies in the draught.

      This fan also has a two hour timer. I have used this but mainly prefer to simply turn on and off as required.

      I like the fact that this fan has three speed settings and I find that I use all three at different times. I probably mostly use the middle setting, which gives a good breeze, ideal for most of the time. Obviously, at really hot and humid times the highest setting is most welcome. The lowest setting is usually the best for nightime comfort.

      All controls are situated at the top of the fan and are simple and clear to use.

      I have a similar fan in my bedroom but smaller. This, I place upon a chest of drawers. However, I feel, that if I had the floor space in my bedroom then this tower fan would be ideal. Often, during the summer, I need to use the fan whilst applying make up or putting clothes away etc. Having a fan really does make many chores more pleasant.

      I purchased my fan from Comet (www.comet.co.uk) for a reasonable price, in my opinion, of, £24.99. I think I used their reserve service, as this is what I usually do. This is where you look up an item on the Comet internet site and reseve it at a certain store and the item, if in stock is ready to purchase from about thirty minutes. You are given a number and simply hand this over at the pay desk and pay on purchasing. It certainly saves a wasted journey if the item isn't in stock at your local store. You can also check, with this service, which stores have this item available. I notice that this fan is now an online exclusive but think this may be just due to it being a seasonal item.

      Here are some further details as taken from the Comet website relevant to this fan:

      3 speed settings

      45watts Power

      2 hour timer

      30 Airflow in cbm/min

      Micro-motor driving oscillation for sending air

      Thank you for reading.


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