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ProlineFH2000 Fan Heater

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Manufacturer: Proline

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    1 Review
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      11.02.2012 09:08
      Very helpful



      A great little fan heater

      As a lot of you will know we have recently opened a lifeboat shop here in Llandudno. As it is a high street retail outlet we are open every day as opposed to the small shops attached to lifeboat stations which usually close during January and February.

      That said our shop doesn't have any heating and we had two small radiators which were fine until the recent cold spell. After sitting shivering in the shop we set out in search of a small, cheap fan heater to keep us warm.

      The one that we chose was the Proline FH2000 Fan Heater from Comet. This cost just £9.99 which is great as we don't want to be spending money unnecessarily.

      What Does It Look Like?

      The Proline fan heater is a sort of rounded triangle in shape with the workings of the fan set at the back of it. There is a carrying handle on the top and the two control knobs are at the bottom. The fan itself is behind a circular grid on the front. Since the base is wider than the top the whole thing is very stable.

      The heater is 25cm tall by 20cm wide by 13cm deep so it is nice and compact and is ideal for us to put behind the counter in the shop. It weighs 9kg so it is easy to pick up and move around.

      It comes in sturdy cardboard box complete with a set of instructions which, to be honest, are hardly needed.

      How Does It Work?

      Well this isn't going to be complicated as it is really easy and obvious.

      The dial on the bottom right has four settings - off, fan, fan with 1kw of heat, fan with 2kw of heat. The dial on the bottom left is just a temperature dial - the farther round it is turned the hotter the air coming out of the heater.

      If you set the dial to the fan setting the fan will work and distribute cool air around the room which will be useful for us when the weather is hot in the summer - we have large windows and the shop is likely to get very warm!

      The other two settings will have the fan blowing lovely warm air out as soon as it is switched on - bliss!

      The heater also has a thermostat which will automatically switch off the heater when the correct temperature for the setting you have chosen has been achieved. It will switch back on again once the temperature has dropped again.

      Does It Do The Job?

      Yes it does! We fetched the heater out of the box, plugged it in and switched it on and the difference was almost immediate!

      It was enough to warm the room (and us) within half an hour or so and we were able to turn it off completely once the room was nice and warm and the two little radiators that we already had were enough to keep it warm thereafter.

      For just £9.99 I think that this little heater is brilliant. In fact if I hadn't already got a fan heater at home I would have gone and bought another one for home.

      The controls are versatile and easy to use and the carrying handle is an added bonus as it can be moved (carefully) even when it is use.

      Anything Else?

      Due to its size this heater is obviously going to be most useful for smaller areas although it would also be useful if you were sitting in a large cold room as you could use it to blow warm air towards your legs and feet.

      It is stationary - it doesn't oscillate - so the hot air comes out in the same direction all the time.

      Cleaning the fan isn't a problem. The casing can be wiped over with a damp cloth and the internal workings would benefit from an occasional vacuum with the hose to keep the dust build up at bay but that's about it really.

      And Finally...

      This heater is brilliant for our shop. It heats the room very quickly so it doesn't need to be left on constantly thus keeping the use of electricity down a bit.

      It looks smart and clean, it is stable and easy to use and move about. It will keep us warm in winter and cool in summer and it only cost £9.99!

      What more do you want?


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